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Some Great Skiing Across The 3 Valleys – Suisses Looking Ready For Opening

Some fabulous skiing around the Three Valleys and much better than last year.
Suisse was our PdJ and looks like it will be ready for opening soon.
Folyères still amazing and still blowing more snow on to it on Tuesday evening.

Top work from S3V Pisteurs – Thankyou!




Pictures and Snow Report from Opening Weekend

Opening Weekend and a trip to the 4th Valley and back via 1650

First bubble on Saturday saw Mary, Lindsay, Nick, Joey, Jim and 3 lads from Le Ski get the season workers prize for first bubble. Folyères was excellent first thing and not too shabby at 5pm either.

Conditions are better than this time last year and the best skiing is above 2100m and pretty normal for the time of year awaiting the next big storm, however knowing the area is a huge benefit to having a great day’s skiing at the moment.

Links to Méribel and Mottaret from mid station on the Saulire side not officially open but there is cannoned snow all the way down.

Good skiing in Val Thorens and compacted off piste very good. Tried the new chairlift called Stade.

La Tania really have made a good effort as there are no other resorts at the same height that you ski down to, as always La Tania benefits from being North facing.

And Tim’s Video Snow Report on Saturday…

Get Yourselves Out Here!





Courchevel Lifts, Pistes & 3 Valleys Links Expected for 10 December Opening Day


Latest news from the S3V lift company (they manage the Courchevel, La Tania and Mottaret ski area):

The Courchevel and La Tania Valleys will have 14 lifts serving 21 ski slopes opening on Saturday 10 December.

PDF Available Here

It will be possible to ski continuously from La Saulire (2700m) to Courchevel Village (1500m) and from (2200m) Loze to La Tania (1400m)

Les 3 Vallées links will be provided by the higher link points (La Saulire between Courchevel and Méribel, Col de la Chambre between Méribel-Mottaret and Val Thorens, Les 3 Marches and Tougnète between Meribel and Les Menuires)

All stations will be connected:
By gondola round trip for Courchevel Le Praz and Courchevel Moriond (1650) and returning by skis possible for La Tania, Courchevel 1850 & Courchevel Village (1550).

S3V are continuing their snowmaking production to ensure other openings as soon as possible and the plan for opening of the other valleys will be released shortly.


So the Folyères blue piste down to La Tania is confirmed and the only real surprise is no Suisses confirmed. Could be saving this and waiting until the busier Christmas week of course.


Update 7 Dec – Meribel Expected Lifts and Pistes

Update on the lift and piste opening for this weekend in the Meribel Valley.

Saulire Express 1&2 plus Rhodos 1&2 on the Saulire side with Chamois, Biche and Marcassin to mid stations plus Doron piste lower down marked as expected too.
Chamois bottom section is marked as closed on the live maps and Saulire 1 is stating that return must be via gondola. I’d expect Folie to Ronnie route at least.

Tougnette, Plattieres and Cote Brune areas all open too so plenty of skiing available.





La Tania Post Office Information For Winter 2017

Awareness about Post Office in La Tania Tourist Office – How does it work?

You are about to spend the winter season living and/or working in La Tania, and thus use the Local Post Office (located at the ground floor of the Tourist Office)?
We wish to communicate important information regarding how the Post Office in La Tania works.

PDF Link Here

1 / The Post Office in La Tania is a collection point of your packages and registered letters only when the postman or carrier could not deliver it to you directly: either it required a signature and you were away from home or if your mailbox could not contain the package. A “non-delivery” (“avis de passage”) notice is left in your mailbox.

These packages or registered letters we will be left at La Tania Post’s Office the next day and will be kept for 15 days. After this delay, it will be sent back to the sender.

2 / Your package must imperatively be sent to your personal address in La Tania and we advise you not to address it to the Tourist Office for the following 3 reasons:

To operate an effective tracking
If you address your order directly to the Tourist Office, the tracking will not operate: there will be no advice and no “non-delivery” (“avis de passage”) notice issued as the package/letter was address to final destination.

For a question of responsibility
It is really awkward for the Tourist Office staff to sign receipt of your package as it commits the responsibility of our association. On the other hand, this may prevent you to initiate a claim procedure against the delivery company in case of damaged or incomplete delivery. The La Tania Tourist Office staff will sign a confirmation of delivery without knowing nor opening the details of your order, we cannot guarantee this service.
Once the order has been delivered and signed, you therefore accept it as such, and cannot refuse it anymore.
This procedure includes La Poste and other companies such as UPS, TNT, Chronopost…

A question of cost
According to information provided to us by the National Post Office (La Poste), the fact to be dropped off a letter or package directly to the Post Office is a paid service. It must be charged according the following rates:

Rates per piece
Correspondence withdrawal 0.80€
Newspapers or periodicals withdrawal 0.40€
Package withdrawal 4.00€

During the last winter season, we have friendly educated all the local post office users directly concerned by this situation.

For the upcoming winter season, we now advise you to address your letters/packages to your personal address in La Tania. Please forward this message to your guests, partners, colleagues and staff, potentially concerned by this situation.

However, if you decide to address your letters/packages to the La Tania Tourist Office, we inform you that we will apply the effective rates.

Feel free to contact the Tourist Office team, in charge of the local post office, for more information.

Arnaud Favet, Director





La Tania Medical Centre Information for Winter 2017

What’s New in the La Tania Medical Centre for Winter 2017?
A brighter more welcoming feel to the centre.
In the morning a telephone operator will take appointments by telephone.
A secretary or a nurse will take charge in the afternoon.
All emergencies will be accepted but we will try to see patients with an appointment as soon as possible.

From the 10th December 2016 the Medical Centre will be open every day from 09:00 to 18:00. (Consultations on the 01/02/03/07/08 of December available with an appointment).
Doctor Ernotte, an emergency practitioner and fluent english speaker will assist Doctor Joncquiert-Latarjet as well as on occasion Doctor Lefevbre, a 25 years experienced trauma doctor.
Thanks to these colleagues Doctor Joncquiert-Latarjet will be able to open the Medical Centre every day.

The fusion with Courchevel will be a big challenge for La Tania Ski Resort but the other big challenge of 2017 will be to open the Medical Centre off-season and to be the preferred doctor of local patients.

Further information, contact numbers etc here





What’s new for the Doctor of the Medical Centre in order to improve her practice?
Last Summer was an intense Summer for me due to my various activities
Accident and emergency rescue on the Atlantic Coast, medicalisation of an expedition in Canada and emergencies in the Alps.
Again, I had the big chance to work on the field and to fly on multiple helicopters which is a passion.







Folyères Piste down to resort level being completed


The Piste Bashers finally got to attack the huge mounds of cannoned snow on the Folyères piste down to La Tania last night.

The Tourist Office and S3V expect to have the run open to ski down to resort for opening day this Saturday, 10 December.

With one of the largest and most advanced Snow making infrastructures in the world that’s why the 3 Valleys Guarantee their skiing with more runs open than anyone else…



With the large high pressure system still dominating Central Europe more clear skies all week are forecast with temperatures around average for the time of year so snow cannons can operate at least at night to all levels.

May become a little milder by next weekend (hence the work starting now) and a chance of a disruption to the pattern next week but too early to really tell at present. Above 2200m there is still decent cover so plenty of skiing will be on offer for the early birds in any case.

Other positive news this morning is the Euro has returned to above 1.20 making a Happy Hour pint £3.33 in Pub Le Ski Lodge from 16:00 to 18:00 every day. Can that be beaten in the 3 Valleys (or London)?





First Pint Photos – Opening Night







Pub Le Ski Lodge Opens Tonight – What’s New & The First Pint Odds

Pub Le Ski Lodge in La Tania opens tonight, Friday 2nd December at 17:00 for Winter 2017. The original Alpine Fish ‘n’ Chips is on Special and there’s live music with Al Jones from 22:00. Hear his new single, La Nuit (getting BBC national air play) on SoundCloud. The Album of the same name is out in December and Al will be playing at La Taiga in La Tania every Wednesday evening this season.

The Ski Lodge refurb work includes a new wooden bar with light wood bar surface giving a much cooler, cleaner effect plus recessed floor level bar lighting and all new beer taps. In fact the whole beer system, lines and coolers have all been replaced over the last few weeks along with lots of re-wiring, ventilation, sound proofing and more new lighting.

The dance floor area and surrounds are all a darker wood colour and with the new paintwork it is generally all looking a bit smarter – no shirt & ties required to get in just yet!

Some new guest Beers and select Gins should be ready for lift opening week along with a few tweaks to the food menu too.

And the most important bit – Happy Hour from 16:00 to 18:00 STILL has Amstel at €4.00 a pint at least until 2017.

With the Euro rate climbing up as high as 1.195 yesterday that makes a pint £3.35 – beat that anywhere in The 3 Valleys? Or even London (where the average price for a pint of beer in 2015 was £3.92).


The annual first pint of the season runners & riders (Ski Lodge staff excluded, someone has to test it!) – they’re off at 17:00.
Latest unofficial odds from the Far East underground betting markets as follows:

Lean Machine 4/5 jt fav
The Slippery One 4/5 jt fav
Hairy Bros evens
A Crystal Will 5/4
Taking Flack 5/4 (current champion)
Luke Who’s Here? 5/4
Jim Jams For Hire 6/4
Sha Sha Shazzar 2/1
Michelin Stars 2/1
Minimum Wage 9/4
Daft as a Brush 9/4
Legs Eleven 5/2
The Live Rambler 5/2
Tell No Tales 11/4
Paddy’s Day 3/1
Managing The Elements 7/2
The Free Rider 10/1

15/1 Bar. When the fun stops stop. Bet responsibly.

Some more before and after photos below…

For everything new check out What’s New in La Tania & 3 Valleys for Winter 2017







Insert new beer taps here…






Latest from S3V on Snow Cover & Lift Pass Fraud


S3V, the lift company that manages the La Tania, Courchevel and Mèribel Mottaret ski areas of The 3 Valleys has re-assured us that they are confident of opening the expected lower runs for the 10 December opening.

While the very early snow has suffered lower down with the milder temperatures very good cover remains above 2200m.

Much lower temperatures this week have allowed snow cannons to resume their work and S3V say they will start linking up these huge mounds of snow to create pistes shortly.

With 30 years of managing the snow cover and one of the most advanced snow making systems in the World (for this Winter they now have doubled the throughput of snow making capacity – the amount they can make in a certain time period) they will have the mountains ready for 10 December.

24f47f60-7a3b-4a07-a6a7-d1a1a98dd49b-2748-00000227387ae79c_tmpProvisional planned lift opening for 10-16th December 2016.

PDF Download


Lift Pass Fraud
New security measures will be in place this season to help prevent lift pass fraud.

Lift passes are not transferable and a photograph system that takes pictures at the turnstiles is now available that will compare the lift pass photos that are stored electronically for season passes and check that other passes are not being mis-used.

Photographs will be stored for the validity of the pass and up to two more days. They are processed as personal data in accordance with the privacy/freedom law of 6 Jan 1978.

img_4075Snow Cannons working hard on Folyères. Thanks to Michelle for the pic.

And more mounds of cannoned snow this morning on La Troika below…







Further Information on Mobile Phone Reception & 4G Services in La Tania


The new phone mast disguised as a tree in La Tania can be confirmed as being provided by Free Mobile ( and will support 4G.

In La Tania we also have the other 3 major mobile service providers with Bouygues, SFR and Orange having building roof masts on top of Le Grand Bois apartment block and there also appear to be an SFR installation on the Christiana building too. Generally service is pretty good across The 3 Valleys – a noticeable “not spot” was The Mèribel Folie Douce but that was resolved last Winter.

In France SFR and Bouygues are now building a joint network so users can roam between their masts and Free Mobile users can currently roam on Orange 2G and 3G services when needed although this is set to end soon.

Looking at the information site it would appear that Free Mobile plus Bouygues/SFR support 4G but Orange is currently only 3G.

As we mentioned in the New Phone Mast post this doesn’t mean you will always get 4G on a UK SIM when roaming – The UK operator Three Mobile for example doesn’t allow 4G on its free “Feel at Home” service in France (and even the 3G is throttled back somewhat and noticeable when streaming radio etc).

As far as we can tell the 4 UK mobile service providers roam on the following services in France (remember GiffGaff & Tesco is O2, Virgin is on EE etc).
Three Mobile – Bouygues, Orange and Free Mobile (No 4G. No coverage in the Channel Tunnel either!).
EE – Bouygues, Orange (4G where available).
O2 – Bouygues, Orange, SFR (No 4G).
Vodafone – Bouygues, SFR (4G where available).

Thanks to Julien (@dji_oul) for help with the above information.