First Lift Crew

The locals who got up first

TC Talks - The Saisonnaire Diary from 2000 is here
T Wall and Sam - 15 December 2007 - First lift ever (and also a first for Mutzig Dave and Big Steve....)
Updated at last 2006/7 - First and Last Times of the season:
Dec 16 - First Day, Nic & Joey plus Toffa made an appearance.
Mar 31 - Toffa, Saturday on his own, freshies...



1999/2000 - Season Record

Apr 12 - Neecol and sister Shelly - keen types

Apr 8 - Jaques, Ali keeping it going through the end of season madness

Apr 2 - TC, Dan, Toffa, Ali, Jacques first up (and last down at 5:30pm)

Mar 30 - Toffa on his own, let down by loose talk at 2am but ripped up Lanches 4 times before anyone else.

Mar 28 - Helen, Dan and James - first down through the trees under Lanches chair.

Mar 27 - Fresh snow so it's back on - Toffa, Jules (first time), Nicole, Jonnie and Dan. A full on powder day after all that sunshine.

Mar 13 - Nick and Fleet, having a large day over at Les Menuires...

Mar  10 - Tim from the Pub and Jodie the Dutch boarder made it for the first time ever - respect!

Mar 9 - Fleet, on his own...

Mar  5 - TC and Toffa, beautiful day, quiet first thing and superbly groomed runs allowed a top speed of 97.4 km/h to be attained (according to the GPS).

Mar 1 and 2 - Full turn out, Fleet, Toffa, Julia, Nicole, James etc - we trashed the red before anyone else.....

Feb 19 - Most of France this week queuing for the first Gondola. Some locals involved - credit to Nicole, Julia and a few other local boarders who pushed to the front.

Feb 12 - This week belongs to James (aka Leeds), probably made it twice to the first gondola in three days despite working and playing hard. Started  turning now...

Jan 18 -  Toffa, James, Dan, John etc on Tuesday all in the queue for 9am (only Toffa and James made the absolute first bubble though).