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*** La Tania locals – Snow Report Update ***

Dumping now…
Has been dumping since about 11am. Radio says to expect between 10-30cm (fairly precise!) clearing tonight. Sunny tomorrow!

Rich Ski Magic

*** La Tania locals – Snow Report Update ***

Snow is sooooooo good
Powder day on Saturday followed by creamy perfectly pisted runs in the sunshine on Sunday. Wind got up to close some top chairs around midday but La Tania was sheltered from it all – more snow on the way….


Powder Rules Apply Today

A good 10cm of fresh at resort level overnight, more higher up. Everything all white again. Lift opening delayed for 30 mins this morning, hence the group of powder hungry dogs salivating above. . . . Go Hard. . . .

Girls Weekend

Jane, Kaz, Vic, Bish going hard in La Tania. . . .

Shibboleth’s Final Gig til March

Lodge du Village just about to kick off. . .

Cus’s Long Weekend Update

hello my sweets. well I managed to unpack on the first night but those two . . . well what can I say probably due to the fact that we got here 90 seconds latey? Shib were as good as you thought they might be so we carried on with the consumption of beer – they didn’t seem to notice. Yesterday was T Walls Birthday – heavens to Betsy what a day! Apart from spinning sideways at a people carrier the day went off with far too much to say about it . . . . well a mention has to go out to Bouc Blanc for a great meal – and the Slodge for apres. The Sisters played a ditty or two in the Slodge and Oh My Lord it was only half seven when they finished, cakey in the Taiga was much appreciated and sniff mode was put into turbo charge. Today we are going up and down a bit and trying not to bring back what we consumed yesterday. Loves and hugs – Cus

*** La Tania locals – Snow Report Update ***

Cloudy, light snow high up
Poor vis in places but some cracking piste skiing. Finished with a race down to Meribel Village and all lived to tell the tale…..Happy Birthday T. Wall…..


Shibbs Last Stand…

Shibboleth – Last La Tania gig ’til March tonight

The boys will be back in March after the madness of half term… (oh and don’t forget LdV, Meribel Village Apres on Thursday) – see you there…


*** La Tania locals – Snow Report Update ***

Sun continues – but snow on the way
Sunny weather has led to some pistes becoming hard and worn in their busy traffic areas (especially at the end of the day) but the vast majority of pistes are still in excellent condition. Weather set to change with new snow fall expected by the end of the week.