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La Tania - WHAT'S ON


Bar Guide

The La Tania pub crawl - quick guide

This will involve starting at the top of the Lanches 4-man chair at Restaurant 1928 (was Roc Tania), a ski down to the big rock and then a short climb up to Bagatelle (was Chenus), although you're unlikely to get in here unless you've pre-booked, look beautiful or stupidly rich. Then ski to La Soucoupe, and traverse around and through netting down to Le Bouc Blanc.
Then down to the resort and in time for Happy Hour at Pub Le Ski Lodge (have 2 here it's the best value) and then next door to the Saveurs des Alpes for a minature bottle of Genepi.
Down to the Sherpa Supermarket for some cans, more minatures from La Tania Gift Shop, a quickie in La Fermee de La Tania / Les Chanterelles before a red wine in Bistro Machet followed by a relaxing quiet beer in Hotel Montana (or play pool or video games).


Then down the lift and across the road for cocktails in La Taiga - and obviously the hitch to Dicks T-Bar (was named O'Sullivans, now named Sully's) stopping at Lodge du Village in Méribel Village on the way and get stranded there at 6 in the morning.
Well that's 14 for starters - before you even get to Méribel....



Bars in La Tania:

Pub Le Ski Lodge is the main bar and social centre of life in La Tania. Drinks include Guiness, IPA, Heinekin, Moretti, Amstel and a draught Cider plus a guest craft beer is normally available. Try the evil Absenthe, Genepi and Chartreuse for a quick hit and don't forget the infamous Ski Lodge Cocktail (ask the staff for details). Smirnoff Ice, Budweiser, Corona etc also available - Of course it's Jäger Bomb Heaven and the de rigueur Flavoured Vodkas (not just toffee) are available plus the mandatory ubiquitous choice of Gins has caught on here too. Tim's Taco Shack opens for breakfast baguettes every morning from 09:00 (full English served inside on Saturday and Sunday mornings 10:00 - 11:30).
Decent prices, good food and big party nights make this a place you'll spend a lot of time in. Be there on a Tuesday for the biggest night of the week (it's chalet girls day off tomorrow) when bands playing have included The Dominos, Ska Wars, The Loud Hailers, The Cheerleaders (Sunset Sons), Les Trois Tetes, Live Wire, Super Fly (The Feeling), Four Play, Dr Bruce, Bring Your Sisters, a bit of Bjorn Again & Shibboleth performing to a rowdy crowd from 10:30pm. Happy Hour every day from 4pm to 6pm and Aprés bands from 5pm Wed/Thu/Fri.
All the live sports events are on satellite TV including all Sky Premiership games plus BT Sport / Pay Per View stuff & some live 3pm Saturday kickoffs sometimes too - but beware the clashes with the Rugby! The SSSC (Sad Saturday Soccer Club) meet there every Saturday tea time to watch the football results coming in on the videprinter.... Add in the theme nights, drinks promos, Toss the Boss and don't forget Cash or Breast too!


La Taiga (referred to as The Tiger) the upmarket lounge bar for the older more sophisticated crowd in La Tania - nice cocktails in a chilled out place with leather sofas, glass tables and a warm fire. Always an IPA on draft and a great cocktails of the day. Still can be very lively and very packed on band and party nights though. Top modern, Savoyard food upstairs with a great snack menu in the afternoon 15:00-18:00. The restaurant is open from 18:30 to 22:00.


Hotel Montana has a spacious bar area in the foyer of the hotel with sofas and a relaxed atmosphere. Pool and Video Games are available downstairs and free cake served in the afternoons! Live music once a week plus quiz nights too.


Bistro Machet - Now more restaurant based but drinkers congregate on the terrace at Aprés. As well as the restaurant there is now Burger Machet on the roof next to the piste.


La Ferme / Chanterelles is more of a restaurant too but drinks in the late afternoon sunshine on their terrace are an alternative viewing point to watch skiers returning from the slopes.


Bars and Clubs further afield:

Trips to Dicks T-Bar (now Sully's and was O'Sullivans but always Dicks to the veterans) night club in Méribel at 1am (they're open 'til 6) are quite popular - not so the getting back however, it's easy to get stranded. This can be preceded with a quick Méribel pub crawl taking in Jacks, The Tav, Fifty 50, Evolution, Barometer, The Pub, The Ice Café, Meribar, Le Poste, L'Abrevoir Copina or whatever's opened, shut or renamed since your last visit....
Le Rond Point above Méribel is of course a compulsory stop on any proper Après Ski itinerary. Watching the live bands at 5pm every day then skiing down in the dark in December, in marginal conditions with the snow cannons blowing hard after too many toffee vodkas is all part of the Ronnie Experience..... Usually easy to get a taxi back to La Tania at 7pm from the square near the Tav (except on a Saturday) - around €60 for 6 people.


The Hotel Courcheneige was a regular stopping off point above 1850 when the new Australian owners took over in 2010. Pints of Stella for €5 and bottles of Veuve Cliquot Champagne for €50 and a cheap buffet made it a bargain for on-mountain drinking in 1850. We even had our own La Tania Bean Bag Corner... Unfortunately it was taken over by French owners and the prices (and service) reverted to type for Courchevel 1850. On a bad weather day in 2017 we saw 7 staff manning the outdoor bar (obviously no one was outside) yet no one was available to take our order on the sofas inside...
Improvements followed and they branded it Waikiki followed by Grizzly Burger (pretty good burgers) with ouside bar and snack bar. The restaurant isn't stupidy expensive (but certainly not cheap!) like some above 1850 and the pizza is very good.



The Aussies have now bought the Hotel La Pomme des Pins just above the Chabichou below the Courchevel Stade - a sunnry terrace, good value buffet and reasonable beer and champagne prices - It instantly becoming a regular place to stop once again... Check out the Vertigo Bar for great views upstairs, a log fire, sofas and a service button to order your beer - the pizzas are good and excellent value here too.

However again...

For Winter 2021 it is now rebranded La Pomme and now comes under the Maison Tournier umbrella which will probably mean an end to the good value food & drink.

However again, again...

It's been gutted and partially knocked down - the derelict buliding standing right next to the very exclusive Chabichou. Still in this state for December 2023 - must be 18 months now.


La Folie Douce in Méribel opened for Winter 2013 with the same formula as it's Val Thorens (and others) formula. Like a cabaret show plus cool DJs, expensive drinks and food with too cool for school Saisonnaires & Punters - but somehow it all works. The sound system is quality and the party atmosphere generated every day makes it a must visit at least once in a 6 day holiday. Even if it is just to watch people pretending to enjoy themselves in the VIP area, constantly taking selfies trying desperatley to dance in time with the DJ as they drink stupidly priced (minimum spend) drinks with (allegedly) Russian gangsters and their young "girlfriends".
Lodge Du Village in Méribel Village under new management from Winter 2015 still has plenty of lively Après ski and a great place for a lunch on the sunniest balcony in The Three Valleys too. Apres out on the terrace now in a heated, covered area.
The Jump in Courchevel 1850 was a popular spot (especially at lunchtimes) with La Tania locals - although new management and non return of young Jim was always going to mean a change of scene and sadly there is no more of a bar scene here.
However - new for Winter 2022 is The Gatekeeper. Almost affordable (for 1850) draught beers inc Guiness plus a dartboard and a proper London Pub feel.


Le Bubble, The Funky Fox, Rockies (or the rebuilt Signal for the always available evil Mutzig lager) in 1650, Chanrossa in 1550 and Le Darbello in 1300 (Le Praz) are other popular haunts.
The Drop-Inn (now Le Jardin for Winter 2021 and now La Descent) and The Cave des Lys Wine Bar (now changed with a more restaurant type feel in 2022) in Le Praz have been compulsory refreshment stops since 2010. The Drop Inn from the Pleisure guys was popular with Saisonnaires with TV Sport and Pool while the Cave des Lys was a great spot for some wine and nibbles. The Pizzeria is now L'Elephant with the stable formula or live music, pub food, decent pizza and TV Sport continuing.
Also worth mentioning is Hotel Les Peupliers in Le Praz - simply the best Vin Chaud ever. Automatically makes you start singing after 3 of them... (although a change of owner in 2022 has sadly ended this legendary drink).


La Boulotte owned by the infamous Katie was a compulsory stop in 1650 - great crack, good lunch food & breakfast baps at reasonable prices with occasional bands at Après Ski too - famously rammed on Après evenings for Bring Your Sisters. A fire in the hotel above the bar in March 2011 caused this place to close down for almost a year, however it re-opened on 13 Feb 2011 and is back to it's best with some crazy Après ski nights and food better than ever.
Now The Pelican with a similar vibe, some apres ski and bar food.
The Frog and Roastbeef is the British pub in Val Thorens and claims to be the highest pub in Europe. Good place to refuel on a quick pint and something with chips when you're doing the full Three Valleys tour - or do the yard of ale and get stranded there. Always a lively Après scene here.
TC's Bar in Tignes, Lavachet is another haunt as former La Tania resident and legend TC opened up his own drinking den in December 2000 - featured in the ski brochures back then but with the Rail Jam, Tennis Tournament, Big Biking Day Out, Ski Picnics etc it's an established part of the Tignes scene.
Brewskis in St Martin de Belleville was a great place to stop for lunch when heading over to the third valley but unfortunately it is now no more.... Memories of the fun (& gorgeous) staff, a great terrace, draught Stella and Hoegaarden (that cloudy stuff), their famous curry pies and that night in the jacuzzi with the toffee vodka will last forever....
The loss of Evolution and the original Jack's Bar in 2018 was partially fixed with the return of Jack's where Meribar was near La Chadanne in 2020. New for Winter 2023 is a Jack's Bar in the centre of Les Menuires.


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Restaurant Guide

Eating out in La Tania:

The Ski Lodge is excellent value for money with big helpings and tasty pub food. See the Restaurant Review below. Menu here


Le Farçon has gone well upmarket isince it first opened with some really fancy dishes and was awarded (and maintained) a Michelin Star in 2006 since chef Julien returned from Le Bateau Ivre - well worth a splurge, see review below.


La Taiga Great cocktail bar downstairs and great food upstairs - a sort of modern Savoie twist. Cod and Duck dishes are superb (as is the Lamb). See review below. Menu here


La Ferme now merged with Les Chanterelles offers great local specialties including Fondue Savoyarde (with cheese), Raclette (toasted cheese with potato and ham), Tartiflette (bacon potato and cream) and Fondue Bourguignonne (with beef) - Order a sack of new potatoes on the side too! Menu here


Les Chantarelles which is part of La Ferme specialises in Crepes both savoury and sweet.


Les Marmottons has a cozy atmosphere with varied Savoyarde fare, steaks and very good pizza. Always a warm welcome and nice vibe.
Bistro Machetup-market, small menu, mostly French type dishes. Chocolate Mousse is excellent.


Hotel Montana under the management of Ambra and Téodorehas many half board guests but the restaurant is open to non-residents. Savoyarde night on a Friday!




Takeaway options in La Tania:

Saveurs des Alpes
Next to Le Farçon restaurant is La Tania's Delicatessen. It's the place for picnic lunches, hot homemade meals to go such as the lasagne & tartiflette plus rotisserie chickens, a selection of local cheeses, charcuterie, wine, sadwiches and good pizzas too.
Snow Food is now a 24 hour pizza machine (we kid you not).


The Bakery is currently closed but fresh bread and croissants are available from Le Sherpa.
The Sherpa Supermarket is also handy for quick snacks and is now open all day, every day, non-stop from 07:30 - 20:00.






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Nic the Greek's (completely unbiased) Three Valleys Restaurant Review

Some more please Nic (or send your own to



1. Pub Le Ski Lodge - La Tania

No better value in the Three Valleys. Big, big helpings of speciality burgers, ribs, chilli, tandoori, steaks, pasta and vegetarian dishes. There's always a daily special dish and the soup at lunchtime on cold days is fantastic. They'll do a group of you a hot rock or fondue with as much salad, chips and wine as you can manage for a decent price. Check out their web site at for the full menu.


2. Le Brasero - Tignes, Lavachet

Outstanding, can't say any more! Le Brasero for more details. NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT


3. La Chrismamara - Mottaret

Situated at the foot of the slopes next to the "Down Town Bar". Open all day serving panninis, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, chips, omelets, beers etc. Good value fast service to be found here but with the usual lack of charm that only the French so superbly deliver! However if your looking for a fast eat and a sunny south facing terrace (yes I have a burnt nose) then La Chrismamara is quite possibly the place for you.


4. La Taiga - La Tania

Situated across the main road in La Tania. Relaxed cocktail bar downstairs with restaurant upstairs, modern Savoie fare plus generous inventive salads. Delicious onion jam with the Fois Gras and really tasty Venison. Home made deserts are definitely worth leaving some room for. Traditional Fondue, Raclette and Hot Rock options too. The menu is at
La Taiga skiers lunch is a good option on a bad weather day, less crowded than main areas with three course menu skieur for €18, 2 courses €15 or Plat du Jour only €11.90 in 2018. For example Lentil soup to start with, Steak and Chips with an Apple tart to finish.


5. Lodge du Village - Méribel Village

Excellent Italian Cuisine, choose from fresh Pastas, Pizzas, Salads and authentic Italian dishes. The Lamb shank is to die for and the steaks are superb. Try the pizza with raw spinach sprinkled on top - different but very tasty. A lively lounge bar on the first floor has a happy hour every day and regular live music. See their web site at for details.


6. La Tsaretta - Les Allues

Nice menu including pizzas, steaks and local specialties. Theme nights (usually on a Friday) include Fish & Chips, Curry, Chinese etc. Good atmosphere, occasional live music, friendly English staff and they can even organise free transport for you too. NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT AND "MONKEY" CHEF FROM THE ROND POINT IS THERE. GREAT REPORTS, RECOMMENDED.


7. The Jump Bar - Courchevel 1850

A favourite spot for lunch in the centre of 1850 below the Hotel de la Croisette. Large salads, sandwiches and chips for lunch are good value (especially for 1850) and they always have the latest English newspapers. I particularly enjoyed the Lasagne and they do some great thick soups too.


8. Le Farçon - La Tania

The food here went very upmarket from 2006 when a Michelin Star was first awarded and the restaurant was extended replacing the old Bar L'Arbatt. There's a tasting menu for around €60 which goes on and on and on. This includes lots of small, delicate portions with some unbelievable flavours. Some of the dishes we've enjoyed are king prawns with scrambled egg, lamb medallions on a bed of creamed carrots, local fresh water fish in cream and snails with very strong garlic ice cream! Worth a splurge and the lunchtime set menu is a good deal for the quality being offered. The Michelin Star has been retained for 13 years.


9. Chateau de Feissons - 12km from Moûtiers

You can see the Chateau from the main dual carriageway up on the left hand side as you drive from Albertville to Moûtiers. The not very classy red neon sign of a plate with knife & fork can be seen on top of one of the turrets! It is a fantastic setting and the restaurant is in a large hall with uniformed staff - but not too stuffy and they're helpful if you're struggling with your French. The food is wonderfully French and not as expensive as the setting would make you think - a great place to impress someone. NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT


10. Le Coq Rouge - Moûtiers

One of the best kept secrets of The Three Valleys. Situated near the cathedral, look for the sign down the alley way, This restaurant is superb value for money with top notch food. Excellent value set menu at lunch or dinner and try the bargain quality house wine.


11. The Zig Zag - Méribel Mottaret, near Plattieres bottom gondola station

Great value 3 course lunch here for €15. Well worth finding this place, must try it in the evening some time too. Plat du Jour's always look very tasty and staff are welcoming and friendly.


12. Le Plantin - En route to Méribel Village

The whole place was re-built and re-opened in December 2006, the table top cooking of your steaks and the party atmosphere with Chalet Girls dancing on the tables has not returned - it's a lot more up market now. Great food, but not cheap at all - excellent steaks though and service can be a bit hit and miss.


13. The Frog and Roastbeef - Val Thorens, on the top road, high up

The highest pub in Europe with good value English style pub food. Small terrace outside for sunny days and plenty of room inside for bad weather days when the soup, burgers and steaks really come in to their own. NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (but still good).


14. Pizza Express - Méribel

Situated above the famous Dick's T Bar night club with regular live music. Pizzas and most menu items similar to the UK but always seems a smaller portion and more expensive - or is it the drinks bill that causes that? Can be fairly wild with table dancing when there's a Beatles tribute band on or a real chill out experience when a laid back pianist is providing background music. CLOSED - NOW "THE DEN"


15. Brewskis - St Martin de Belleville

Another sad loss for lunch from the Three Valleys as now only open in the evenings but with live music and events on many nights can be a great night out.
From past trips: A warm welcome and Chicken Curry Pie after the lovely ski down - what better! Also daily specials, more pies, great burgers, Stella beer, a pool table and a sunny terrace. It's easy to get stuck down here and miss the last lifts back!!! The new 8 seater gondola makes getting back so much quicker now - check out for more details. NOW CLOSED


16. The Bubble - 1650

Always been a popular spot for many years, great for a quick baguette / panini and now plates of Nachos & Chilli, perfect for a quick refuel over on the 1650 Moriond side. TV Sport & Live Music plus plenty of theme nights too. If only they could get the delicious Hot Mulled Cider that they had a few years ago back on...


17. La Ferme - La Tania

We always seem to end up having meat and cheese fondues here. Not sure why, maybe it's because there's always someone who hasn't had one and you've got to experience it on a ski holiday at least once! They are good though with large helpings, great bags of spuds and value for money. Tasty salads and decent wine prices too. Website here


18. Le Bouc Blanc - Above La Tania

Just above La Tania and handy for non-skiers who can gain access via the gondola and enjoy lunch up there on the sunny terrace with great views. Excellent value, tasty set menus and the Plat du Jour changes daily - usually excellent especially with the Dauphinoise Potatoes. The omelets are huge and a good buy, but prices have creeped up in recent years. Plat du Jour up from €12.50 to €18.90 from 2012 to 2020.


19. Chalet de Caron - Val Thorens

A big self service place towards the bottom of the big main piste below VT. Huge terrace with a room through the back of the main restaurant area where you can often find a spare table. Often very busy and quite a queue but generous portions (although not cheap) with the Lasagne particularly good (but €14 in 2016). Full menu on their website


20. Le Bel Air - Above 1650, top of gondola

Fantastic stepped, sunny terrace, always busy and booking recommended. Fairly pricey Plat du Jour and house plonk. Savoie menu - not your burgers and chips place but always something tasty on the menu. Worth it for the terrace anyway and access via the gondola for non-skiers too. Loaded Hot Chocolate with Cognac a fairly reasonable €6.60 in Jan 2012 (often €10 or more around 1850).


21. La Casserole - Above 1650, bottom of Signal Chair

Large sunny terrace, good pasta dishes and omelets. Savoie fayre in the main and not too madly expensive even when sitting down inside the old building - some fascinating pics on the walls. New Gourmet Burger section added from Winter 2014.


22. Le Saint Roch - Bozel

With quite an ex-pat community living down in Bozel this is becoming a popular meeting, drinking and eating place. Great terrace in the Summer and good atmosphere with some delicious pizzas - just get extra hot sauce on them!


23. Hotel Telemark - La Tania

The Bar is now open from 3pm every day, pizza takeaway from 5pm and the Bistro from 7pm. Bar snacks, draught Stella and TV sport with occasional live music. Good modern bistro menu, book a table on 0479 226471. NO LONGER OPERATING AS A HOTEL / RESTAURANT FROM WINTER 2020


24. FaceWest - Val Thorens

The Club Sandwich and chips is good quality, a big portion and decent value for money. The rest of the menu is a bit overpriced to be honest. Very central situation at piste side in VT though.

25. La Boulotte - 1650

aka Katie’s. Compact bar/restaurant serving home cooked specials (Tandoori Wrap and the Soup of the day are our favourites). Owner Katie and Dog (Cubbie) are "characters" in this popular Saisonnière haunt which manages to cram live music in at Après Ski too.

25. Courcheneige Hotel - On Piste above 1850 near Pralong Chair / Top of Bellecote Drag

We were first in here in December 2017 under the new management and thought it was reasonably priced with good pizza even if service was a bit slow (but as first customers this was understandable). However by January the prices had shot up and service had reverted to type for Courchevel 1850. Disappointing. Seasonnaire discounts are now available making it a bit more affordable for some and they'ver rebranded the outside to Waikiki Bar to try and create some Après vibe.


26. Le Clos Bernard - New in Winter 2016

Le Clos Bernard (ski in to the forest at the bottom of the Loze Express chair and follow the signs) deserves a mention for their Wednesday night offering with a huge traditional Savoyarde meal plus Cheeses, Genepi, Coffee, Vin Chaud etc for €49 including a torch-lit walk to the Blanchot bus stop!
It really is a stunning setting. Lunch from 12:00-16:30, mains from around €25 with the 1Kg Côte de Boeuf for two at €79 (2017).


27. La Pomme de Pin - 1850

Just above the Chabichou below the Courchevel Stade Piste with a large sunny terrace and large bar and restaurant inside (plus the lounge area above too). Ex-owners of the Courcheneige Hotel and famous for its €6 pints of Stella (and €50 bottles of Veuve Cliquot Champagne). The Skiers Menu includes the buffet plus soup, main course and dessert trolley - well worth a splurge... Cheapest Pizza in Courchevel 1850 for sure from €11,50 (2019). NOW LA POMME FOR WINTER 2021 - PRICES EXPECTED TO RISE


28. La Chabotté - 1850

Part of the Chabichou situated underneath the piste but with an affordable 3 course quality set meal - the sandwich deal however is where the smart people go - huge Ham & Cheese or Chicken Salad baguettes for €5 available. Summer 2017 prices. NOW A LOUNGE / BAR / RESTAURANT FOR WINTER 2020


29. Nammos - On Piste near Biollay

Great setting, sunny terrace and beautiful staff (the guys pretending they're Presidential Secret Service Security) but ridiculously over priced. 2017 - Draft 50cl €15 so we haven't been back.


30. Le Manchu - Meribel on piste above Rhodos I and the Rond Point

Good sunny spot and decent food, but fairly expensive. Large wine selection and a good Sunday Brunch offered too. 2018 - Draft 50cl €9, Caesar Salad €23, Aberdeen Angus Burger €27.


31. Copina Courchevel - 1650

Tapas type menu in this new spot in 1650 for Winter 2019 following the success of their similar place in Meribel. Small place with friendly staff and well presented, tasty food. Not one of the cheapest options in 1650 but worth a trip there every now and then.




Other favourites out of resort to be added

More reports to follow or email your own in...
Azimut (Michelin Star at affordable prices in Le Praz), Le Refuge, La Taverne, Le Cro Magnon, Le Darbello, Le Boa A Mil, Le Blanchot, etc etc...



Other Mountain Restaurants

On the mountain, Roc Tania (now Restaurant 1928) and Le Bouc Blanc above & around La Tania tend to be cheaper than those on the 1850 & Méribel sides of the ski area. Chenus is under new management for 2020 (Bagatelle) and is not longer a value for money place, just a typical 1850 rip off (great view though).
Don't be surprised at paying more than £20 for a gin & tonic in a smart chalet type restaurant above 1850 towards the Altiport... Check out our Value For Money in The Three Valleys page.
For cheaper options when out skiing shoot down to the baguette shop in Courchevel 1850, Mama Mia in 1650, Le Rond Point snack bar in Méribel, Fast Food in Mottaret (and similar in Val Thorens) and Dahlia in St Martin de Belleville for a reasonably priced sandwich/burger/pasta/chips and beer. The Ski Lodge in La Tania and Lodge du Village in Méribel Village are great places for lunch on a sunny day with South facing sheltered terrace and balcony. Check out our Value For Money in The Three Valleys page




After a season out here - it's strange what you miss sometimes....


En route to Tignes: At Bourg St Maurice - almost exactly half way around 40 minutes from La Tania.


En route to Geneva: In Albertville at junction 30, again around 40 minutes on the turn off to Annecy and also about 8km south of Annecy near the lake. There is a further one in Annecy on the Bourg en Brasse road near a big Decathlon and Intersport - well worth a look for cheap gear.


En route to Chambéry: You'll pass the 2 in Albertville (J30 and J26) and there's one in Chambéry too plus a KFC near the airport!


En route to Lyon: As Chambéry above - plus there's one between the airport turn off and the Lyon ring road Autoroute. There's a big retail park here with an IKEA (often 30% cheaper than the UK - but note it's closed on Sundays).


En route to St Etienne: As Lyon above plus the one at the entrance to the airport - there's nothing much at all inside the terminal building, so it's quite handy.
Finally, I can just remember there's a drive thru on the way to Chamonix when you pass through Morzine.


Check out our Value For Money in The Three Valleys page


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