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7 Exciting Activities on the Mountains for When You’re Not Skiing

A trip to the mountains for a skiing adventure is going to encompass a lot more than just strapping on the skis and hitting the slopes. There will be plenty of skiing downtime involved with the trip, which provides a chance to explore other exciting activities.

There is so much to do at these remote locations, so they are a perfect destination even for non-skiers. Renting a cabin at high altitude in a winter wonderland can be as much of a getaway as hitting a beach somewhere in the tropics.

Regardless of why you are on the mountain in the first place, there are plenty of exciting activities around to explore, from catching up on your latest reading list to playing casino games or engaging in more physically adventurous endeavours like sledging—there’s so much non-skiing stuff to do that those skis may even become a side piece of the trip.

Alternative Winter Activities
Just because you may be located at a ski resort, it doesn’t mean that that is going to be the only discipline of winter sports available. A good use of time between skiing adventures can be switching over to other winter activities, allowing you to pick up handy skills to use for future trips.

One of the most popular is undertaking long hikes through the winter landscape with snowshoeing—a great opportunity to take things at a slower pace while absorbing the fresh air and scenery. 

Other alternatives to skiing include ice skating, dog sledging, snow tubing, and one of the newer winter resort phenomena, fat biking. Fat bikes use wide tyres that are only inflated to a low pressure, like 5 PSI, and those are perfect for cruising through soft, snowy terrain.

Hot Springs Visit
Many ski resorts have hot springs located nearby, which are worth taking time out to visit. This is one of the most ideal non-skiing activities to undertake because it is a wonderful opportunity to soak those muscles that have been through rigorous tests on the slopes. 

Natural hot springs are things of beauty and provide a glorious post-ski soak. The alternative would be to jump into a resort hot tub, but that doesn’t quite hit the same mark as nature doing its thing. Just check first whether the hot springs are family-friendly, as not all are. 

Exploring Towns
The exploration of towns in the immediate area of the resort provides a good getaway. The more immediate towns are likely to be heavily tourist-oriented, so it could be worth looking a little further afield on the map to soak up some actual local culture. Regardless, these are charming areas where food and drink can be absorbed, while still offering the excitement of dipping in and out of stores and catching some Instagram-worthy picks of the mountains in the background.

A ski resort is a photographer’s playground too, as a trip up the mountain proves a great opportunity to take a different look at the surroundings. Dive behind the lens and learn how to either perfect your photography skills in such a glorious location or explore the fun of photography from an amateur perspective for the first time. This will remove you from the world of mobile phones and their many distractions, plus it will provide higher-quality, unique mementoes of the trip.

Relaxation could come in the form of gaming and gambling. Perhaps spending an evening in front of the fire pit after a long day on the slopes, nursing a cup of hot cocoa and loading up some gaming, could offer an exciting way to end the day. Depending on the ski resort, there could be a physical casino location on site. But Wi-Fi and, in many cases, strong phone connections are typically still available. 

So, time can be spent dipping into some MMORPG action, spinning the slots, or getting into a live dealer game of blackjack at an online casino. Just stick to licensed sites for player protection, and it’s advisable to set up an account somewhere beforehand in private so that accounts are already funded to prevent fumbling around trying to reload payments in public. 

The Adrenaline Rush
A giant snowball fight under the midway sun between friends and even guests who are unknown to each other could be an awesome, fun way to spend a little time. The bigger the snowball fight, the better!

While other traditional snow pastimes like snow angels and catching snowflakes are short-term blasts of fun, there are greater adrenaline rushes out there when not skiing. As you’llalready be embedded in the adrenaline rush zone, there may be further opportunities to top up the thrills of the trip. Look around the area for things like bungee jumping, ice-climbing, helicopter trips around the region, and jet-skiing.

Adventure Parks
Another thing to look out for while not skiing is adventure parks. These could be embedded within the resort or may require a small jaunt to a new location, but they can provide hours of entertainment. Adventure parks typically include things like climbing walls, zip-lining, and tubing courses. These are a little more fun-oriented and add great variety to a trip.

While there are plenty of things to do on the mountain, remember to also enjoy the quiet times, and the bliss and peace that come from such surroundings.

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