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ESCAPADE 2024: Regular Visitor Greg Completes The Challenge (hard luck Heather!)

22 March 2024

Congratulations to Greg

We were coming out for a long weekend and I started looking into the possibility of doing the Escapade in a day. The forecast wasn’t great on Saturday or Sunday so it had to be day one!

I noticed on Thursday that both Verdet and Ours were shut so that was two extra lifts added to the plan!

Heather and I were outside Legends at 8:55 however when we got to Olympic they said it was delayed due to the pisteurs not back from checking the Face piste. We waited 10 mins for it to open!

It was forecast to be very warm and sure enough by the time we got to Bettex the lower slopes were getting heavier.

We lost some more time queuing for Peclet but the snow over in Orelle was very good. The high path to Mont Vallon/Plan des Mains was shut due to avi risk which cost a bit more time.

My wife had new lower volume boot liners to try out and she’d not cranked her boots enough to compensate so started to suffer with shin bang. Despite drugs she took the decision to bail at the bottom of Plan des Mains.

We were now about 45 mins behind schedule but I decided to crack on and see where I got to! I was at the top of Foret at 1630 so decided to keep going, Folyeres was in surprisingly  good condition given the air temps and I made Dou Des Lanches with 5 mins to spare. I blasted down to Golf but that was shut, however all checkpoints were completed.

It was definitely harder with all the slushy bumps and cut up pistes I’d like to try it again with firmer pistes but a great day out!


ESCAPADE 2024 – What’s this all about…

The 3 Valleys Escapade was the lift company promotion of visiting (originally in 2006) 14 points across the Three Valleys and gaining a certificate & badge over the period of your holiday – doing it in a day was a bit tricky though!

It all started out as a late night “is it possible?” discussion – the history and our original route from 2006 are here

Originally punch cards had to be stamped at each check point until electronic passes arrived and then the use of a lift was recorded – now we use Apps such as Ski Tracks or Relive to prove our route.

Note that the Escapade is no longer officially promoted by Les 3 Vallees from Winter 2017 but we still record successful tracks for anyone who is interested in being in the sought after La Tania Escapade Hall of Fame

The original Escapade took 30 lifts, around 13000m vertical with 70km length and by 2016 reached 34 lifts, 17000m vertical (twice the height of Everest) and around 80km skiing (140km total distance). With the newer, longer, faster lifts we’re back down to 30 lifts and the age range for successful completion is from 8 to 76 years old! The latest ESCAPADE route

This is NOT a race

ALWAYS CONTROL YOUR SPEED. You do this entirely at your own risk, act responsibly, take full ownership for your own actions and all of those with you, respect other people (& the mountain), ski & ride within your limits, always obey the skiers & snowboarders code, observe all signs, pay attention to all notices, advice & instructions from Pisteurs, only ski off piste if fully equipped & knowledgeable, it’s not a race (you won’t be insured), think about the safety of others as well as yourself but above all, think of other people, take care, don’t wreck things for others & don’t even think of blaming anyone else if it all goes wrong…..

ESCAPADE 2024 – The 12 villages and 12 perimeters/peaks used as checkpoints

Changes through the years
2006 – First year and cards with hole punches stationed at lifties huts are used.
2008 – Electronic lift analysis is now used – no use hiking out the 4th Valley now!
2010 – The piste map did not include the top of the 4th Valley and the Col lift in Val Thorens.
2011 – The X-Wing Discovery was launched but only had 10 check points and doesn’t count!
2012 – Peclet included and Biollay / Vizelle used for Saulire access.
2015 – Foret used instead of La Tania gondola.
2016 – Mont Vallon is included for the first time plus the Montaulever drag lift.
2017 – Chapelets replaced by Petite Boss drag and La Tania’s Bouc Blanc chair replaces Tovets.
2018 – The new Roc de Tougne chair replaces the drag lift of the same name.
2019 – Legends replaces Roc de Fer and the Montaulever drag in Les Menuires has been removed.
2020 – Cime Caron now back in use.
2022 – New Pointe de la Masse and Orelle-Caron Gondolas (for example) could be used.
2023 – Using the new lifts, we ski all the resorts, all the perimeters and classic peaks – ESCAPADE 2023
2024 – No changes to 2023 route!

ESCAPADE 2024 – A suggested route. Click on the images for the full size pics

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