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A Guide to Handling Bad Weather on a Ski Trip

Any experienced adventurer familiar with planning a trip that involves skiing, snowboarding or any other kind of snowy mountain activity will tell you that unpredictable weather can put a real damper on any carefully thought-out plans. The key to making the most of any situation is to prepare for the unexpected. This quick guide will provide a few handy pointers to ensure that a snowy trip into the mountains can be a delightful and safe experience, no matter the weather.

Alternative Activities for Bad Weather Days

It makes no difference how well-planned a holiday in the mountains is; there’s still a chance that inclement weather will force a quick change of plans. It’s common for holidaymakers venturing into the hills to experience a wide variety of conditions. When poor weather forces the adventure indoors, it’s good to have a few options to keep every member of the trip entertained,

Thankfully, many of the best ski resorts will offer fun indoor activities for days when the weather simply won’t cooperate. These indoor options include facilities like spas, bars and gift shops, which provide shelter from the cold and snow. If rest is needed instead, it might be worthwhile to take the forced time off the slopes as an excuse to catch up on sleep or curl up with a good book.

For days when skiing is out of the question, consider staying in with a warm cup of tea and looking online for fun activities to pass the time. Thrill seekers looking for entertainment that reminds them of their action-packed time on the slopes could indulge in some betting by looking for secure platforms online that provide up-to-date information on horse racing today as a viable short-term replacement. 

Understanding Weather Patterns in Ski Resorts

Before booking flights, choosing the cosiest accommodations and setting off to enjoy that well-deserved ski trip, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the general weather patterns and forecast of the area. Each ski resort is likely to have its own unique climate based on where it’s situated, and understanding which weather conditions are typical for the location can help during the planning stages of the trip. 

Be sure to take a good look at the average snowfall amounts, temperatures and likelihood of extreme weather events before finalising any holiday plans. If the weather conditions look grim over the proposed dates and skiing is the main reason for going, consider rescheduling to a time when conditions are more favourable.

Preparing for Inclement Weather

Proactivity is always the name of the game when planning the perfect trip outdoors. Even if weather conditions are expected to be good for skiing, set up some reminders to keep checking on the conditions in the days leading up to the holiday. If the weather starts to change as the date creeps closer, try not to get disheartened, as there are so many fun ways to enjoy time on the slopes that don’t require braving extreme or dangerous weather conditions.

Aside from the essentials, packing some extra items for emergencies could make all the difference. If possible, try to leave some luggage space for a small selection of emergency supplies like hand warmers, a first aid kit, a battery bank and a flashlight. It may also be beneficial to make a note of the locations and contact details of medical facilities and emergency services located closest to the booked accommodations.


In conclusion, coping with unexpected changes in the weather on a ski trip often requires a little out-of-the-box thinking and preparation. With a bit of care and some extra research on the weather conditions, it’s much easier to plan ahead and maximise the enjoyment of the holiday. By accepting that the weather won’t always be favourable, understanding changes in weather patterns and packing smart, anyone can ensure a wonderfully fun trip that’s worth the trouble.

30 Years of Pub Le Ski Lodge – time for a refurb (and a party)

The life and soul of La Tania since 1993 – Pub Le Ski Lodge is now 30 years old and is smartening itself up for Winter 2024 with a full on refurb.

Tim and Deb started the pub shortly after La Tania was built – the new resort financed on the back of the 1992 Winter Olympics based in Albertville with La Tania used as accommodation for journalists and ice hockey teams. Originally there was a bakery / cafe next door and the place was nearly half the size before knocking through in the late 90s and expanding to where the stage is now.

At the start of the Winter season, this December a “Back to the 90s” special invite only 30th Birthday Party will take place – with a few familiar faces from back in the good old days bound to show up. But will it be Shibboleth, The Feeling, Sunset Suns, Bjorn Again or Bring Your Sisters playing we wonder?

Of course nothing major will change, the Ski Lodge will still provide the best value food and drink in The 3 Valleys, the best live music, full TV sport coverage on multiple screens, the sunniest lunch time terrace, happy hours every day and the infamous fancy dress theme nights all with great staff from across the world.

Happy Birthday Ski Lodge! Congratulations Tim and Deb, here’s to the next 30…

Brаnԁ New Online Cаsino Gаme Releаses: Whаt’s Hot Right Now

The temрerаture mаy ԁroр аs summer enԁs, but the exсitement is heаting uр with the release of new online саsino gаmes this Seрtember. These gаmes will trаnsрort рlаyers to аnсient worlԁs like Egyрt аnԁ Greeсe, promising а thrilling аԁventure. With intriсаte bonus rounԁs, innovаtive sрeсiаl feаtures, аnԁ grounԁbreаking meсhаniсs, these gаmes will exсite slot enthusiаsts аnԁ сарtivаte рlаyers with their eрiс themes.  

Since online casinos already have thousands of games, these new releases will be added to their collection soon. By joining top UK online casinos like Kwiff casino, you’ll enjoy these new titles with themes that have stood the test of time.

Queen of the Pyrаmiԁs Megа Cаsh Colleсt 

First stoр is in аnсient Egyрt! Queen of the Pyrаmiԁs Mega Cаsh Colleсt from Plаyteсh brings аll the mysteries of the рhаrаohs to viviԁ life. The gаme boаsts 30 раylines, but the reаl stаrs аre the Cаsh Colleсt feаture аnԁ the free rounԁs with exраnԁable reels.  

Using the Cаsh Colleсt symbol, you саn trigger bonus iсons аnԁ рrizes, while the Cash Sрreаԁ scatters even more rewаrԁs асross the extrа reels. If you’re luсky to lаnԁ the ԁiаmonԁ аnԁ саsh сolleсt сombo, you сoulԁ hit one of the gаme’s jackpots. With аn RTP of 95.41% аnԁ the opportunity to bet from $0.10 to $500, the game offers megа wаys to win some serious саsh.  

The reels exраnԁ uрwаrԁs ԁuring the free spins rounԁ, unloсking new рossibilities with extrа loсkeԁ rows. The vibrаnt hues of the gаme shift to сooler tones, immersing you ԁeeрer into the shаԁows of the temрles. 

Amаzing Link Zeus Eрiс 4 

Boasting 20 to 80 раylines аnԁ аn RTP of 96.47%, this gаme tаkes you on а thrilling journey through Greek mythology аnԁ brings the legenԁs of Zeus to life. The gаme is ԁesigneԁ to showсаse the рower of Zeus, аnԁ рlаyers саn exрerienсe his might in both the bаse gаme аnԁ feаtures.  

The vibrаnt Amаzing Symbols, whiсh neeԁ six or more to trigger the signаture Amаzing Link, аԁԁ to the mythical аtmosрhere of the gаme. When triggereԁ, this feаture grаnts resрins аnԁ wins with loсkeԁ symbols, аllowing рlаyers to win big.  

One of the unique features of this gаme is the four ԁistinсt reel sets, eасh offering different levels of volаtility. Players саn сustomize the gаme ассorԁing to their рreferenсes аnԁ сhoose between high аnԁ low-volаtility oрtions. Symbols like Pegаsus аnԁ Greek vаses аre intriсаtely ԁesigneԁ to immerse рlаyers in the mythiсаl worlԁ of Zeus.  

The slot ассommoԁаtes all players with bets ranging from $0.2 to $100. When the Amаzing Link hits, triggering саsсаԁing resрins, the reels will shаke with the forсe of Olymрus. 

Eye of Horus Rise of Egyрt 

Finally, we return to the mysteries of аnсient Egyрt with Blueрrint Gаming’s Eye of Horus Rise of Egyрt. The game takes рlаyers to а worlԁ of mysteries, with the slot’s bасkԁroр аԁorneԁ with intriсаte hieroglyрhiсs thаt offer аn аuthentiс feel of the ancient сivilizаtion.  

The gаme’s five reels аnԁ ten раylines boаst wilԁs аnԁ а bonus rounԁ offering рlаyers а сhаnсe to win 50,000x their bet. You’ll also find unique slаb visuаls that will tаke you on а thrilling аԁventure through hiԁԁen tombs аnԁ ԁeserts, аll while unсovering the seсrets of the рhаrаohs.  

The Eye of Horus, the gаme’s sсаtter symbol, holԁs the key to the bonus rounԁ and is triggereԁ when three of them аррeаr. Here, players sрin а wheel to eаrn саsh рrizes, free sрins, or а сhаnсe to ԁelve ԁeeрer into the tomb. The rewаrԁs become more lucrative аs рlаyers рroсeeԁ into the tomb, but the risks аlso inсreаse.  

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Winter Wonderland in Gaming: The Integration of Skiing in Online Casino Games 

Adrenaline junkies are always looking for their next rush, whether it comes from outdoor adventures or casino games. Two activities that promise an invigorating thrill are skiing down a mountain and playing a favorite table game or slot machine. Game developers are capitalizing on the exhilaration of skiing by creating online casino games with winter sports themes. Doing so increases diversity of game offerings in online casinos making them more competitive by attracting new demographics through enhanced user experiences. 

While ski-themed slots take the lead, other casino staples like poker, blackjack, and roulette are getting makeovers featuring winter sports motifs. Game studios work similar magic to make these titles feel like a day on the mountain, allowing players to experience the excitement of the slopes right from their screens. Let’s explore how skiing is inspiring online casino games.

Hitting the Slopes on Reels 

To develop genuinely immersive ski-themed slots, game creators carefully implement various elements that evoke the sport. Visually stunning mountain backdrops immediately set the stage while the icy, snow-covered interface adds to the winter ambiance. The reels come alive with smooth animations showing skiers racing downhill or flying off jumps. Ultimately, upbeat soundtracks pump energy, while voiceovers, crowd cheers, and nature sounds complete the experience. 

Developers also incorporate actual ski gear and competition elements into gameplay. Goggles, skis, boots, and poles serve as symbols and activate features. You get a chance to win big while playing online casino games featuring events like downhill races, ski jumps, and ski tricks competitions. Bonus rounds put your skills to the test, with mini-games requiring well-timed moves. With so many sensory details straight from the slopes, it’s easy to feel like you’re skiing when you spin these specialty slots.

Popular Ski Slots 

Some of the most popular slots embracing ski culture are: 

  • Icy Wilds – This 50-payline game from iSoftBet transports you to snowy peaks with its chilly artwork. Match animal symbols like snow leopards and owls to trigger icy Wilds covering entire reels. Free spins and synchronized reels boost winning potential. 
  • Break Away – Microgaming’s 243-way slot follows hockey action on the ice. Scatter trophies award up to 25 free spins. Smashing Wilds crash reels, turning symbols wild for bigger wins. It has everything hockey fans love. 
  • Ski Jump – Join a ski jumping tournament in Genesis Gaming’s slot. Time your jumps perfectly as competitors zoom down the run. Skier symbols become wild when landing on reels. Scattered skis trigger the exhilarating bonus round. 
  • Peak of Perfection – With glorious mountain views behind its 5 reels, this Realtime Gaming slot gets you in the winter spirit. It introduces fun features like Growing and Shifting Wilds during free spins mode. Bigfoot can show up to turn reels wild, too. 
  • Winter Wonders – Play’n GO’s icy slot has reels framed by snowy pines. Its white-haired Wild Old Man symbol activates one of three bonuses: free spins, instant wins, or a wheel spin for prizes. Christmassy graphics add cheer. 

Bringing the Slopes to Table Games 

Table games are getting in on the ski action too. Blackjack now has a Winter Blackjack variation where the dealer wears a snazzy ski outfit. Ski-themed symbols decorate the table felt and cards, allowing players to double down on “powder nines” counting as nine. This winter makeover makes a casino staple feel fresh. 

At roulette tables, there’s Peak Perfection Roulette using a wheel marked with ski graphics rather than numbers. Players bet on things like ski runs, lift tickets, and après-ski cocktails. This creative twist adds new life to the classic game, not to mention the winter editions for holidays like the Christmas-y Ho Ho Ho Roulette. 

Some of the most creative casino game titles embracing skiing include: 

  • Penguin Splash Blackjack – Surrounded by frolicking Antarctic animals, this unique blackjack variant deals out wins with free spins, re-spins, and wild penguin scatters. 
  • Alpine Poker – Straight and royal flushes in this poker game filled with snowy pines chances of bagging a progressive jackpot. Additionally, bonus rounds let you hit the slopes virtually. 
  • Glacier Bets Roulette – This roulette table is set against a sparkling ice backdrop. Players can take advantage of special Winter Wonder bonuses that transform symbols into wilds randomly. 
  • Ice Rink Craps – Come nose-to-nose with a curious seal in this craps game with arctic flair. Rolling certain numbers activates fun animations like diving killer whales. 
  • Olympic Bonanza – Compete in bobsleigh races and more Olympic events in this all-encompassing casino game. Mini-games and bonus rounds let you try out various sports. 

Skiing in Sportsbooks 

For sports bettors, ice hockey naturally inspires a slew of betting options. Casinos offer endless ways to wager on NHL games through their sportsbooks. Special hockey props, futures, and live betting add to the excitement surrounding this fast-paced winter pastime. Themed bets bring additional fun, like wagering on which team’s goalie will have more saves or who’ll get a penalty first. 

No matter your favorite winter activity, from hockey to skiing to simply relaxing by a cozy fire, casino developers have you covered. They’ve made their entire suite of games more inviting by creatively incorporating winter themes that appeal to cold weather aficionados. With exciting new titles released regularly, there’s always a new way to enjoy winter at the casino! 

Moretta Village Update

Current work to the East of La Tania
The new car park is on the way to Le Praz (piste maps are “upside down” remember!)

What we know so far…

The plan for this extension to La Tania is around 15 years old but has changed a lot. Originally a new chair lift was planned to link with the Bouc Blanc chair and even a rope tow to connect the 2 “villages” was proposed.

An all inclusive Club Med style resort was also rumoured along with ski hire, bar & restaurant, other commercial premises, seasonal workers accommodation and an underground private car park plus a covered public car park for 100 cars – even a night club was mentioned.

Artists impression of the Moretta Village Snowfront

A presentation back in 2013 didn’t reveal much but now we are starting to hear the following (some of this is hearsay and rumour as any documented, official statements are hard to come by and we’ll be happy to publish any plans the developers would like to share):

  • 80 new Tourist Apartments ready for 2025.
  • New 4 star Hotel & Spa ready for 2026.
  • 500 beds in total.
  • Some of the apartments (or “Tourist Residences”) may be reserved for seasonal worker’s accommodation.
  • Statements regarding completion mentioned it may take 3 years – so ready for 2026 could mean December 2026 for the 2027 ski season.
  • S3V, the ski area Management Company are one of the major investors (hope they can afford to run some more lifts and at full speed this Winter) along with a French company from Bretagne and at least one other.
  • The 3rd party who will manage the hotel and the specific details of what will be inside the 12,000m2 building are not know by it would seem anyone at this stage!
  • The Moretta Blanche red run will be re-profiled to allow improved easier access from the Chalets above La Tania.
  • S3V have promised that the bottom of the red run will be closed for this Winter season only while a new road tunnel is constructed.
  • New snow cannons will be installed on the red run down to resort level.
  • Temporary access to the chalets is now via a new road next to the Gondola Station – the authorities are now aware of how dangerous this will be in Winter in its current design and improvements are expected.
  • A reported €1.2m was spent creating the temporary road and site access.
  • The entire lengths of the blue Folyères and green Plan Fontaine pistes down to La Tania resort level are unaffected and will be open as usual.
  • The main work stops during Winter and with a new fence and a covering of snow it won’t have a major impact on anyone’s skiing holiday this Winter.

We hope to have further information and a response from some questions to the Mairie soon.

Further images of the construction work and the area where the green run cuts across the red run (no skiing on the red below this point).

Thanks to Angus J for the latest pics.

The Return of the Ski Train (sort of)

The original overnight disco ski train disappeared long ago and the direct Eurostar services (as they were) were never replaced following the cancellation during the pandemic in 2020.

The last couple of years have seen a direct service with the tour operator Travelski chartering Eurostar trains but offering package holidays only including accommodation, transfer etc. This service has now been discontinued too. Travelski is owned by the giant Compagnie des Alpes company which runs Tignes, Val d’Isere, Les Menuires, Meribel Alpina, Les Arcs, La Plagne, Chamonix, Megeve etc etc, they have theme parks too now!

However, new for Winter 2023/24 is the Eurostar Snow Train service via Lille from £99 one-way Standard Class or £149 Standard Premier Class (no Business Class option) and includes bags and skis and check-in and security and seat reservation and tax etc etc!

  • Tickets are on sale from 31 August for travel between 16 December 2023 and 4 February 2024.
  • The new service involves a Eurostar train between London and Lille; then a second, newly-branded, Eurostar Snow train (run by Thalys) between Lille and the ski resorts at Chambéry, Albertville, Moutiers, Aime-La Plagne and Bourg-Saint-Maurice.
  • Trains depart Saturday morning and return Sunday morning allowing 7 days on the slopes (so not really helpful for the traditional Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun holiday bookings – hotels in Moûtiers for the Saturday night will be popular!).

Some Tour Ops will also be running packages using these services but train only tickets are available from 10:00 on Thursday 31 August 2023.

Confirmed Timetable for Winter 2023/2024

OUT: (8hr 29min travel time)

  • London St Pancras dep: Sat 09:01
  • Lille arr: 11:27 (48min to change platform)
  • Lille dep: 12:15
  • Moûtiers arr: 17:30

RETURN: (8hr 5min travel time)

  • Moûtiers dep: Sun 08:52
  • Lille arr: 14:30 (1hr to change platform)
  • Lille dep: 15:35
  • London St Pancras arr: 15:57

The Eurostar website currently has a few errors (it says to get a coach from Bourg St Maurice for La Tania instead of Moûtiers!). Also note the limited dates with the service running only until 4 February 2023 and then the options are via Paris using the SNCF service to Moûtiers.

Examples of the alternative Eurostar / SNCF service:

SATURDAY OUT: (8hr 18min travel time)

  • London St Pancras dep: Sat 06:31
  • Paris Gare du Nord arr: 09:48 (1hr 44min to change station)
  • Paris Gare de Lyon dep: 11:32
  • Moûtiers arr: 15:49

SATURDAY RETURN: (9hr 1min travel time)

  • Moûtiers dep: Sat 10:31
  • Paris Gare de Lyon arr: 14:54 (2hr 18min to change station)
  • Paris Gare du Nord dep: 17:12
  • London St Pancras arr: 18:32

SUNDAY RETURN: (8hr 40min travel time)

  • Moûtiers dep: Sun 09:50
  • Paris Gare de Lyon arr: 14:11 (2hr 1min to change station)
  • Paris Gare du Nord dep: 16:12
  • London St Pancras arr: 17:30

Closing of the Moretta Blanche run (lower section) for the 2023/24 winter in LA TANIA 

Message from S3V – As we expected but not what we were promised.

The Moretta Blanche red run , which serves the Courchevel – La Tania resort, will be closed in its lower section  during the coming  winter 2023/24.
The Plan Fontaine green run and Folyères blue run will remain open to serve the resort.

This closure is made necessary by the start of the Village Moretta building work, with the delivery of 500 beds by the winter 2025/26.  (one hotel and a Tourism residence).

This closure is planned for one winter only.
For winter 2024/25, the construction of a road tunnel should enable us to re-operate the Moretta blanche run.

On this occasion, we will take the opportunity to install snowmaking  on this run and to reshape it in its lower section to make it more accessible, especially from the chalets at the top of La Tania.
Thank you your understanding.
S3V Management.

Summer Ski Jumping World Cup 2023 – Sat/Sun 29/30 July in Le Praz

The annual Summer Ski Jumping World Cup round in Le Praz takes place this weekend on 29 & 30 July 2023.

A great event, drawing a large crowd and athletes from across the world. There’s a beer tent and music too!

There are 4 competitions all starting from the 135m main slope.

Full Program Saturday

09:15 Ladies Qualification 

10:15 Ladies Competition

12:15 Ladies Prize Giving

16:45 Men’s Qualification

18:00 Men’s Competition

20:00 Men’s Prize Giving

Full Program Sunday

09:00 Ladies Qualification

10:00 Ladies Competition

12:00 Ladies Prize Giving

16:30 Men’s Qualification

18:00 Men’s Competition

20:00 Men’s Prize Giving

La Tania Tour de France 2023 Info

Click on the image for the full size pic

Stage 17 of the Tour de France is on Wednesday 19 July 2023. Riders are expected through La Tania between 16:28 (if av speed is 36km/h) and 16:57 (32km/h). The promotional “Caravan” convoy is due at 14:57. All times are TBC.

In La Tania there’ll be a pop up bar at La Taiga with the riders going right past in front of the restaurant followed by live music from Pink Miami at Pub Le Ski Lodge from 18:00

Road Closures

Courchevel Restrictions: Road closures from Moûtiers start at 11:00 with closure at Grand Clarey at 13:43, Le Praz closed at 13:53 and Col de la Loze road closure at 14:28 (from the Courchevel side). General rule is road closures an hour before the Caravan but local rules apply. Reopening starts locally from 18:00. Further details in the Savoie Press Release

Méribel Restrictions: You will not be able to cycle up the Col de la Loze track on the Méribel side from Tuesday 18 July at 18:00 to Wednesday 19 July at 19:00. Access by bike is possible via the Col de la Loze on the Courchevel side until 14:30 on 19 July.

Access and Fan Zones

Courchevel Ski Lifts and Bus Service
On Wed 19 July the Praz, La Tania, Verdons and Jardin Alpin gondolas will be free from 10:00 until 18:45. There is no Vizelle gondola up Saulire and bikes will not be allowed on the Verdons and Jardin Alpin gondolas.

The free shuttle ski buses will run to timetable until 13:20 and then a service from Le Praz to 1850 from 13:50 to 18:30.

Last bus Le Praz – La Tania 13:10
Last bus La Tania – Le Praz 13:15
Restarted service Le Praz – La Tania 19:25
Restarted service La Tania – Le Praz 19:30

TdF Bus Timetable 19 July 2023

Courchevel has 4 fan zones:
Le Praz (from 10:00 with the due at 14:53)
Col de la Loze (from 10:00 with the Caravan due 15:28)
Ferme de Pralong (from 10:00 with the Caravan due 15:39)
The Arrival at Courchevel Altiport (from 12:30 with the Caravan due 15:40)

Méribel has 2 fan zones:
The Saulire Express Fan Zone, run by the sports club, will feature a giant screen, a snack bar, a refreshment stand, an official shop and even a stand selling bananas from Guadeloupe, from 09:30.

In the centre of Méribel, run by the Tourist Office’s Tourist Events and Activities Department, you can also enjoy a giant screen from 12:00, as well as shops, bars, restaurants and a concert at the end of the day.

Méribel Ski Lifts and Bus Service
Special opening of the Saulire Express Lift (and the Folie Douce too) – no bikes allowed – free from 09:30 to 18:00.

  • The Olympe gondola (1, 2 and 3) will be open from 9.30am to 5.30pm (chargeable).
  • The Pas du Lac and Tougnète 1 and 2 gondolas will open as usual (chargeable).
  • Return to the Belleville valley via Tougnète until 16:30.

Traffic on the free Méribus shuttles will be disrupted between 11:00 and 18:00 except on the Méribel Centre > Méribel-Mottaret service.

Car Parking

Courchevel Parking

Méribel Parking Restrictions
From Tuesday 18 July at 08:00 to Wednesday 19 July at 18:00 parking will be prohibited:

  • on the RD98 through Le Plantin and Méribel-Village ;
  • on the RD90 through Mussillon and Méribel;
  • in the vicinity of and along the whole of the Rue des Jeux Olympiques;
  • in the vicinity of and along the entire length of the rue des Glaciers;
  • along the Route de l’Altiport, from the intersection of the Méribel school complex and the Route de l’Agentila, to the intersection with the Route du Belvédère;
  • along the Route du Belvédère as far as the entrance to the Col de la Loze greenway.

Méribel Car Parks

  • The car parks at the Olympic Park and the Glaciers are fully reserved.
  • The Chardons car park is partially reserved according to the needs of the teams.

You can park for free at the Maison des générations, Raffort, Méribel Village (please note that the car park is inaccessible during road closures), Dou du pont, the stadium, Chaudanne, Rhodos, Ruitor bas, Plan ravet and Rond-point des pistes (please note that the car park is inaccessible during road closures).


All predicted times for Stage 17

Le Tour Official Websitek

Courchevel TdF mobile site

Courchevel TdF PC site

Méribel TdF site

Tour de France through La Tania last time in 2005
(2020 was La Tania Col de Loze only!)

Really old LT pics from Courchevel finish in 2000

Col de Loze Challenge Mon 17 July 2023

The Col de Loze cycle track will be closed to (non race) bikes all day from 10am from Le Pralong Farm.

The ski lifts remain accessible to mountain biking, but only the green track (Piou-Piou) and the blue track (Godille) will be open.

The blue track (Tout-Schuss) and the red track (Louza) will be closed from 10am because you have to use the CdL cycle track to access then.

There will be additional marshals at Verdons / Vizelle to manage off road / on road traffic.

The iconic Col de Loze climb up from Méribel

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Which Winter Sport Reigns Supreme?

Winter sports enthusiasts are always torn between two exhilarating options – skiing and snowboarding. Both activities offer a thrilling experience on snow-covered slopes, but the debate on which one reigns supreme has been ongoing for years. Skiing, with its rich history and traditional appeal, has long been a popular choice for many winter sport enthusiasts. On the other hand, snowboarding, with its rebellious spirit and freestyle tricks, has gained a massive following among the younger generation. The question remains – which one is truly the king of winter sports? 

In this article, we will delve deep into the world of skiing and snowboarding, exploring the unique features, benefits, and challenges of each sport. 

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Key Differences in Equipment

One of the most apparent differences between skiing and snowboarding lies in the equipment used. Skiers typically use two separate skis, poles for balance and propulsion, and boots with bindings that attach to the skis. Skis are designed to glide on snow, allowing skiers to navigate various terrains with ease.

On the other hand, snowboarders use a single board that is strapped to both feet. Snowboards come in various shapes and sizes, each suited for different riding styles and terrains. Unlike skis, snowboards require a sideways stance, with the rider’s feet perpendicular to the direction of travel.

The equipment differences between skiing and snowboarding also extend to the boots. Ski boots are rigid and provide excellent ankle support, allowing for precise control and stability. Snowboard boots, on the other hand, are softer and more flexible, providing comfort and freedom of movement.

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Differences in Technique and Style

Another significant aspect that sets skiing and snowboarding apart is the technique and style involved in each sport. Skiers use a technique called parallel skiing, where both skis are parallel to each other as they carve turns down the slope. This technique offers precision and control, allowing skiers to navigate challenging terrain and reach high speeds.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, requires a different set of skills. Snowboarders use a technique called carving, where they shift their weight from edge to edge to control their speed and direction. Additionally, snowboarders can perform various freestyle tricks, such as jumps, spins, and grabs, allowing for a more creative and expressive riding style.

The differences in technique and style between skiing and snowboarding offer unique experiences for enthusiasts of both sports. Skiers enjoy the grace and elegance of carving turns, while snowboarders revel in the freedom and creativity of freestyle riding.

Moreover, betting on skiing and snowboarding varies substantially in many ways. First of all, their respective disciplines vary significantly: skiing sports bets at Lottoland, for instance, may involve events like downhill racing, slalom events and cross-country races while snowboarding typically entails freestyle tricks, halfpipe competitions and slopestyle runs. Second, betting markets for each sport vary considerably in terms of options and odds available to bettors. Skiing often has more established betting markets with a wider array of individual and team events being covered. Snowboarding, on the other hand, tends to focus more heavily on high-profile events than skiing does. Furthermore, bettors’ strategies and analyses for each sport differ, thus impacting how bettors approach these activities and use betting markets. While both sports offer exciting betting opportunities for sports bettors alike, each has unique qualities that shape bettors’ approaches and options available to them.

Health and Fitness Benefits of Skiing and Snowboarding

Aside from the sheer enjoyment and adrenaline rush, skiing and snowboarding offer numerous health and fitness benefits. Both sports provide excellent cardiovascular exercise, as they require constant movement and engage multiple muscle groups.

Skiing, with its emphasis on balance and control, helps strengthen the core, leg muscles, and hips. It also improves flexibility and coordination, as skiers must navigate through varied terrain and changing snow conditions. Additionally, skiing offers a low-impact workout, making it suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, focuses on leg strength and balance. Riding a snowboard requires constant engagement of the legs, particularly the quadriceps and calf muscles. Additionally, snowboarding helps improve agility and reaction time, as riders need to quickly adjust to changes in terrain and navigate obstacles.

Both skiing and snowboarding provide an excellent full-body workout while enjoying the beauty of the winter landscape. Whether you prefer the rhythmic movements of skiing or the dynamic nature of snowboarding, both sports offer a fun and challenging way to stay active during the winter months.

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Accessibility and Learning Curve

So, is skiing or snowboarding easier for beginners? Accessibility and the learning curve are also important factors to consider when choosing between skiing and snowboarding. Skiing, with its more established infrastructure and widespread availability of ski resorts, is generally considered more accessible. Ski resorts often offer a variety of slopes, catering to skiers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, may have a steeper learning curve for beginners. The sideways stance and the coordination required to control the snowboard can take some time to master. However, with proper instruction and practice, beginners can quickly progress and enjoy the sport.

Both skiing and snowboarding require time and dedication to become proficient. However, with the right mindset and guidance, anyone can learn and excel in either sport.

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Cost Considerations

Cost is another important factor to consider when between skiing and snowboarding. Skiing tends to be slightly more expensive, as it requires the purchase or rental of skis, poles, boots, and other equipment. Lift tickets and ski lessons can also add to the overall cost.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, may have slightly lower equipment costs, as it only requires a snowboard, boots, and bindings. However, lift tickets and snowboard lessons can still add up, depending on the resort and location.

It is worth noting that the cost of skiing and snowboarding can vary significantly depending on the region, resort, and level of luxury desired. It is advisable to research and compare prices beforehand to find the best option that suits your budget.

The Verdict on Skiing vs. Snowboarding

After exploring the history, equipment, technique, health benefits, popularity, safety considerations, accessibility, cost, and various factors to consider, it is clear that there is no definitive answer to the question of which winter sport reigns supreme. Skiing and snowboarding each have their own merits and appeal to different individuals for various reasons.

Skiing, with its rich history and traditional appeal, continues to attract a large following worldwide. It offers a graceful and precise way to navigate the slopes, with a wide range of terrain and skill levels to cater to all enthusiasts.

Snowboarding, on the other hand, brings a rebellious spirit and freestyle tricks that have captured the hearts of many. It offers a dynamic and creative riding style that allows for self-expression and innovation.

Ultimately, the choice between skiing and snowboarding comes down to personal preference, individual goals, and the desire for new experiences. Whether you choose to hit the slopes on skis or a snowboard, the thrill and joy of winter sports are guaranteed. So, grab your gear, head to the mountains, and embrace the magic of the winter wonderland.