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Fri 24 Nov 2023
Latest Pics Around La Tania As Snow Cannons Tested Before Snow Next Week

The Snow Cannons are finally firing up in #LaTania this evening as colder weather sets in and more snow is forecast from Saturday and next week. Looks like this was just a test and they will be in full operation next week. Perfectly normal for the snow to disappear from the warm ground on lower […]

Thu 16 Nov 2023
It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time…

Only a days recovery before Val Thorens opens on Saturday – a week earlier than planned! Thanks to Ralph at The Freeride Republic for the pics.

Sun 12 Nov 2023
Up Saulire, Down Suisses – Great Pics of Courchevel

Great pics around Courchevel after Ski-Dazzle’s Sallyann hiked up Saulire for some fresh tracks down Suisses yesterday. Good Work!

Fri 10 Nov 2023
10 Things to Do When It’s Wet and Cold Outside

Brrr! The rainy days are upon us. Now is that time of year when clouds crowd the sky, rain pours down, and it gets darker and darker, earlier and earlier. It can be a tough adjustment from the long, light evenings of summertime, but you can still make the most of this cosy time even […]

Thu 09 Nov 2023
La Tania Opens One Month Today!

And the Ski Lodge in 3 Weeks… Friday 1st December is First Pints day as Pub Le Ski Lodge opens for Winter. Celebrating it’s 30th year there’ll be a party or two this season as we go back to the 90’s…….

Mon 06 Nov 2023
First Tracks! Skiers Spotted On Saulire…

On Saulire this morning some Ski Tourers were spotted on the Webcams Probably the usual suspects but they may wish to remain anonymous – the usual warnings from S3V (the ski area mgmt company) regarding heavy machinery, cables, unsafe areas etc as the ski area prepares the terrain for opening will be along soon no […]

Wed 25 Oct 2023
Revolut’s Standing in Online Gambling Industry

Some gambling destinations are doing better than others in many ways. For example, a casino or sportsbook may have a long list of interesting games courtesy of top software companies but may lack customer support or payment services, and vice-versa. This situation is unending, and finding the perfect gaming venue seems almost impossible. Interestingly, some […]

Fri 20 Oct 2023
House for Winter Season Rental in Le Buisson (between St Bon & Bozel)

As usual, season accommodation is in short supply and the added issues of the closure of Saboia B in La Tania towards the end of the season isn’t helping either. This may help companies looking for staff beds or people wanting to do a season. Chris H has this house to rent in Le Buisson, […]

Mon 16 Oct 2023
Lift Pass Prices For Winter 2024 and the latest on free over 75 Veteran Passes

As we reported back at the beginning of June – plans to bring in charges for lift passes for the over 75s are happening. It looks like the prices have been approved by the relevant authorities and free skiing for over 75s will remain with a Courchevel Pass and a Méribel Pass (nothing to stop […]

Thu 12 Oct 2023
Update On The New La Tania Car Park – What We Know?

Information on what we know about the new Parking Combou area in La Tania. As usual this is all subject to change as plans often completely change (or get cancelled) without any consultation and finding out solid information is very difficult. Note that Parking du Tal is the parking area up the hill from Le […]

Mon 09 Oct 2023
A Guide to Handling Bad Weather on a Ski Trip

Any experienced adventurer familiar with planning a trip that involves skiing, snowboarding or any other kind of snowy mountain activity will tell you that unpredictable weather can put a real damper on any carefully thought-out plans. The key to making the most of any situation is to prepare for the unexpected. This quick guide will […]

Sun 24 Sep 2023
30 Years of Pub Le Ski Lodge – time for a refurb (and a party)

The life and soul of La Tania since 1993 – Pub Le Ski Lodge is now 30 years old and is smartening itself up for Winter 2024 with a full on refurb. Tim and Deb started the pub shortly after La Tania was built – the new resort financed on the back of the 1992 […]

Sat 23 Sep 2023
Brаnԁ New Online Cаsino Gаme Releаses: Whаt’s Hot Right Now

The temрerаture mаy ԁroр аs summer enԁs, but the exсitement is heаting uр with the release of new online саsino gаmes this Seрtember. These gаmes will trаnsрort рlаyers to аnсient worlԁs like Egyрt аnԁ Greeсe, promising а thrilling аԁventure. With intriсаte bonus rounԁs, innovаtive sрeсiаl feаtures, аnԁ grounԁbreаking meсhаniсs, these gаmes will exсite slot enthusiаsts […]

Winter Wonderland in Gaming: The Integration of Skiing in Online Casino Games 

Adrenaline junkies are always looking for their next rush, whether it comes from outdoor adventures or casino games. Two activities that promise an invigorating thrill are skiing down a mountain and playing a favorite table game or slot machine. Game developers are capitalizing on the exhilaration of skiing by creating online casino games with winter […]

Fri 22 Sep 2023
Moretta Village Update

What we know so far… The plan for this extension to La Tania is around 15 years old but has changed a lot. Originally a new chair lift was planned to link with the Bouc Blanc chair and even a rope tow to connect the 2 “villages” was proposed. An all inclusive Club Med style […]

Wed 30 Aug 2023
The Return of the Ski Train (sort of)

The original overnight disco ski train disappeared long ago and the direct Eurostar services (as they were) were never replaced following the cancellation during the pandemic in 2020. The last couple of years have seen a direct service with the tour operator Travelski chartering Eurostar trains but offering package holidays only including accommodation, transfer etc. […]

Mon 31 Jul 2023
Closing of the Moretta Blanche run (lower section) for the 2023/24 winter in LA TANIA 

Message from S3V – As we expected but not what we were promised. The Moretta Blanche red run , which serves the Courchevel – La Tania resort, will be closed in its lower section  during the coming  winter 2023/24.The Plan Fontaine green run and Folyères blue run will remain open to serve the resort. This […]

Thu 27 Jul 2023
Summer Ski Jumping World Cup 2023 – Sat/Sun 29/30 July in Le Praz

The annual Summer Ski Jumping World Cup round in Le Praz takes place this weekend on 29 & 30 July 2023. A great event, drawing a large crowd and athletes from across the world. There’s a beer tent and music too! There are 4 competitions all starting from the 135m main slope. Full Program Saturday […]

Mon 10 Jul 2023
La Tania Tour de France 2023 Info

Stage 17 of the Tour de France is on Wednesday 19 July 2023. Riders are expected through La Tania between 16:28 (if av speed is 36km/h) and 16:57 (32km/h). The promotional “Caravan” convoy is due at 14:57. All times are TBC. In La Tania there’ll be a pop up bar at La Taiga with the […]

Sat 01 Jul 2023
Skiing vs Snowboarding: Which Winter Sport Reigns Supreme?

Winter sports enthusiasts are always torn between two exhilarating options – skiing and snowboarding. Both activities offer a thrilling experience on snow-covered slopes, but the debate on which one reigns supreme has been ongoing for years. Skiing, with its rich history and traditional appeal, has long been a popular choice for many winter sport enthusiasts. […]

Tue 27 Jun 2023
The new mandatory form to be completed by all property owners in France

UPDATE: Due to a large number of late filings and enquiries the deadline has been changed to 31 July 2023. There are also unconfirmed reports that there will be no prosecutions this year for not completing the form. See Press Release here From The Directorate General of Public Finances The housing tax on main residences […]

Mon 26 Jun 2023
2024 Lift Pass Prices – The end of the over 75s free pass?

We’ve seen the first issue of the public lift pass prices for Winter 2023 / 2024 for the 3 Valleys. Courchevel Valley prices have yet to be made available and need approval plus changes can be made if there’s a VAT increase etc (or maybe if electricity prices come down?). Season pass prices, insurance rates […]

Tue 20 Jun 2023
The Hidden Science Behind Winter Sports

The thrill of winter sports often masks the fascinating science that underlies each snow-covered peak, frosty ski run, and breathless uphill climb. The interplay between physics, biology, meteorology, and even psychology creates a tapestry of complexity that can enhance our appreciation of these activities. As we explore this topic, we’ll see that understanding the science […]

Wed 14 Jun 2023
Work on Saboia B begins

This Summer see further work on stabilising the ground around the Saboia B apartments in La Tania. Owners can’t rent out their places this Summer but all will be completed in time for Winter 2023/2024. Thanks to Richard K for the pics.

Soaring to New Heights: A Preview of Ski Jumping at the European Games

Fans prepare to be captivated by the thrilling spectacle of ski jumping at the 2023 European Games. This breathtakingwinter sport, renowned for its fusion of precision, skill, and bravery, is set to mesmerize spectators once again.  Drawing together 96 athletes from 15 countries, ski jumpingis among the most highly anticipated competitive activities, adored by participants and onlookers. […]

Tue 06 Jun 2023
Work on the Moretta Blanche down to La Tania as Moretta Village development starts

The Moretta Village development on the car park near to the gondola station has started with initial earthworks in progress. There’s also work on the red piste above, whether this is superficial or re-shaping with a view to a route through to the gondola while work is going on is anyone’s guess… At least this […]

Thu 01 Jun 2023
Planning an Exciting Ski Trip? Check Out the Latest Gear and Technology

Are You Packing for an Exhilarating Ski Trip this Winter? As you organize and pack your gear, it’s crucial that you stay abreast of all of the latest developments in ski gear and technology. These innovations not only ensure your safety on the mountain but also enhance your skiing experience and make it more pleasurable […]

Wed 31 May 2023
Moretta Village Construction Work

Looks like the piste bridge is being removed completely as part of the Moretta Village project which is being constructed on the site of the car park near to the gondola station. Ultimately a hotel, bar / restaurant, ski hire shop and other businesses along with some workers seasonal accommodation is planned – but firm […]

Thu 25 May 2023
La Tania Piste Bridge Repair – Diversion Now In Place

The bridge that takes the red Moretta Blanche piste over the road to the chalets (the first bridge up from the car park) is currently in a mangled up state. The diversion is now back in place. No news yet of for how long and what the issue with the bridge is – or if […]

Wed 24 May 2023
Best Ski Resorts and Casino Hotels

Image source: Pixabay Skiing and gambling might seem like two completely different activities, but they can actually complement each other quite well. After a long day on the slopes, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a luxurious casino hotel and trying your luck at the tables. On the other hand, if you prefer playing online games, […]

Bingo Games Are the Hot New Trend for Ski Resorts

Introduction Establishing a link between skiing and playing bingo seems a bit bizarre, but bingo games are the hot new trend at many ski resorts in Europe and America. Vacationers love to relax with a wide range of activities when they are not skiing, hiking, or snowboarding. Playing bingo games is one of those activities, […]

Tue 23 May 2023
Taking Flight: Transform Your Travel Experience with “Flight Bingo”

The Traveller’s Predicament: From Tedium to FunNavigating short and long-haul flights can be as tedious as trying to make a phone call with a fading signal. The confined spaces, recycled air, and limited entertainment options are enough to make the most avid travellers sigh. But what if there’s a way to infuse some joy into […]

Sun 14 May 2023
Paragliding Above La Tania with OverTheValley Parapente – Tandem, Courses, Rentals & Tours

OverTheValley is a premier paragliding company located in the beautiful Courchevel – Méribel – Bozel valley in France. Their team of experienced instructors provides a safe and unforgettable experience in the sky. Operating for several years now they have built strong experience in the region for their professionalism, safety standards, and customer satisfaction. OverTheValley […]

Wed 10 May 2023
The New Wuben X3 EDC Flashlight

Another innovative torch from Wuben – rechargeable via USB, incredibly bright & lightweight and now with a tiny lcd display showing the mode you are in, power of the light and battery status. A charging case (with the torch still usable) for the USB connection and a clever lanyard strap… The strap is actually a […]

Mon 08 May 2023
This way you protect your hands against the cold

Have you planned a trip to the mountains this month? For walking, mountain biking or cycling? In the spring, it can feel quite chilly on top of the mountain. For every 100 meters rise, the temperature decreases by 1°C. So make sure you wear layers and pamper your hands with heated gloves. Heated gloves Not […]

Top 5 Reasons La Tania is the Perfect Ski Destination for Students

Students can take a break from their academics and get some much-needed rest during the exciting winter break. La Tania is the ideal location for skiers who love the snow and want to have an outstanding skiing experience. The French Alps’ lovely ski town of La Tania is the perfect destination for students to spend […]

Sat 29 Apr 2023
La Tania Summer 2023 – Dates of the main events & activities

Summer 2023 Update on Summer Lifts in Courchevel:Lifts are open every day from 01 July through to 27 August CONFIRMEDConfirmation that lifts are free for last Winter Season Pass holders.The 2 out of 7 day Winter season passes are also included for use the same way in Summer.The La Tania lift will once again be […]

Wuben X2 Lightok Flashlight Reviewed

The Wuben X2 Lightok Easy Carry Light is an extremely powerful, rugged, waterproof torch – perfect for outdoor adventures. On full power it pushes out 2500 lumens with a beam reach of nearly 150 metres. It uses a USB-C port to recharge the internal battery pack and delivers on full power for well over an […]

Thu 27 Apr 2023
Favourite Skis Winter 2022/2023 – What were yours?

Back in the late 90s it was simple “Salomon X-Scream please” until they broke – especially if abused by a Seasonaire. Their weapon of choice became the original Dynastar PowerTrack 4×4 which was a bullet proof, go anywhere, all mountain ski. Roll on to 2023 and there’s a multitude of manufactures from huge corporates to […]

Tue 18 Apr 2023
Winter sports in casino games

Casino games have long been a favorite pastime for many, but now there is an exciting new way to enjoy them – winter sports in casino games! Winter sports bring the thrill and excitement of outdoor activities indoors, allowing players to experience the thrills of skiing or snowboarding without leaving their homes. With realistic graphics […]

Mon 17 Apr 2023
Fantastic Piste Skiing & Lots Of Marmottes – 17 April 2023

Absolutely fabulous skiing today on empty pistes. Yes, lower down it gets a bit thin and the last 30m in to La Tania requires you to remove skis (we also had a little walk in to St Martin after foolishly ignoring the Piste Ferme signs!). An unprecedented 12 Marmottes spotted this morning! Sunbathing, sniffing around […]

ESCAPADE 2023: Tom, Phil and Jonathan

04 April 2023 Along with a couple of mates, we’ve been talking about doing the Escapade for a few years and finally got round to it! We started and finished in St Martin.  Ski Tracks and photo attached, along with GoPro edit! Route was pretty much as suggested, with a couple of slight adjustments due […]

Closing Time… Pub Le Ski Lodge Closing Party

The magnificent Bloc off the Wall playing the season out as Pub Le Ski Lodge closes until Summer.

Tue 11 Apr 2023
Seasonaire Awards 2023: THE RESULTS

Thanks for coming down tonight, a lot of smiling faces and a lot of friendships forged forever… The results below, we tried our best to discount the spoilt ballot papers and obvious tactical voting techniques…. Best Male Skier: TedBest Female Skier: HannahBest Male Snowboarder: JodyBest Female Snowboarder: JohannaMost Improved Male: MagnetMost Improved Female: BethBest Bar […]

Fri 07 Apr 2023
ESCAPADE 2023: Chris, Clare, Guy, Ollie & Ted

04 April 2023 After many years thinking about it Chris & Clare with friends Guy, Ollie & Ted finally got their collective fingers out and did the 3 Valleys Escapade in a Day. With the end of the season approaching and lower runs starting to close it is becoming more difficult. Forêt lift is now […]

TOP 5 Online Entertainment in the Ski Resort

Image source: Pixabay Ski resorts are amazing places to go and enjoy the snow, but they can also be a bit boring. The ski resort towns can be small, and it can be hard to find things to do in them. Luckily, there are some great online entertainment options to choose from while you’re at the […]

Thu 06 Apr 2023
Suisses is Piste du Jour & Mt Blanc has it’s hat on…

Wed 05 Apr 2023
More first tracks on the groomers and CdP PdJ

Combe de Pylon most definitely Piste du Jour yesterday and still almost untracked at 10:15. Lots of very good skiing still available as temperatures remain low and the Pisteurs keeping the runs in excellent shape for April skiing.

Tue 04 Apr 2023
Marquetty Groomed and our first Marmotte spot of Spring

How was your Monday?

Mon 03 Apr 2023
ESCAPADE 2023: The Chalet Hosts from Méribel

17 March 2023 Five intrepid Méribel chalet hosts, a day off that would hopefully have (a) enough snow and (b) decent enough weather, and the alarms were set to make first lifts in Chaudanne. That was the first challenge, as we were spaced across Les Allues, Morel and Mussillon and let’s face it, we’re not […]

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