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9 Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Travelling

When traveling, your skincare routine might not be at the top of your to-do list. But if you have spent a considerable amount of time mastering the art of skincare, you don’t want a vacation to be the thing that makes you lose track of what you are doing—or results in a flare-up, sunburn or breakout.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a way to keep your skincare routine uninterrupted while traveling—and to keep your skin healthy while you are spending a few nights away from home, on the road, or in the air.

To help you through your journey to happy, healthy skin while traveling, here are some simple skincare tips from our dermatologists:

1.    Know your skin type

To achieve Flawless Skin, all you need to do is take care of your skin. The very first step of skincare is the skin type identification test. Skincare treatments and facial products depend on the skin type of individuals. Identifying your skin type is of paramount importance. The product that works well on oily skin might not be equally useful for normal or combination skin. Take a test to know the skin type you’ve.

Taking care of your skin is the only way to make it look flawless, and there is simply no shortcuts. Performing the basic skincare treatments regularly makes the change. Routine skincare not only retouches the defects but delays ageing as well.

2.    Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Always use sunscreen when going outside and wear protective clothing. Reduce the amount of time spent outdoors from ten till four pm since this is when the sun’s rays do the most damage. Wear makeup that contains sunscreen, and remember that sun damage expedites skin ageing.

3.    Eat Healthily

Eat foods that are low in fats and carbohydrates and rich in nutrients; things like nuts, fish, fruits, and green veggies have minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other essential nutrients that help slow down ageing making your skin look younger and radiant.

4.    Practice Good Hand Hygiene

It’s important to wash your hands often and touch your face less frequently if you’ve acne because squeezing, poking, and picking at your face increases infection and scarring chances. Apply the acne skin treatment product and let it do its job.

5.    Get Enough Sleep

Getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep allows your body enough time to repair and regenerate its cells. Sleeping away from electronic devices avoids interference with your body’s bioelectrical systems.

6.    Exfoliate Your Skin At Least Once a Week

Weekly skin exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells that make your skin look dull by altering your normal complexion. Upon skin exfoliation, all the dead skin cells are stripped off, making your skin look more youthful and fresh. Among different exfoliation processes, Scrubbing is common and popular. Scrub cleaners gently take the dead cell layer off your skin.

7.    Wash Your Face Properly

Always wash your face in the morning and evening using a cleansing product made for your face, not a bar of soap. There’re quality skin cleansers made for oily, dry, and combination skin. Oily skin is prone to blemishes and breakouts and requires a product that will cleanse the skin. Use a hydrating face cream that helps restore the skin’s moisture and radiance after washing your face.

8.    Stay Hydrated

Another important skin care tip is hydration; dry skin is prone to premature ageing. However, water helps to hydrate the skin; it also gets rid of toxins from your body. It’s important that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

9.    Use Quality Skincare Products

CBD oil is obtained from the cannabis plant (aka marijuana, weed or pot). CBD has been shown to cure common skin problems by lessening inflammation and boosting nutrients. Advantages to the skin also include improved sleep, potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that can help treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema and reduce acne.

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As a result of the hectic lives we lead in this fast-paced world, we easily forget to take care of our bodies and health in general. The skin is one of the many casualties of this tragedy. If we are stressed, worn out, or even just lacking sleep, all these unhealthy occurrences take a toll on our skin. The skin hides nothing. As we continue to tolerate these, our skin continues to degenerate. Following these simple skin care tips can help you have wonderful, youthful-looking skin longer.

School Holidays now over but loads of activities available across The 3 Valleys

This strange ski season continues with lots of skiing and other mountain activities on offer. You can drive up to the Altiport and ski down, hike, snow shoe, ski tour or cross country ski to the many mountain restaurants that are open, while kids ski schools are still operating and some “magic carpet” lifts are allowed (in Val Thorens it appears anyone can use them), terraces are open at bars & restaurants with “standing up” tables too, the ski buses are rammed (suspended daytime in Meribel) but you can’t have an individual chairlift…

Meanwhile France has imposed some weekend lockdowns in certain areas but are hoping that the curfew and vaccine will prevent a national lockdown being needed. However infection rates have plateaued and the vaccine rate nationally is pitifully slow (to be fair though all the over 50 residents in La Tania will receive their first jab this week).

What’s on auto translated…

From 8th March to 5th April, the resort offers you a myriad of activities. On the sliding side, the Altiport slope will be open and groomed every day! The Millet Ski Touring and Biollay ski touring itineraries will also be open every day. In addition, the Loze, Signal and Plum KV routes will be open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.The Nordic area (cross-country ski trails, footpaths and snowshoe trails) and the toboggan runs will continue to be maintained daily to welcome you in the best possible way!The ESF in Courchevel Moriond, Courchevel Village and Courchevel 1850 welcomes you as well. Concerning events, Courchevel is organising the Millet Everest 2021 challenge on 20th and 21st March. The goal is to climb the world’s highest peak ascending elevation between Courchevel Le Praz and Courchevel 1850! The same weekend will see the Mountain Day in Courchevel Moriond: a 100% women’s snow and mountain day. Finally, to make your travel easier, free shuttles connect the villages of the resort throughout the day. In total, more than 20 activities, 35 restaurants and x hotels are waiting for you!

These next few weeks you can always enjoy:

  • Two marked and secure hiking routes,
  • Cross-country ski slopes and biathlon of Altiport and Tueda,
  • Walks, snowshoe, horseback, mountain bike, sled dog or snowmobile,
  • Cross country skiing, biathlon, snowboarding and beginner alpine skiing lessons,
  • Free animations (sleds, badminton, wooden games, etc.) ),
  • Big air bags, tubbing, inflatable castles and other trampolines,
  • Gastronomic specialties to go and shops,
  • Relaxing moment with yoga and massages,
  • and many other activities…

Val Thorens
Departure of the following carpets: Musaraigne – Campagnols – Castor & Pollux confirmed from 6 to 14 March, to glide even more. We recommend to wear a smile under your mask for departure and we remind you that access is free and unlimited from 10:00 to 17:00. This rule does not exempt a crépe tasting upon arrival!

La Tania Snow Front Development Update: Swimming Pool stays, both new lifts for public use and a new sledge run…

As far as we can tell this is all now signed off and the go ahead has been given with building permits approved for the construction of the 2 new covered magic carpet / travelator type lifts and the removal of the Troika drag lift and the 2 small, uncovered travelator lifts.

Key points on the diagram above

  1. Separation of the Folyères Piste from the new beginners area providing an excellent facility for first time skiers and young children.
  2. Both lifts are for public use.
  3. The ESF will have exclusive use of the area on the skiers right of the new magic carpet lifts (red arrows).
  4. Public access to beginners area on the skiers left of the carpet lifts (blue arrows).
  5. The purple area is for a new sledging area (purple arrows).
  6. Snow cannons will be moved and new ones put in place to help distribute cannoned snow (dual and single cannons marked on the diagram above).
  7. No raising of the piste so easy access maintained around Le Farcon / Ski Lodge and to Tourist Office etc.
  8. Swimming Pool to stay in place.

The approval document states “the project was developed guaranteeing access to services and shops in the resort center while retaining the use of public equipment such as the swimming pool”.

Artist impression of the new lifts and separation from the main Folyères Piste

Regulations Reminder: Keep space on buses, up to 4 standing at a bar table & no heliskiing!

Press Release from the Préfecture de la Savoie – auto translated below. Additional security & compliance checks are being made over the next 2 weeks as France struggles nationally to bring infection rates down without having a lockdown in place.


Winter holidays began two weeks ago. Even though the attendance is lower compared to previous years, the department’s winter sports resorts welcome several thousand holidaymakers.

Since the start of the holidays, several reports of non-compliance with health measures and barrier gestures in winter sports resorts have been sent to the Prefecture.

There has been a notable increase in the use of bus shuttles. Pascal Bolot, Prefect of Savoie notes that rules in force in public transport across the country must apply: respect for minimum physical distance in particular at bus shelters and their surroundings, wearing a mask inside vehicles as well as strict compliance with the maximum passenger capacity. (NOTE: Daytime buses in Méribel have been suspended due to them being used as ski lifts and passenger safety being compromised).

Regarding the terraces of bars and restaurants: All furniture allowing users to sit or lie down is prohibited. Only furniture allowing standing consumption may be installed subject to a limit of four people per table and a physical distance of more than two meters. It is up to the manager of the establishment to ensure that these installations do not contribute to the formation of groups and gatherings of more than 6 people in public areas.

Finally, the Prefect recalls that the practice of heliskiing, allowing transportation to the top of the slopes, is strictly prohibited (NOTE: Illegal in France anyway).

Pascal BOLOT, Prefect of Savoie, wrote today to the mayors of the municipalities supporting mountain resorts to remind them of the measures in force and the rules to be observed.

From this Friday and over the next two weeks, security checks will be stepped up to ensure compliance with these measures.

As indicated by the Minister of Solidarity and Health on February 18, the country’s health situation remains fragile. It is essential that everyone maintain their efforts and a high level of vigilance in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Even on vacation, respect for wearing a mask, distance and barrier gestures is essential.

Further Information at:

Development of the Snow Front and Beginners Area of La Tania

A big meeting of the Courchevel Conseil Municipal tonight with the restructuring of the beginners area and bottom of the Folyères piste under discussion. Following the 4th Feb meeting and visit to La Tania, the go ahead may be given tonight.

The above illustration is 2 years old and shows the Troika drag lift removed with 2 covered “magic carpet” travelator type lifts replacing it. The main Folyères piste is diverted to the apartments building side and over the swimming pool. This leaves a dedicated beginners area without downhill traffic.

Before and after below:

Whilst plans to enhance the beginners area are very welcome, the plans also include raising the piste considerably before the (existing) swimming pool area and having a tunnel to access the beginners area to avoid crossing the Folyeres Piste (we’ve coped for 30 years mind!). We’re not sure if this is still in the current plans though – and it would appear to cut the village off from the main downhill piste. Usually there are artists impressions in the plans so a proper visualisation can be made of how things will look when finished, but we haven’t seen any.

The cost of this development was estimated at €1.2m back in 2019, not a lot compared to the hundreds of million of euros spent on a ski race in 2023 😉 !

As for maintaining ski in/out access from the apartments and the provision of an “above ground” swimming pool in the Summer we’ll have to see – it that going to be a giant paddling pool? The Swimming Pool is the main USP for La Tania in Summer so it is essential that it is retained in some form or another.

Not sure how many residents, ski companies, local businesses, accommodation providers, apartment owners or even clients themselves have been consulted but the meeting is open to the public tonight (17:00 in the new Alpinium Building, Le Praz). If anyone is going please let us know what happens….

Courchevel Ski Area Activities for the February School Holidays

Alpine Downhill Skiing is available from the Altiport (access via private car or taxi) down along the Bellecote Piste to La Croisette at Courchevel 1850.

Ski TouringSki Touring Guide routes up to Col de la Loze from Le Praz, plus tracks around Chenus, Biollay and Signal.

Free Resort Bus Service – There is a new timetable in place from 6 February to 7 March 2021. Timetable available at:

HikingWinter 2021 Footpaths Maps Note that these are maintained but may close immediately after heavy snowfall. There are 87km of paths with 11 tracks dedicated to Snow Shoeing. Guided walks available.

Cross Country SkiingCross Country Skiing Guide 52 km of marked, maintained trails with free access from 09:00 to 16:30 every day.

Luge / Sledging Track – Free every day 09:00 to 16:30 from Courchevel 1850 to Courchevel Village 1550.

MTB / Fatbike – 09:00 to 16:30 on the Cospillot and Plan Fontaine pistes

Snow Scooter – The Combe de Praméruel circuit is open for use with Courchevel Aventure: +33 (0) 479 22 16 71 and Skivol – +33 (0) 683 97 53 26.

Horse Riding from 09:00 to 16:30 on Ferme de Pralong, Cospillot and Plan du Vah. Ski Joëring circuit at the Pralong Ferme.

Paragliding – from 09:00 to 16:30 with official take off site from Les Tovets 

The Emile Allais Slalom Stadium (and extended Loze area Stade) from 09:00 – 16:30 is only authorised for access by:
* Kids licenced to an affiliated French Ski Federation for at least one year and under supervision by professionals.
* Professionals training accompanied by their coaches.
* Elite Athletes, Foreign National Teams and Member of the FIS accompanied by their coaches.
* Club des Sports staff.

PIDA: Avalanche Control Triggering Plan – During the implementation of a PIDA, access to the alpine ski area is prohibited to any public except the personnel dedicated to these operations.

Ski Touring for February – Altiport by car & down to 1850 is official!

The latest guide to ski touring in the Courchevel Valley has been published with the above route from the Altiport down to Courchevel 1850 via Altiport & Bellecote pistes now open – the document says access by private car or taxi to the Altiport. Download the guide here

Note that all other unofficial access to the ski area is prohibited – although there are many footpaths for hiking that are open and these routes are in addition to the official cross country routes (there’s a route from Courchevel to Méribel and an option to head up to the Bouc Blanc area above La Tania too). If only we could place a bet on those hiking up on bet 365 while watching them on the webcams…

The routes up and down Chenus and Biollay are now clarified:

There is also the route up to the top of the Signal Chair above Courchevel 1650 Moriond:

Finally the Millet ski touring routes up to Col de la Loze from Le Praz via 1850…

More in the guide here

Meet Elyse your new La Tania Estate Agent for Leggett Immobilier…

Hi Everyone,

I’m Elyse Pannetier and I’m a local independent agent in the Courchevel Valley for Leggett Immobilier.

I have been living & working around Courchevel and La Tania for the last 10 years, which has allowed me to build up an extensive knowledge of the area.

I would be happy to assist you for all your property needs, if you are looking to buy, sell or if you would like a valuation do not hesitate to contact me.

Elyse Pannetier
Tel: +33 6 72 94 46 44

The 3 Valleys resorts are open and still welcoming you…

No lifts and if you can get here… The resorts of the 3 Valleys are putting on a brave face and still welcoming visitors with as many Covid safe outdoor activities as possible in the beautiful snowy, spacious, mpeaceful, mountain fresh air…

With takeaways the only option in the bars & restaurants that remain open and a 6pm curfew in place, these are incredibly tough times for the businesses out here – the lucrative half term period now looks lost and many will be looking to next Winter for their ski fix whilst others still hope for that late season ride and maybe some Easter Powder!

In the meantime we’ll get the early booking 2022 deals, special offers and apartment availability bookings up next week. PS – It’s still snowing!

We love this from Val Thorens Tourism:

We’re not going to lie, the skilifts won’t open right now.

During these holidays you won’t hear: “Christine, let’s meet up in 10 at the top of the Plein Sud chairlift.” More likely is: “Christine, let’s meet up in 1h30 at the top of the Plein Sud lift, are you going up on snowshoes or with your tourskis ?”

You won’t hear: “Wooooow it’s freezing on the lift, there’s too much wind ” but “Well it’s rather warm when you hike up on foot”

There won’t be any coming out of Malaysia at 4am with: “Tomorrow we’re skiing, right?” There will however be a : curfew at 6pm “Some soup and off to bed, tomorrow we’re getting up early to do some electrical mountain biking .”

There won’t be any “Full out until the bottom, last one there pays a round” but more: “Not too fast, we spent 2h hiking up, let’s enjoy the descent.”

We won’t be able to say: “Let’s have a raclette on the terrace of Chalet des 2 lacs” but we’ll say: “A take-away raclette from La Belle en Cuisse ? ”

We won’t see a crowd dancing at 00:45 am on the dancefloor of the Wild & Savage, but we’ll see people at 16:30 on the ice skating rink, showing off their best twirls.

We won’t hear : “Mr. Dusse, you’re planting your sticks all wrong” more like : “Mr. Dusse, you need to take off the skins before starting the descent, otherwise it won’t work.”

You’ve understood it, our resort remains open for those who want to enjoy the mountains. And we hope you will love Val Thorens differently…

French PM: “Early Feb” Ski Resort opening possible, Bars/Restaurants closed to mid-Feb, UK border remains closed & more…

There will be no reopening of bars and restaurants before “at least mid-February” . There will be a point on January 20 to see if an “early February” reopening of theaters, cinemas, ski resorts and ski lifts is possible. The Prime Minister also announced that the border with the United Kingdom will remain closed “until further notice” and that the incredibly slow vaccination roll out will be sorted out.

From France 24 tonightFull auto-translation below
Curfews, vaccines, prospects for cultivation, catering or even ski resorts … Prime Minister Jean Castex has drawn up an inventory of health measures, while the Covid-19 epidemic is still circulating actively in France. Follow his press conference alongside the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

While more than 25,000 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in 24 hours in France, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, in a press conference with the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, defended the government’s vaccine strategy and attempted to “give as much visibility as possible” to the most affected sectors, including catering, culture and tourism.

Details were also provided on France’s vaccine strategy, which is the subject of criticism, as well as on the new health measures put in place to fight against the spread of the virus.

There will be no reopening of bars and restaurants until “at least mid-February”. Ten more departments could see the curfew pass to 6 p.m. The decision will be made on Friday.

There will be a point on January 20 to see if a reopening “early February” of ski resorts and ski lifts is possible.

The vaccine is our “main source of hope” to emerge from this crisis, said Jean Castex. The objective of the French campaign remains to vaccinate as a priority and as quickly as possible the 15 million elderly or chronically ill people, announced the Prime Minister, while acknowledging that it had started more slowly than elsewhere. . “We have ordered a lot more than necessary” to have “a margin of safety”, he explained, specifying nevertheless that “Not everyone can be vaccinated immediately in France”. “We will be able to immunize a million people by the end of January.”

The Prime Minister underlined the gravity of the situation in France which is “far from having returned to normal” and which even “tends to progress with an average of 15,000 daily cases”. “We are seeing very strong pressure on our hospital system,” he continued, saying that the situation in the east of the country as well as in Guyana was particularly worrying.

All laboratories are mobilized in France to track down the variant of the coronavirus discovered in the United Kingdom and which is “up to 70% more contagious”, said Olivier Véran. Health Minister Olivier Véran explained that the English variant is “more contagious” and responsible for “a significant worsening of the epidemic in England”. It is also believed to be more contagious in children. The Prime Minister announced that the border with the United Kingdom will remain closed “until further notice”.