La Tania Medical Centre

Doctor Joncquiert-Latarjet

In the case of a skiing accident the choice of Doctor and/or Medical Centre rests entirely with the trauma patient. As a "LA TANIA" patient you are entitled to request to be taken to the Medical Centre of La Tania for treatment. Obviously in an emergency situation the immediate care of the patient is the priority and the nearest appropriate centre or helicopter is used. Piste Rescue +33 (0)479 08 99 00
La Tania Medical Centre +33 (0)479 08 29 60


La Tania Medical Centre Inter-Season Opening Hours April / May 2017

April 18,19 and 21
May 2,5,6,9,13,16,18,20,22,26 and 27
Home visits, consultations and appointments call +33 (0)479 08 29 60. Emergencies dial 112.
Doctor Ernotte, an emergency practitioner and fluent English speaker will assist Doctor Joncquiert-Latarjet and ocassionally Doctor Lefevbre, a 25 years experienced trauma doctor. Thanks to these colleagues Doctor Joncquiert-Latarjet will be able to open the Medical Centre every day during the 2016 / 2017 Winter Season.


Situated in the building between Hotel Montana and the Gondola Station Ticket Office, the centre has the following services available:


Médecin Généraliste / General Practioner Médecin Urgentiste / Accident and Emergency Doctor
Specialized in multiple-trauma, alpine & high altitude medicine with more than 15 years of experience in Public Hospital and Private Clinics in the Alps.
Four years of experience in the Savoie Mountain Heli-Rescue and speaks excellent English too.



La Tania Medical Centre

In the morning a telephone operator will take appointments by telephone. A secretary or a nurse will take charge in the afternoon. All emergencies will be accepted but we will try to see patients with an appointment as soon as possible.
Fully equipped with X-Ray equipment, stitching equipment as well as oxygen, nitrogen protoxyde, ventilation appliances and drip apparatus.
Plaster cast and thermo-orthésis can be performed on site.
Assistance can be given in case there is a need of transfer and repatriation through your private insurance.
Cabinet Médical de la Tania
Batiment la Grandzeta
Centre Station
La Tania 73125
Tel +33 (0)479 08 29 60




Doctor Joncquiert-Latarjet is an experienced climber and mountaineer - the top right is a picture at 7400m on Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the World at 8516m and part of the Everest massif.


Looks like our doctor rips on skis too - we hope to get her on a video snow report soon...


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