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The return of Hotel Telemark? Plus Today’s Cowatch

Hotel Telemark remained closed all of last Winter

Some building work has started on Hotel Telemark in La Tania and according to the workers it will be open this Winter.

If it will be called Hotel Telemark, if there will be a Bar & Restaurant and who is running it is still unclear (and if it will sell rooms on a flexible hotel basis) but we’re on the case…

The work may involve accessibility modifications including a lift being installed which is a requirement for a hotel licence here apparently.

Fingers crossed the outcome is positive as it’s a welcome flexible accommodation option to La Tania plus another bar / restaurant to enjoy.

Meanwhile the cows are still on their march down the valley…

La Tania New Green Run and Snow Front Update

The cows coming down the valley for the end of Summer getting stuck in to Le Farçon vegetable and herb garden this afternoon.

Without any official confirmation it’s now looking like the promised new La Tania green run and new snow front / beginners area will not be in place for this Winter.

The proposed new main Folyères piste to come across towards Le Farçon and Ski Lodge with the piste being raised 7m and a tunnel from the village to a new beginners area appear to have been put on hold until next Summer. Hopefully a re-think around the raising of the piste and bringing skiers into the village instead of creating separation (and maybe not filling in the Swimming Pool and having a temporary tank instead) can be made.

The main focus is on Courchevel 1850 (as usual) with the new Le Praz link and car park allowing skiers to come right in to La Croisette area with the Tovets lift being moved down the hill plus the new piste and lift being completed for those that want to go swimming (the 63m Aquamotion complex). The Courchevel 1850 Stade area is being upgraded too and has resembled an open cast quarry all Summer.

No work on the promised new Creux Noirs drag lift appears to have started yet either (at least last time we were up Saulire anyway).

We hope to have the official explanation around 11 September – keep an eye out for a special “snow” report…

More cows invading La Tania today!

The real sign Summer is just about over – the Cows return to go down the mountain

It’s that mountain air that helps produce the delicious Beaufort Alpine cheese

Le Praz getting greener, new gondola main cables being attached and new gondola cabins for St Martin arrive

The playing field and running track on the roof of the Alpinium Building and Car Park now going in down in Le Praz. The new faster, bigger, more comfortable gondola lift and multi-use building all due to open in December 2019.
The operation to attach the main cable to the new gondola – we want to see the join!
New gondola cabins for Saint-Martin-de-Belleville have arrived on site.
Looking like more Leitner Diamond Evo cabins are being used.

La Tania’s Fête des Bûcherons Lumberjack Festival 2019

Our reporter who understood it all says “Four teams, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland and France. Czechs way ahead of France in the final then the bloke fell off his inserted plank and the French nicked it”

Fête des Bûcherons Lumberjack Championship in La Tania today

More Col de Loze events – partial closure Fri/Sat this weekend

This looks fun…

The Fête des Bûcherons Lumberjack Competition returns to La Tania this Sunday, 25 August 2019

A day of festivities and competition, a real get-together for professional lumberjacks.

Throughout the day you will discover the local expertise at the art and craft market.

Sunday 25/8/19 between 11:00 & 20:30
10.30am-12.00pm: Lumberjack contest.
12.00pm: Food and refreshments.
12.00pm-2.00pm: Pock-rock concert with the band Noiz.
2.00pm-6.00pm: Lumberjack contest.
10.00am-12.00pm & 1.00pm-5.00pm: Entertainments, bucolic games (tree trunk sawing), wood games.

More Pics of New Praz Gondola and Top Station in Courchevel 1850

Work continues apace on the new Alpinium Building, underground car park and the new bigger, faster, more comfortable Praz Gondola up to Courchevel 1850.

The top gondola station is now in place and the top station for the Tovets chair from 1550 has been moved down the hill a bit to accommodate it (it will still be a run down to the track to Plantrey but could require some pushing when conditions are heavy / sticky we reckon to get right across to the Plantrey chair.

More pictures of the work going on below – the lake is still drained and the first cables have now been put in place on the pylons.

Meanwhile Hôtel Le Chabichou is having its rooms refurbed…

…and the view from the Hôtel La Pomme de Pin terrace (where the above shot was taken) is a bit grim at the moment due to the reshaping and remodelling of the Stade competition area.

I’m sure it will all be ok by December………

But who would be a pylon monkey? See below:

Gros Murger Drag Lift in La Tania – Top Pylon Failure

Lots of work still to do on the Alpinium Building, Lake and Gondola in Le Praz for opening in December plus there’s the lift & piste down to Aquamotion and the huge earthworks on the Courchevel Stade going on too. Courchevel 1850 and Le Praz really has been a big building site this Summer…

With all this work going on as a priority to get it finished in time it looks like the replacement Creux Noirs lift, dismantling of the old chair and the new green run promised in La Tania (plus the changes to the snow front, beginners area etc) aren’t going to happen in time for this Winter.

We could be wrong, but there’s no sign of any work going on with these projects yet although once things start they’re surprisingly quick and huge amounts of hardware and human resource are used.

To add to the work required this Summer we’ve noticed that the top pylon on the Gros Murger drag lift out of La Tania has partially collapsed with the area around the concrete base becoming waterlogged – it’s unclear if cables snapped or partial dismantling took place. Currently the main cable is anchored in to the ground and tension remains all the way down.

The area is taped off like a crime scene but it looks like replacement cable and some parts have been delivered so work must be happening soon. Although not used by many, this lift is a short cut to the Bouc Blanc chair (or more likely a run down to Le Praz on a powder day as the chair is never open by the time the first people arrive) and essential if there is any issue with the La Tania Gondola.