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Thu 06 Jun 2024
Must-known tips that will make your skiing experience more fun

Since you’re reading this, you may have come to the conclusion that skiing is a thrilling mountain activity to try. That’s for sure, but what if we told you that you get some immeasurable benefits when taking powder turns through a tree run? That’s right skiing is a workout for both the body and the […]

Wed 29 May 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Greig Lloyd, Paul Aitken and Adam Hemming

03 February 2025 Better late than never… Having had an unsuccessful attempt in 2023 (black run in Orelle being an icy mogul field, plus a snowboarder in our midst) we gave it another go in 2024.  Starting at Pointe De La Masse in Les Menuires with the first lift up and ending on Bettex with […]

Thu 23 May 2024
What to do after ski injury in your lower body, the most exposed region to ACL

The knees bear the brunt of any skiing accident. Being the most abused body part when sliding on the slopes, this sport is not kind to your knees, which is a fact you come to terms with in the pursuit of the snowboard’s adrenaline.  Numerous studies point to the outer knee as the body region […]

Tue 21 May 2024
7 Exciting Activities on the Mountains for When You’re Not Skiing

A trip to the mountains for a skiing adventure is going to encompass a lot more than just strapping on the skis and hitting the slopes. There will be plenty of skiing downtime involved with the trip, which provides a chance to explore other exciting activities. There is so much to do at these remote locations, so they […]

Sat 11 May 2024
Ex La Tania Resident Band The Feeling Still At It!

After 19 years as The Feeling (and several as Superfly before that) with their 7th studio album just released, their UK tour hit Newcastle University last night. They played all the hits – possibly 8 tracks from their first album 12 Stops and Home – plus a little bit of new stuff including the thought […]

Tue 07 May 2024
Keeping your data and devices safe when you’re out and about

There’s no denying that as a society, we have become increasingly reliant on technology in our daily lives, and this reliance is also noticeable when travelling. We now have smartphones, tablets, and wearables as essential travel companions, and use myriad apps and tech services to make our way through the world.If you find yourself lost […]

Popular Ski-Themed Online Casino Games

Skiing, alongside snowboarding, are popular winter sports in the UK. As a matter of fact, the United Kingdom ranks third among the top European nations with people who love to ski, with approximately 6.3 million skiers.  But, if you want to be part of this amazing community and you don’t have instant access to one of the […]

Tue 30 Apr 2024
Become a pro skier: Tips to improve your skiing abilities

Acquiring a new skill is a fun but also challenging process, and this is especially true when we are talking about learning how to ski. Whether you want to enhance your abilities on the slopes or are starting from zero experience, skiing is not the easiest sport you can try. Skiing is a challenging and […]

Wed 17 Apr 2024
End of season fresh snow…

La Tania turned all white overnight but very few ventured out first thing on Wednesday morning with poor visibility hampering progress. This meant working out where the fresh snow lay on a good base or was just thinly covering bare ground (or a hybrid slush/frozen ground combo).

Why Businesses Need Custom Logistics Solutions to Succeed

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly globalised market, the difference between thriving and merely surviving often hinges on a business’s ability to adapt and innovate in its logistics operations. Tailored logistics solutions represent the cutting edge of this innovation, offering a bespoke approach that caters to the unique needs of each business. This article explores why […]

Fri 12 Apr 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Regular Visitor Greg Completes The Challenge (hard luck Heather!)

22 March 2024 Congratulations to Greg We were coming out for a long weekend and I started looking into the possibility of doing the Escapade in a day. The forecast wasn’t great on Saturday or Sunday so it had to be day one! I noticed on Thursday that both Verdet and Ours were shut so […]

ESCAPADE 2024: Another Father and Son success Zen & Taiji

05 April 2024 Congratulations to Zen & Taiji We started in Courchevel 1550 and it was me (Zen Okada, 15) and my dad (Taiji Okada, 51).  Piste closures made it tough, especially the run from Mont Vallon to Mottaret (Ours) being closed and the Fôret lift being shut. We just about beat the slush to […]

Tue 09 Apr 2024
Wildlife Spotting – Marmotte, Black Grouse, Chamois all before 10am this morning

First lifts and first tracks also gives you the chance to spot the local wildlife! Plenty of people disrespect the Black Grouse breeding area fences below Lanches chairlift so really nice to spot this gorgeous looking bird this morning. The tail feathers used to be worn by Scottish regiments to denote rank. We also spotted […]

Sat 23 Mar 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Another Father and Son success!

14 March 2024 Congratulations to David and Charles David and Charles Nops, father and son,  completed their fourth successful Escapade together on Thursday 14th March 2024. First lift start from Courchevel 1650. Completion was done despite significant queues at the major lifts at Le Masse and Val Thorens, also a serious accident in the 4th […]

Sat 16 Mar 2024
Gatwick to La Tania door-to-door for less than £35 but using shared/private transfers is easier and more reliable!

Even during the school holidays there were some bargain flights to be had when avoiding weekends and if you can get in to Lyon early enough there’s a cheap direct train to Moûtiers that connects with the bus service up to La Tania. But we missed the train, had to pay again, go later and […]

Tue 12 Mar 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Ex Seasonaire Lisa and brother Mark starting in Val Thorens

11 March 2024 Congratulations to Lisa & Mark Bonjour!  2020 I was doing a season in La Tania and I heard about the Escapade. I planned to do it in March, but Covid put a stop to that. 4 years later I have finally come back and was determined to complete this time with my […]

Sat 09 Mar 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Nick, Rory and Rupert finally get to do the challenge

7 March 2024 Congratulations to Nick, Rory & Rupert Having followed L’escapade adventures for many years, today I finally completed it with two others. Rory, Rupert and myself completed it despite the horrendous queues in Les Menuires. It took 7hrs 53 minutes, in blue bird conditions. We started in St Martin de Belleville, great fun. […]

Wed 06 Mar 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Solo Attempt from Steve

5 March 2024 Congratulations to Steve After seeing many people complete the challenge, and having skied 3 valleys many times, I thought it was time to have a go (leaving the rest of our group for the day). Started off in mainly sunny weather, and was making good time. But then the visibility dropped and […]

Mon 04 Mar 2024
Fresh Snow – Monday 4 March 2024

Fri 01 Mar 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Jacopo & Paolo from Italy complete the challenge

28 February 2024 Congratulations to Jacopo & Paolo Paolo and I, 23 and 24 years old from Italy, completed the Escapade on the 28th of February. We started from Val Thorens (departure of Pionniers chairlift) at 9 a.m. and it took us 7 hours and 23 minutes. Low visibility in the morning but opened up […]

Thu 29 Feb 2024
Still Freshies if you know where to look & Chamois on Chanrossa

A beautiful day and great skiing today in The 3 Valleys – still fresh tracks to be made if you know where to look, this from somewhere above Les Menuires…. Four Chamois spotted on Chanrossa this afternoon too, it’s Meteorological Spring tomorrow! Some queues at peak times at the traditional bottlenecks as half term school […]

Mon 26 Feb 2024
French Skiers – A Story of Persistence, Success, and Versatility

Les Trois Vallées, i.e., The Three Valleys, is one of the most renowned ski areas in Europe. Set in the Savoie department and partly situated in Vanoise National Park, this region is close to Italy and Switzerland. Such a geographically attractive position has been fertile soil for tourism and winter sports. Hence, La Tania and […]

Wed 21 Feb 2024
The Best Of The 3 Valleys – All Year Round

The Three Valleys, also known by the fancy moniker Les 3 Vallées, this spot is a dream come true for winter sports fans and nature buffs. Right in the middle of the French Alps, this place is famous for not just a humongous ski field—the biggest on the planet, might we highlight—but also it’s cool […]

Tue 20 Feb 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Half Term and Soft Snow, but Kev and Josh Succeed

20 February 2024 Congratulations to Kev and Josh My son and I are staying in La Tania with my wife and daughter. My wife and I have skied all four valleys in a day several times (normally at quieter times such as January), but never quite to the extent of the Escapade with all the […]

Fri 16 Feb 2024
Summer Update from Courchevel Tourist Office

If you’ve never visited The Alps in Summer, there’s loads to do and the scenery is absolutely spectacular. See our Summer Life in La Tania page. The La Tania, Praz, Verdons and Vizelle gondolas will be open from 6 July 2024 until 1 September 2024 for hikers and mountain bikers. The Punta Bagna Custom Motorcycle […]

Wed 14 Feb 2024
Falcon Goggles from Outdoor Master with ZEISS Lens

We’ve been trying out the latest goggles from Outdoor Master over the last month – The Falcon with a ZEISS lens. Astounding clarity! Carl Zeiss AG is one of the leading lens manufacturers in the World – they started making microscopes back in 1846, developed focal imaging eyeglass lenses in 1912 and were the largest […]

French Long Stay Visa for UK Non-Workers – An Update

For those stuck in the 90 out of 180 days Schengen rule and not working in France the solution is the French Long Term Visa. This allows a straight 180 day stay (multiple entry & exits are allowed) as long as you can prove you have a valid passport, proof of funds, somewhere to stay […]

Fri 09 Feb 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Iain J, a solo effort starting from 1650 Moriond

07 February 2024 Congratulations to Iain Iain J completed the 2024 Escapade route on 7 Feb 24 starting/finishing in Moriond, taking advantage of the final few quiet days before the start of the holiday season. This is the second time that I have completed the Escapade, the first being the old route in 2013.  That […]

Tue 06 Feb 2024
Masse Gondola – The Machine Room, well worth a look, great views and LEGO too!

The recently built “fastest gondola in the world” up La Masse named Pointe de la Masse has an exhibition area, machine room visiting area and an external viewing platform with amazing views. Well worth a visit just to see the Lego models but the restaurant up there has improved greatly too! Sadly La Masse doesn’t […]

Mon 05 Feb 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: A Solo Attempt – well done Roger

02 February 2024 Congratulations to Roger I completed the escapade solo on Feb 2 following the suggested route.  On the La Tania bubble at 9:01 and finished at Foret chair at 15:34.   I have attached screen shots from my Garmin app and the clock at Foret when I arrived.  Next goal is to plot a course […]

Sun 04 Feb 2024
The Last Snow Train of the Season – must do better

With the Eurostar / Thalys tie up we once again have a “Snow Train” where you can book without being part of an accommodation package. Unbelievably today 4 Feb 2024 is the last one of the season with the service ending before the half term holidays. Eurostar direct services replaced the old disco carriage trains […]

ESCAPADE 2024: A second attempt with a late start – just made it!

03 February 2024 Congratulations to Chris, Lee and Tony (again!) Yesterday Chris, Lee and Tony completed the Escapade. A late night watching the Rugby in the Ski Lodge led to a 09:22 start, missing first lift… Could the Escapade still be done… We visited all peaks and all towns so in theory it was a […]

ESCAPADE 2024: Chrissy, Melissa & Simon – 2 days in a row (nearly)!

03 February 2024 Congratulations to Chrissy, Melissa & Simon We did it today after my sister, Melissa, and I clocked 143km on Thursday but just missed Forêt as i’d cocked up missed Golf and were already on Legends so the detour back to rectify delayed us!  Joined by husband Simon today and completed with plenty […]

ESCAPADE 2024: Reinder, Bert, Reed and Gerard

01 February 2024 Congratulations to Reinder, Bert, Reed and Gerard. Les Menuires, February 1, 2024 Today we skied the Escapade with my brother, my American brother-in-law and a good friend. We started from our apartment in Les Menuires (Reberty 2000) and skied to Bettex to formally start the Escapade at 8:45 am. From there we […]

Wed 31 Jan 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: An 8 Year Old Completes The Challenge!

28 January 2024 Congratulations to Sean, Camille and Margot. Confirmation that Margot is the youngest ever person to complete the Escapade in a Day! Beating Toby Buckle (aged 10 in April 2009) and Jenny Waterfield (aged 9 in February 2020) Reporting in after a successful escapade with my kids today.  We were: Margot Deschamps (8 […]

ESCAPADE 2024: Paul & Divinder

28 January 2024 Congratulations to Paul & Divinder Managed to complete it today with little time to spare at the second attempt this holiday … we have a combined age of 109 so happy to complete the challenge! Some long queues didnt help but the improving snow conditions did! Paul and Divinder ESCAPADE 2024 – […]

Sun 28 Jan 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: The Belgians!

26 January 2024 Congratulations to Yves, Bert and Jeroen Being lifelong friends we like to push our limits. We’ve been skiing together for almost 15 years now and we actually had our own version of the Escapade a few years ago. Last month we found out about the version and the rest is history. […]

Fri 26 Jan 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Al, Pete, Phil, Dan & Nik

25 January 2024 3 Valleys Escapade completed. Nine started and five completed. (Top gear rules applied). Al Jones and Pete Middleton (second time completed in 2019 too) and Phil Leo, Dan Brenchley  (snowboarder) and Nik Mitchell. Mixed conditions: run of the day was Lory in the 4th Valley, whereas Verdet towards Saint Martin was a […]

Tue 23 Jan 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Katie, Matt, Bex and Jonas

10 January 2024 As expected there has been another Escapade in a Day completed this season… Katie, Matt, Bex and Jonas all completed the famous 3 Valleys Escapade on Wednesday 10th January 2024skiing from the first lift of the day right to the final lift with a couple of runs added onto the end of […]

Mon 22 Jan 2024
ESCAPADE 2024: Tony, David, Wayne, Clint & Paul

20 January 2024 The first Escapade in a Day of 2024 (as far as we know!). Well done guys, great to meet you and glad to buy you a Toffee Vodka to celebrate in The Ski Lodge. Five of us from HORSHAM West Sussex – Tony, David, Wayne, Clint and Paul.  Started 9am first lift […]

Thu 11 Jan 2024
Beyond La Tania: 3 of the Best Olympic Ski Resorts To Visit

After the success of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, the surrounding region started to receive a lot more attention from travellers seeking a winter getaway. In particular, the La Tania region capitalised on this interest and turned itself into a popular family-friendly ski resort destination. A lot of places around the world have seen […]

Thu 28 Dec 2023
Franglish Comedy Festival 29 Jan – 02 Feb 2024

Stand-up comedy returns to Méribel in January with the Franglish Comedy Festival The comedy festival coming to Méribel will host the very best of Francophone and Anglophone comics. There will be English language shows, French Language shows and shows in both languages! Shows take place in resort venues and the main shows will be at […]

Tue 19 Dec 2023
Top Apps You Need on Your Smartphone When Travelling Solo

Google Maps: Navigational Companion Solo travel is an enriching experience that allows you to explore the world on your terms, embrace new cultures and discover your inner adventurer. With the power of technology at our fingertips, solo travellers can now rely on a variety of mobile apps to navigate unfamiliar destinations, connect with fellow globetrotters […]

Thu 14 Dec 2023
With these heated gloves, you’ll never have cold hands on the slopes again

By now the ski season has reopened in many ski resorts. Are you eager to hit the slopes again this year, but this time without cold hands? Good news: with the heated ski gloves from HeatPerformance® your hands will stay warm, not just a little, but comfortably warm.  Why are these gloves ideal for winter sports? We’ll […]

Wed 13 Dec 2023
Skiing and snowboarding for millionaires

VIP resorts with casinos for the chosen few Amidst the pure white expanses of the world’s most stunning mountain ranges lies an exclusive playground for the rich and gambling-minded. Skiing and snowboarding have long been a winter pastime for both 1 deposit casino thrill seekers and nature lovers alike.  However, at the zenith of luxury and adventure, […]

Mon 11 Dec 2023
Medical Centre 2024 Update

La Tania Courchevel Medical Clinic Update 2024 Welcome everybody… Seasonnaires, Locals and Tourists. This year, the COURCHEVEL (La Tania) MEDICAL CLINIC will open 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:30. However there may be some weekend opening so please check the new website or our facebook page. The COURCHEVEL MEDICAL […]

Fri 24 Nov 2023
Latest Pics Around La Tania As Snow Cannons Tested Before Snow Next Week

The Snow Cannons are finally firing up in #LaTania this evening as colder weather sets in and more snow is forecast from Saturday and next week. Looks like this was just a test and they will be in full operation next week. Perfectly normal for the snow to disappear from the warm ground on lower […]

Thu 16 Nov 2023
It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time…

Only a days recovery before Val Thorens opens on Saturday – a week earlier than planned! Thanks to Ralph at The Freeride Republic for the pics.

Sun 12 Nov 2023
Up Saulire, Down Suisses – Great Pics of Courchevel

Great pics around Courchevel after Ski-Dazzle’s Sallyann hiked up Saulire for some fresh tracks down Suisses yesterday. Good Work!

Fri 10 Nov 2023
10 Things to Do When It’s Wet and Cold Outside

Brrr! The rainy days are upon us. Now is that time of year when clouds crowd the sky, rain pours down, and it gets darker and darker, earlier and earlier. It can be a tough adjustment from the long, light evenings of summertime, but you can still make the most of this cosy time even […]

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