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Detailed 3-Day Mountain Weather Forecast


Courchevel Detailed Forecast and Daily Avalanche Bulletin
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La Tania Weather Station from

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Forecast for La Tania from Météo France and usually spot on for the next 3 Days
Official Avalanche Bulletin for the Savoie region from Météo France.
Meteoblue detailed forecast for Méribel - one of the better ones 48 hour and 7 day forecast for La Tania plus snow alerts / SMS messages
6 Day snow forecast from - often optimistic, note altitude of forecast
Ski Club of GB snow reports also has a useful overview of snow around Europe
Ski Club Overview of Snow around Europe and North America
Europe surface pressure charts from the UK Met Office
Next 6 days snowfall map of the Alps from
Satellite image and animation of France from Météo France
Isobar map and animation GFS models showing forecasted systems across Europe


Satellite forecast for precipitation, temps, wind etc from

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Now this all gets a bit technical... GFS Forecasts

These are GFS (Global Forecast System) ensembles which are models from different weather prediction systems produced at the same time. This graph is for La Tania (or at least 45 degrees Latitude, 6 degrees Longitude which is pretty close). Updated every 6 hours or so.
Bottom lines are precipitation and top lines are temperature forecast at around 1450m (850hPa, the altitude depends on pressure). La Tania base is approximately 1400m.
Red is a 30 year average. Blue is the control line. Gray is a consolidation.
When the lines are all close together the forecast should be more accurate - for snow look for peaks downwards heading below zero from the top lines and peaks upwards from the bottom lines, showing the forecasted amount of snow.
GFS Model Ensembles


Alternative Spaghetti / Wiggly Charts here - centred on La Tania




GFS Pressure Forecasts


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La Tania Weather & Snow Forecast from Meteo France

Link to full La Tania Forecast



Detailed Avalanche Bulletin from Meteo France NB: We're in The Vanoise sector


Note Risk Levels 1 to 5

1=Faible   2=Limité   3=Marqué   4=Fort   5=Très Fort

1=Low   2=Moderate   3=Considerable   4=High   5=Very High


Ortovox Avalanche Safety Guide | BMC Avalanche Awareness Guide






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