Last update: 3/03/21

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La Tania Snow Report 03 March 2021


The Outside Bar is open and there's a hint that the end of lockdown is in sight...


La Tania Snow Report 27 February 2021


Tim gets touring skis on and heads up to the top of the La Tania gondola for some "lunch"

followed by Folyeres fun - expertly guided by the ESF of course...


Tourist Office Guide, Bus Service, Business Openings, Medical Centre etc.

The Tourist Office Guide to all activities, events, business openings etc for Feb/March School Holidays


Free Resort Bus Timetable from 06 Feb 2021 until 07 Mar 2021 Timetable here
Free Resort Bus Timetable from 08 Mar 2021 until 05 Apr 2021 Timetable here
All the PROVISIONAL timetables and further information at


All Ski Area Activities for the February/March School Holidays
Ski Touring Routes for February/March Holidays now with a downhill Alpine Skiing slope!
Winter 2021 Resort Maps and Hiking / Footpath maps Download here...
Cross Country Skiing Guide
Courchevel 2020 / 2021 Brochure here
The Sherpa Supermarket in La Tania is open for the whole Winter season.
Pub Le Ski Lodge, Marmottons, Le Farçon, Les Chanterelles & Bistro Machet are now open in La Tania for takeaway service. A fairly accurate list of restaurants open across The 3 Valleys here
Pub Le Ski Lodge offer a click and collect service plus delivery across La Tania and Le Praz between 18:00 and 20:00 (allowed under the 18:00 curfew restrictions). Order online at


While some businesses have opened from the start of the season in order to support the local community (rather than make any money), a few others are opening for the half term holidays including:
Hotel Montana were planning to open on 20 January 2021, this is now on hold but they are running an outside bar below the terrace in the afternoons from Sunday 14 February.
Le Bouc Blanc snack bar hatch will be open from Monday 15 February to try and cash in on half term cross country skiers and hikers.
Restaurant 1928 (Roc Tania) on Col de la Loze is open from 7 February - a very welcoming takeaway drink when you've hiked, skinned all the way up there!
La Soucoupe near the top of Plantrey Chair and the Loze drags is open from 14 February offering a takeaway service.


The La Tania Medical Centre is open 16/19/23/26 February AM & PM by appointment only. Covid Vaccinations are being given to over 50s on 11 March 2021. Book via the Medical Centre, conditions apply.



Ski Tourers trekking up Lac Bleu to Chenus 17 Feb - that piste would normally be very busy going the other way!


Lift Opening Date...

Update 27/02/2021:

Whilst there have been some rumours of lifts opening in March after the school holidays, it's looking more likely there'll be a further lockdown in France with infection rates refusing to come down - weekend lock-downs in some areas areas of France are now being put in place. Borders however remain closed and vaccine uptake is not that quick (although over 50s being given it in La Tania on 11 March)and Brits won't be able to travel abroad until mid-May probably anyway. Here's to Winter 2022....


Update 15/02/2021:

Latest infection rates in France seem to have plateaued with between 16,500 and 25,000 infections every day over the last week (the original target was to get below 5,000 a day to allow lifts to run). Meanwhile the vaccination program has seen around 3m jabs in France (EU average 4m, UK 15m). Vaccine scepticism in France seems to reducing from the 60% who originally said they would NOT have the jab to nearer 40% now. More on opening dates here...



Fresh Snow on Sat 13 Feb (traditionally the worst transfer day of the season)



Pub Le Ski Lodge is Open For Takeaway On-Line (Taiga Cocktails too!)

Pub Le Ski Lodge in La Tania is now open for a click & collect or telephone takeaway service.
Open for collection from 11:30 to 14:30 and from 17:00 to 18:00 with a range of baguettes, snacks, burgers, main courses, deserts and a Children’s Menu. Drinks available all day
Full English Breakfast on Saturdays!
Delivery across La Tania & Le Praz from 18:00 to 20:00 (order by 19:30 please).
Closed on Mondays.



Lift Opening Dates... TBC

Brexit Travel Impications Article updated here

Update 03/02/2021:

Confirmation that ski lifts will not open during February. Resorts still hoping to welcome French families to the resorts over the school holidays for outdoor activities including hiking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Bars & Restaurants remain closed except for takeaway services.


Update 20/01/2021:

As we feared... This evening it was announced by Tourism Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne that lifts must remain closed for now and a “reopening in mid or late February seems highly improbable”.
Meanwhile resorts are technically open with an 18:00 curfew in place and bars & restaurants closed except for takeaway services. Shops & schools remain open and there are a host of outdoor activities available from skidoo adventures to fat bike and dog sledding. Cross country skiing and ski touring tracks are still being maintained.


Update 19/01/2021:

French newspaper Le Monde reporting that it is unlikely there will be any lifts opening in the French Ski Resorts for the February holidays as infection rates are still too high. A formal announcement is expected Wed/Thu 20/21 Jan but these leaks are usually correct.
Lift Companies / Resorts will need to make a decision on continuing maintenance, grooming, safety work, snow production & avalanche control for mountain access / ski touring or possible later opening. We’d expect the larger areas (and 3V is the biggest) to keep going and hoping...


Update 14/01/2021:

Further curfews / restrictions expected from Castex in speech tonight at 7pm... Now 6pm from Saturday!


Update 7/01/2021:

French PM Castex - "There will be no reopening of bars and restaurants before at least mid-February. There will be a point on January 20 to see if an early February reopening of theatres, cinemas, ski resorts and ski lifts is possible". The Prime Minister also announced that the border with the United Kingdom will remain closed until further notice and that the incredibly slow vaccination roll out will be sorted out. More here...
Meanwhile we've updated the Brexit Deal implications (EHIC Continues, No Visas, No Roaming Charges, Pets are Allowed, No International Driving Licence required, No passing on of camera speeding tickets etc).


Update 06/01/2021:

No announcement of ski lift opening in France before 13 January according to Le Dauphine in their article tonight here


Update 04/01/2021:

Italy and Austria have announced provisional opening dates of their ski lifts for 18 January 2021 but there is no official word from France and a further delay looks likely - although we stress there is nothing official.
Getting to France (or other Schengen countries) from the UK remains a challenge however, with an approved test, a signed Attestation doc with a valid reason and possibly proof for non-essential travel, an address where you are staying and a passport with 6 months left on it are the minimum requirements from the evidence we have seen/heard.


Update 02/01/2021:

The date of 7 January 2021 (if infections come down) is looking increasingy unlikely with a further French lockdown or local curfews predicted. An update is expected soon. A date of 20 January is possible (when the bars/restaurants closure is scheduled to end) but much will depend on infections rates and any spike from Christmas (and New Year raves etc).


Update 29/12/2020: Further Brexit Deal Implications

EHIC continues, no roaming charges, pets are allowed, no IDP needed, no short term visas required, free testing at Dover, an international French Travel Attestation and very limited checks at the border so far... (although airlines have been enforcing essential travel rules more than border control).
Brexit Travel Impications


Update 25/12/2020: Brexit Deal Agreed

Initial news on what this means for travel to France etc - Blog post here


Update 23/12/2020: UK Travel Ban "Relaxed"

Lorry Drivers, EU Nationals, Brits with residency in France and some professionals allowed back in to France with a negative test. How many EU Nationals will be able to get back for Christmas though now Macron has had his revenge is anyone's guess...


Update 22/12/2020: UK Travel Ban

Announcements expected today on testing protocols to allow lorry drivers in and French residents to return home.


Update 21/12/2020: UK Travel Ban

A UK to France travel ban for 48 hours (along with restrictions from another 30 countries) came in on Sunday night. Only route to France is via Spain we think - they haven't acted yet (but did in the end). French news are reporting that French Residents will be able to return from 22 Dec with a negative test result - this is still to be confirmed. Note that this doesn't mention essential travel or workers - just residents.
EU meeting today should provide further clarification. But this is bad news, struggling to stay positive this morning. Can't even go skiing in Scotland from England...

Update 18/12/2020: 7 Jan dependent on infections reducing

The date of 7 January 2021 is being bandied about as "official" but it is NOT as far as we are aware. There was always the caveat of infection rates to come down and hospital capacity to be available. Lots of activities and ski touring pistes, footpaths, sledge runs & cross country tracks are all being prepared for access from Sat 19 Dec - more here. Ice Diving on the Le Praz Lake has just been added today too!
Also social media is awash with the UK being banned from travelling to the EU from 1/1/21 as there are EU Covid Border Rules allowing only non-EU countries with very low rates (like NZ) in to the EU. However individual countries can do what they like and no one knows if the "essential travel only" would be checked/enforced anyway (it hasn't been so far since March) or even what would happen about flying via Geneva - With Sunday's news of course this is all immaterial anyway.


Update 14/12/2020: 7 January Opening?

Plenty of mainstream sites going with our 7th January lift opening story which was suggested by Castex but it is dependent on infection rates going down. However Germany have announced further lockdown measures until 10 January so of course France may follow (and all bars and restaurants are to remain closed in France until 20 Jan).


Update 10/12/2020: Curfew in France from 20:00 to 06:00

FRANCE From December 15th: Lockdown will be lifted, and trips out of the home will no longer require an essential reason or an attestation (permission form).
A curfew from 8pm to 6am will be introduced. Cinemas, theatres and other cultural centres, which had been scheduled to reopen on 15 December, will stay closed until at least 7 January.
Bars, restaurants and gyms will remain closed until at least 20 January, as planned.
Rules on religious services remain the same.
The curfew will be lifted on 24 December, but not on 31 December as had previously been suggested.
No mention of ski resorts but note "cinemas, theatres and other cultural centres will stay closed until at least January 7th". A further meeting with Mairies of ski resorts is scheduled tomorrow at 11:00 but probably more about what financial help will be on offer rather than any opening date being suggested.
More at:



No confirmed dates as yet but all hope of opening lifts during the Christmas holidays seem to have gone. Confirmation is expected in announcement on Wednesday after the appeals from the ski resorts but no expected change as Germany says the resort should close for the Christmas holidays. Some French restrictions are expected to be lifted on 15 December but it looks like bars and restaurants will be takeaway only until 20 January. There is some talk of 5 or 10 of Jan for ski lifts running but this is speculation and Macron did say infection rates must come down first (the 15 Dec date could be in doubt due to this, as infection rates are not coming down as fast as expected).
Courchevel has announced over 85 outdoor activities, events and entertainments to go ahead over the holidays on a Covid secure manner as they attempt to get people to come out and enjoy the resorts and mountains even if the lifts remain closed. More details here...
Courchevel Adventure will be offering the following activities from 19 December: Snowmobile driving - Dog Sledding - Ice Diving - Piste Basher Driving - Fatscoot - Children's Snowmobile Circuit - Segways - Biathlon Shooting - Archery - Paintball - Escape Games.
Similarly, Méribel will be offering a number of activities with all the footpaths from Lake Tuéda to the Altiport maintained and accessible. The Explor Games will take place around the Lake and all picnic areas will be open. The Shops, Equestrian Centre and Cinema will be open every day.
It has been confirmed that Ski Touring on certain routes in Courchevel selected in consultation with S3V will be allowed. This is so their work on maintenance and piste grooming can be carried out safely without endangering skiers. Certain slopes on the ski area will be authorised in addition to the Millet /Ski Touring tracks from Le Praz to Col de la Loze which will additionally open from 23 December every day 10:00 to 15:00 until the opening of the ski lifts. Further info here...


Ski Amis, VIP Ski and Alpine Elements call in the Administrators

No doubt as a direct consequence of no revenue through the peak Christmas Holidays due to the French Government closing the ski lifts until January it's sad news to all those who had stayed, worked or were going to in the future in these places.
Ski Amis (Catered chalets in La Tania, Les Menuires, La Plagne and Les Arcs plus plenty of self-catering places across the French Alps), VIP Ski (nothing in La Tania but catered chalets in Méribel) and Alpine Elements (ran Hotel Montana in La Tania and lots of properties across the French Alps plus Summer Holidays in Greece too)are now all in Administration.
Hotel Montana will be open this season with the owners family running it - More here...
Come-Ski who have a catered chalet in La Tania are taking a break for Winter 2020/2021 but will be back next season.
Silver-Ski are not operating for Winter 2020/2021. Their website seems to be permanently closed for maintenance so not sure if they will be back or not.
Meanwhile Hotel Pomme de Pin is being re-branded as Hotel La Pomme and is now part of the Maison Tournier group - expect the end of €11 Pizza, €5 Stella and €50 bottles of Veuve Clicquot - More here...


What's New for 2021 - The Definitive Guide

Part 1 - La Tania / Courchevel

Part 2 - Méribel / Mottaret

Part 3 - Val Thorens / Orelle / Les Menuires / St Martin


Emovis-Tag - Beat the Autoroute Toll Queues

The UK Site available to get your Tag and electronically pay for your French Autoroute Tolls without the queues during the school holidays - There's a €5 discount here


The 2023 Alpine Skiing World Championships in Courchevel & Méribel

Official Website on this massive event being held from 6th to 19th February 2023.


Explore The 3 Valleys Guide Without Skis

Lots of useful and interesting information in this Explore The 3 Valleys Guide Sans Les Skis


The 3 Valleys Escapade in a Day 2020 - The Height of Everest Twice!

The toughest recreational skiing day ever? The Winter 2020 attempts now in the Hall of Fame
Chris, Katie & Matt 31 Dec 2019 - last one of the decade & first one of the season More here...
Leon, Klemen and Maxi: Les Cremes de Marrons 04 Jan 2020 - From Val Thorens More here...
Pascal 05 Jan 2020 - This one from Orelle. Col was closed so some added lifts in place More here...
Tamás Ocsovai 08 Jan 2020 - Tamás from Hungary started/finished from Val Thorens More here...
Andy & Kyle 11 Jan 2020 - La Tania veteran Andy along with Kyle redo the La Tania route. More here...
Phil, Bradley, Jordan & Brooke 15 Jan - A great family day out. More here...
Oliver, Martin & Zoe 16 Jan 2020 - Oliver's second time for the challenge. More here...
Mr & Mrs Slippery + Neil 18 Jan 2020 - More old people with the help of youngsters. More here...
Simon and Bethan 21 Jan 2020 - La Tania regulars finally get their finger out. More here...
Al, Pete and Jack 27 Jan 2020 - At the third time of trying finally succeed. More here...
The Waterfield Family 22 Feb 2020 - Ian, Anna, Beth & Jenny (under 10!) make it in Feb! More here...
Jan, Paul & Matthew 08 Mar 2020 - Turned out to be last attempt of the season, well done! More here...
The 3 Valleys Escapade in a Day - come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...


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