Winter 2006

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Locals 2006 plus More Locals
Winter Returns - May Snow
La Tania Floods
Jasmine Wall Born
La Tania Charity Day 2006
The Col Challenge - Hike up, ski down 4 times in a day!
Saisonnaires Poll Results 2006
Jayne's Dad, Peter blogs his French Alps Adventure!
Gasex Avalanche Pics
Tignes Brasero Crew Visit La Tania
LdV BBQ & Taiga Black Tie Night
Random March 2006 Pics
Pirate Night at the Ski Lodge
Three Valleys Escapade (in a day)
Leicester Punters
Powder Days in La Tania with Manson and co
Big Snow - 2nd March
Tignes Night Out
Mardi Gras 2006
TBO Birthday
Michelin Star for Le Farcon
All the Live Bands playing (and played) La Tania
Fresh Tracks - Nickski 19th Feb
Lost Panda!
T Wall Birthday Weekend
Skiing Pics in the sun
The Feeling (aka Super Fly) becoming famous
New Chapelets chair in 1650
New Ski Lodge and La Taiga pics
Eira Clothing Competition
Opening Week at the Ski Lodge
First Days Ski 2005/6
Mad Dog Ski Resort Guides Competition
Superfly becoming famous - The Feeling
12th Nov - old bubbles, new run, hot tub & chalet
Ski Lodge in the papers!
Ski Show 15th October 2005
First Ski Club of GB Reps confirmed
Ski Show Tickets Competition
First Snow of the 2005/6 Winter Season
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The Season...

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