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Update: Hotel Montana La Tania will open this Winter & more on Alpine Elements Administration

Hotel Montana WILL be opening this Winter and bookings are being taken, starting from around £100 per night for a double room inc breakfast. Looks like flexible booking periods will be allowed as they are no longer tied to weekend flights & transfer packages like Alpine Elements operated.

Alpine Elements called in the Administrators yesterday, they had been leasing the hotel since 2012. They blamed the French Government keeping the ski lifts closed over the holidays for tipping them over the edge.

The property was run/owned by the Eurogroup / Ski France / Madame Vacance setup and founders Richard Green and Roger Borne were involved too. We hear it’s being run by the Borne family this Winter (Roger used to be an airport Rep for Crystal when a certain Tim Wall did the same for Neilson – wonder if he’ll run the bar & restaurant again???).

Alpine Elements were one of the largest independent tour ops in the UK and were started by James Hardiman back in 1997. It’s reported a pre-pack administration is in place with an investor on board and the brand (which includes iGOSKI & Ocean Elements) will be brought back by Hardiman who stated that ABTA & ATOL protection should mean everyone will get their money back.

So maybe not as bad news for La Tania as we first thought when the news broke yesterday but devastating for the 350 employees of Alpine Elements across the Alps and beyond, our thoughts are with them. We’ve got some great memories of end of season Charity Balls, Comedy Nights and staff parties over the years, they will be missed.

The AE package deals to La Tania with flights, transfers and half board accommodation were pretty hard to beat least Winter (although they were a bit Gatwick centric) and with no cheap Crystal packages to La Tania hopefully the smaller independent chalet companies, transfer operators and private apartment rentals will be supported.

The new Hotel Montana website is at:

More La Tania Accommodation:

La Tania Transfer Companies:

Latest Outdoormaster Goggles with easy Magnetic Lens change (and 25% off)

Outdoormaster have a new upgraded Goggle Pro Plus with super high definition, colour optimised, wide angle, anti-fog lenses. But the special part is the easy magnetic lens changing for those sunny mornings and the cloudy late afternoons when flat light descends and a change of lens is required (but 90% of the time you can’t be bothered with the hassle and just put up with poor visibility until you get home).

It really is this fast and simple to swap lenses, no need to even take your gloves off when on the mountain!

The Pro Ski Goggles start at only £35 (even cheaper with the discount code below) and can be customised with up to 30 different lenses…

The goggles come with a protective case, carrying pouch and a one year warranty.
Get 25% off with code LATANIA25

Even the strap has been thought of with an anti-slip coating to grip helmets and a triple layer of micro-fibre foam for comfort and maximising venting to prevent fogging.

As well as the enhanced optics, the lens offers 100% UV400 protection and is made using impact-resistant anti-scratch materials to put up with après ski too! Outdoormaster have 30+ different lenses to offer exceptional clarity in a wide range of different light conditions.

We look forward to trying these in the worst (and best) of weather this Winter! There’s no such thing as bad weather – just inadequate equipment…

The high tech ski gear worth buying ahead of your trip to La Tania

(Image via

Whether you’re a family looking to have some fun or a young couple desperate for a getaway on the slopes, La Tania is capable of giving you the ski holiday of a lifetime. Like with most of the modern world, though, technology can help make your trip go even better.

Like with many other aspects of life in 2020, technological advancements have made an impact on many outdoor activities, with skiing getting a technological facelift in recent times. It’s no different to advancements made in other areas, where one quick look at the gaming landscape will tell you just how far it has progressed with licensed online in the UK adding more and more games, alongside introductions such as augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Skiing has had a similar makeover, with numerous gadgets proving particularly popular of late.

With more and more skiers investing in new forms of technology, we thought we’d go through some of the best high tech ski gear well worth considering before you venture out to La Tania.

GoPro Hero8 Black
One of the major appeals of going skiing is the ability to capture some amazing pictures and footage when you’re doing it, which is why many skiers like to invest in gadgets ideal for capturing the best snaps like the GoPro Hero8 Black. The device is easy to use, it’s light, and it comes with a much better camera than previous versions. Overall, if you’re looking to capture some memories from your ski trip, then you really can’t go wrong with the GoPro Hero8 Black.

Glade Adapt goggles with photochromic lens
The Glade Adapt goggles with a photochromic lens are the perfect pair of goggles to purchase if you’re wanting to enjoy your skiing to its maximum potential. The photochromic lens allows you to take in all the colours you experience in the best way possible as it changes colours according to the lighting conditions. These type of goggles can be incredibly expensive, but for around £100 at the time of writing, you’d be getting a fantastic product.

Smith 4D MAG Goggles
A pair of goggles that have received rave reviews, the Smith 4D MAG goggles are worth considering. They come with a wider field of view, a 5x antifog inner lens with AirEvac Integration Technology that essentially gets to work on stopping your goggles from fogging up, alongside two levers that easily release the lens. It’s a product that is hard to describe in reality but try it on and give it a go on the slopes and you’ll really see for yourself just how good it is.

Seirus HeatTouch Hellfire
(Image via
Skiing is cold, which is why investing in a good pair of gloves with proven heated technology fitted inside is needed. The HeatTouch Hellfire glove comes with a strong battery that can keep them heated for up to 12 hours, allowing you to get some serious time in on the slopes before your hands start to feel the cold.

Smith Level Helmet
A helmet like no other, the Smith Level Helmet is lighter than previous models and offers excellent protection, which is obviously vital when skiing. Equipped with a state of the art MIPS brain-protection system alongside a whole host of other impressive and protective features, this a helmet that also offers a lot of comfort. It’s easily adjustable and you won’t get too hot and sweaty in it thanks to its impressive ventilation either. If you’re after a solid helmet for you or a loved one, then the Level helmet by Smith is a brilliant option.

Pomme de Pin (PdP) becomes Hotel La Pomme – Not another 1850 rip off is it?

Hotel Pomme de Pin was one of the few value for money places in Courchevel 1850 with Pizza from €11, Stella from €5.50 a pint and a great full on buffet meal deal too. Even the Veuve Cliquot Champagne at €50 a bottle (€55 for Rosé) was an unbelievable bargain for an on piste restaurant in Courchevel 1850.

The Aussie owners previously ran the Hotel Courcheneige with similar prices and both became popular with Seasonaires and those in the know.

With the brand new competition Stade and race HQ (helped with €17m of funding from Britain’s richest man, Monaco based, Jim Ratcliffe, CEO of the INEOS Petrochemicals group ) right in front of the terrace it looks like the owners or management have decided to bail out and things are set to change.

Rebranded to Hotel La Pomme with Chef Mathieu Hericotte running the restaurant the hotel announced in September that it is now under the management of Maison Tournier group.

Maison Tournier run the 5 star hotels Saint Roch & Saint Joseph in Courchevel and Saint Amour La Tartanne in Saint Tropez as well as restaurant in Courchevel including the Cap Horn, La Casserole, San Marco, L’Èquipe, La Cantine and L’Aventure – get the picture? Let’s hope for not too many changes…

Courchevel Plans for Outdoor Activities, Ski Area Access & Services during lift closure

La Tania Gondola top station and the new beginners area on the right

Courchevel is making additional plans to welcome visitors until the French government allow ski lifts to re-open. This includes a total of 85 outdoor activities, ski touring arrangements, resort entertainments and a coordination of all the restaurants offering takeaways and click & collect options.

The Tourist Office, Mairee and Activity Providers all coming together and ensuring optimal safety for all as a priority. Resort entertainments are currently being discussed to make sure there can be some events in a Covid secure environment.

The free resort shuttle buses commence on 14 December. See timetables here

Les P’tits Pralins crêche and day care centre in Courchevel 1650 Moriond starts up from 13 December.

The 87 km of footpaths and snowshoes will be groomed and the Nordic ski trails will be maintained and accessible.

Ski Touring on certain routes selected in consultation with S3V will be allowed. This is so their work on maintenance and piste grooming can be carried out safely without endangering skiers. Certain slopes on the ski area, in addition to the Millet /Ski Touring tracks (below), will therefore be authorised while others will remain strictly prohibited.

Ski Touring Track from Le Praz to Col de la Loze is marked as an orange dashed line on the 2021 map

From 23 December, the Millet Ski Touring will have additional opening every day from 10:00 to 15:00 until the opening of the ski lifts.

Animations and activities are being adapted to be Covid secure to include the following:

• Santa Claus appearance on 22 December in La Tania, Le Praz, 1550 & 1650 on 23rd and 1850 on 24th.
• Fireworks display on New Year’s Eve with the theme “Disney Orchestra” from the summit of Plantrey.
• A Treasure Hunt downloadable on your SmartPhone.
• Plus further activities offered on the snow fronts to be confirmed.

The following activities are being discussed and are awaiting authorisation:

• Opening of the Ice Rink.
• 1850 Toboggan run (between Courchevel 1850 and Courchevel Village) accessible with more shuttles.
• Courchevel 1850 and Courchevel Moriond ESF Crêches.
• Guided non-skiing activities such as Snow Shoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Organised Mountain Hikes etc.

Well done to all involved, trying their best to make something of this awful situation.

No December First Tracks on Saulire (yet) – More Snow Pics

Update: Two skiers did make it up today, just in time for Sunset…

UPDATE: Spotted at 16:39 – two skiers made it to the top – tracks below…
UPDATE: First December tracks…
No tracks on Saulire yet following yesterday’s snow – a sign of lockdown being obeyed?
Skiers on 21 November 2020
Turns Earned
La Tania resort at lunchtime today after the 1st December Snow
View from the Bouc Blanc today with the new beginners area
Close up of the new beginners area – the giraffe is back!
Looking up to Col de la Loze and Folyères from La Tania this morning

The Installation of the new admin/timing hut on the La Tania Stade

As we reported yesterday on the moving of the La Tania stade to the right hand side of the bottom section of the Bouc Blanc piste (as you look up) we’ve some pics of the installation of the La Tania Cub des Sports timing and admin hut. Thanks to Extreme Ski Services for the pics.

The support of locals is essential in keeping our Club des Sports going which often punches well above its weight (the Courchevel Stade has just benefited from a €17m gift from Britain’s richest man – not many Mums and Dads helping with construction over there!).

Location of the new timing hut
Inside the hut – Three Valley Transfers may recognise some of the furniture!

Ice Hockey & Gamble

Those who are into their winter sports will no doubt follow ice hockey, a sport that is one of the most popular both in the US and in Canada, with the internationally recognised National Hockey League (NHL).

Like all professional sports these days, betting has become a staple part of the sponsorship and promotion of sports and their fixtures. Ice hockey betting is seriously starting to grow in popularity outside of the US, as more and more bookmakers acknowledge its growing profile among sports fans and gamblers.

A brief history
The true origins of hockey as a sport are still largely unknown to this day, with references to 16th century England, the Gaelic sport of hurling and influences from Dutch and Scandinavian early versions of the game. However, the development of hockey being played on ice, is solely attributed to the city of Montreal, in Canada. In 1875, the first organised game of ice hockey was played in Victoria Skating Rink between two teams each consisting of nine players. The very first ice hockey club ever created was the McGill University Hockey Club in 1877, quickly followed by the Quebec Hockey Club in 1878 and Montreal Victorias in 1881.

The National Hockey Association (NHA) was founded in 1909 and was succeeded by the National Hockey League (NHL) which is has been known by ever since.

The big teams The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful team in NHL history with

24 Stanley Cup victories to their name. They are also one of the oldest teams still in existence in elite level ice hockey, along with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are the second most successful team with 13 Stanley Cups. Neither of those teams have won the famous cup in the 21st century however, and it’s opened up the NHL to newer teams to become fan favourites.

The Chicago Blackhawks won three Stanley Cups between 2010 and 2015 and as such they’ve gained a lot of new fans, especially those who are new to NHL and are looking for a team to support. The Boston Bruins’ infamous success in the 70s has always ensured they kept a cult following both in North America and beyond, to the point that wearing a Bruins jersey was a fashion statement or some time!

The league is becoming more and more competitive and that’s evidenced by the fact that the Stanley Cup has been won by seven different teams in the last 10 years. This is the reason the NHL is considered the pinnacle of professional ice hockey worldwide.

Betting on ice hockey
Due to ice hockey’s popularity around the world, bookmakers are offering odds on every NHL fixture in the regular season. You can even bet on who you think will win the Stanley Cup before the season even begins. The amount of markets on offer has also increased over the years, with bookmakers now offering markets such as match handicaps, double chance, correct score and more, giving punters even more opportunities to win big on the sport they love.

With the massive popularity of ice hockey in North America and all over the world, it’s definitely a sport that will continue to grow and attract new audiences in the coming years. If you know your Boston Bruins from your Montreal Canadiens, maybe you should look to get involved in some ice hockey betting and make your hobby a profitable one.

La Tania Comp Stade now next to Bouc Blanc Chair, the main piste re-routed across and down the old stade plus pics of the new beginners area.

Bouc Blanc Chairlift & Piste with new timing hut for the slalom comps & training

We’ve got some clarification on the location of the La Tania Stade competition piste thanks to The Freeride Republic and Snowbound Transfers – cheers for the pics guys!

The Stade is now relocated to the right of the Bouc Blanc piste (looking up) next to chairlift with the main Bouc Blanc piste now to the left. So skiing down from the top La Tania gondola station you will loop around to skiers right (as the green Plan Fontaine piste does) and join the top of the old stade piste and then head down toward the Bouc Blanc chair.

The 2021 Piste Map actually has this marked on it with the red piste below the La Tania gondola station crossing under the gondola and then back again – we missed that change!

Stade and new route of the Bouc Blanc piste shown on the 2021 map

The new piste signs are now in place routing skiers across to the top of the old stade instead of the straight down hoon to the Bouc Blanc chair.

The new tunnel construction just above the La Tania gondola station is now complete to allow recreational skiers access under the L’Eclipse World Cup race piste from Les Arolles piste or the Forêt chair.

The new tunnel – looks like it could support a 6 lane motorway!

The new World Cup piste and tunnel has meant the small beginners area and magic carpet lift has had to be relocated and is now situated immediately to your right as you exit the gondola station.

La Tania top gondola station to the left
Magic Carpet Lift

The new Ski Tranquille Beginners Area has a small travelator type lift and this fenced off sector is on a plateau situated just above the Bouc Blanc restaurant.

The new signage for this beginners area has just gone up

Still plenty of heavy equipment around on the ski area as they clear up and complete scheduled work before the snow arrives in earnest (this truck has it’s snow chains on ready!).

Snow chains fitted!

New Outside Bar at Pub Le Ski Lodge in La Tania

Further investment to help with Covid secure service this Winter sees a new outside bar on the terrace at Pub Le Ski Lodge.

There’ll be snacks such as Paninis, Chilli Wedges, Soup, Pies and Loaded Nachos available too.

Meanwhile the Chrome Bar has a new extension – we understand that will be the bar area with the old bar now as the restaurant area.

And up the hill near Saboia the new garages are cracking on – they’re even working over lunch!

Thanks to Ralph at The Freeride Republic for the pic