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The Airports

Usually you're going to arrive in either Geneva Airport, Lyon Airport, Chambéry Airport or Grenoble Airport (and of course there's the Eurostar or SNCF to Moûtiers Railway Station).
Turin Airport is also possible but at 3.5 hours drive and through the expensive Fréjus tunnel it’s not really an option. Annecy Airport no longer has scheduled flights to Paris and St. Etienne Airport is no longer used by Ryan Air for flights from the UK. There's also the possibility of Lyon Railway Station with innovative air/rail routes from Air France via Paris - you may as well catch the train on towards Moûtiers for your final transfer in this case.
Private flights or helicopter transfers to Courchevel Altiport or Méribel Altiport are available if you're seriously loaded and Alpine Airlines announced in June 2015 the restart of commercial "on demand" flights from Courchevel altiport. More here...


Quickest road journeys to La Tania with absolutely no hold-ups

Moûtiers Railway Station (19km), 15min - normal run with no hold ups 20min.
Chambéry Airport (103km), 1hr 5min - normal run with no hold ups 1hr 20min
Geneva Airport (137km), 1hr 40min - normal run with no hold ups 2hrs.
Lyon Airport (180km), 1hr 40min - normal run with no hold ups 2hrs.
Grenoble Airport (185km), 1hr 50min - normal run with no hold ups 2hrs 15min.
Note that those first times are the absolute fastest driving times without any traffic or delays - journey times can easily double or treble on a Saturday, during bad weather or at other peak times.
Also consider times for possible flight / train delays, passport queues, toll booth queues, baggage hold-ups, security delays, car park congestion, speed cameras, border checks, Moûtiers traffic controls plus any weather / snow delays and the need for putting chains on etc.


Other influences on choosing an airport for La Tania

Geneva has by far the most flights from the UK and the most transfer options – but is of course therefore the busiest. It is an expensive airport but remember it is outside of the EU so you can purchase (proper) Duty Free on the way out - but cigarette / tobacco probably the only regular good deals on the way back.
Geneva has a French side / exit to the airport with hire cars generally cheaper on that side (although the main route to La Tania is through Switzerland anyway – see further down this page for the pros and cons of which side to hire cars from). NOTE THAT IN 2016 PRICES WERE OFTEN BEEN CHEAPER ON THE SWISS SIDE UNLIKE PREVIOUS YEARS.
Lyon and Grenoble require more autoroute tolls but it is motorway all the way - Lyon can be quicker than Geneva sometimes even though it's an extra 40-50km. Car hire now moved off airport (shuttle bus needed) unfortunately.
Grenoble has the least public transfer options.
Chambéry is the nearest (& smallest) airport but can be quite chaotic on Saturdays and also most susceptible to bad weather – especially fog / low cloud. Crystal allegedly pay Lyon airport around €2,000 a week retainer just in case they need to divert so Lyon have staff on standby. €10m of improvements are on the way with some in place for Winter 2017 - Check out the What's New page.
Full Driving Directions and Maps from all the local Airports are here

Please remember that timetables and prices are always subject to change so check before you travel and any other words about avoiding speed cameras and not buying a Swiss Vignette are just words - NOT advice. Take responsibility & ownership for your own decisions & actions - just like you always should on the mountain.



Private Transfer

By far the easiest way of getting to resort. There are six private transfer companies with their base in La Tania all offering comfortable mini bus journeys to The Three Valley resorts from all the nearby airports and Moûtiers railway station for the Eurostar and other train services.
Private Transfers are now heavily regulated with regular spot checks by the authorities and all companies have to be special operators licences. In addition their vehicles and drivers need to be registered - which all adds up to a far more professional, safer and more comfortable journey.
Approximate 2017 prices for a Geneva to La Tania Private Transfer (one-way) start from around €260 for 1 person, €280 for 4, €300 for 6 and €320 for 8 passengers. Generally Chambéry is around 10-15% cheaper and Lyon & Grenoble around 20% more.
Always worth contacting these private operators as shared transfers are often available or empty legs need filling - shared from around €65 each-way from Geneva to La Tania for example.


Jonboy's well established Three Valleys Transfers fleet of 4x4 Volkswagen Caravelle and Tiguan mini-buses also have Geneva shared transfer and shuttles at weekends, check their website for details.


Long time La Tania resident Phil has Snowbound Transfers who operate door to door services - private, luxury, shared & last-minutes. All new upgraded Renault Traffic minibuses and include complimentary drinks & blankets. The Mercedes Viano or Mercedes 4x4 ML have DVD players. Transfers from all the local airports and Moûtiers railway station to La Tania, Courchevel and Méribel Valleys.


Dazzle Transfers is part of Ski-Dazzle Chalet Holidays in La Tania and offer transfers to Three Valleys in their 3 minibuses and a Nissan X-Trail for smaller groups.


Ski Magic Transfers offer shared or private transfers from Chambéry, Geneva, Lyon or Grenoble or Moûtiers station to all resorts in the Three Valleys.


Ski Hame Transfers provide reliable minibus transfers to resorts in the Courchevel and Méribel Valleys of the Three Valleys. They use new and properly maintained Renault Traffic minibuses to ensure both your comfort and safety. 


Snow White Transfers are a professional, reliable transfer company operating from all the local airports and both Moûtiers/Bourg St Maurice rail stations, to the ski resorts of the Three Valleys.


All these operators are fully insured, registered and licensed with the French authorities using
professional, reliable, British drivers who will meet you at the airport and drive you directly to your chalet, hotel or apartment and on return will get you back in plenty of time for your flight or train connection.
Click on their links / logos for prices and contact details, all offer shared or private transfers and it's always worth checking even if you're on your own - they may have an empty vehicle traveling to collect people or vice-versa and be able to offer you a competitive option to the scheduled bus or train services.



Airport Car Hire


Using Car Hire For Your Airport Transfer

Car Hire is a very reasonable option especially if you're in a group even if you do leave it parked up for a week (free parking in La Tania). Book early and beware all the add-in costs and decide if you need ski racks and snow chains. During heavy snowfall you will need chains and/or snow tyres (and it is the law to have them on mountain roads where indicated, though it's rarely enforced) - it can be cheaper to buy chains than hire if you purchase before you get near the mountains and are hiring longer than 10 days or so.
Petrol is no longer cheaper in Switzerland due to the exchange rates so fill up in France just before you get there (even in Annecy is probably near enough). Diesel is still a bit cheaper than petrol in France but getting closer all the time. Take care when speeding, especially villages where the limit drops to 50km/h without warning, check the La Tania Speed Camera page and note that most fixed French cameras are always preceded by a warning sign - so you've been warned!
On 8 June 2015 the DVLA got rid of the paper counterpart of the UK Driving Licence with points and endorsements held electronically. There is a process to "share" this information with car hire companies via the DVLA website. Note that in our experience it is never required in France or Switzerland (for Geneva) or in fact anywhere in the world outside of the UK.
More information in our blog post and the DVLA web site to view your information is at:



Geneva Airport Car Hire

Confusion reigned during Summer 2016 over EU Citizens taking Swiss registered cars in to France due to interpretations of some new EU rules. According to some report some hire companies were getting German registered cars in place on the Swiss side and asking questions if you were taking a car in to France, saying you wouldn't be insured etc.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2016 - No one cares anymore, there are no restrictions in place and there is no problem taking a Swiss registered hire car in to France. The usual on-line scaremongering and tabloid like reporting can be ignored - just like when they said all transfer buses would be banned.



Geneva Car Hire 2017 Approximate Costs - An Example

A typical week Saturday to Saturday hire booked 3 months in advance using comparison site (January 2017 example).
7 Day "all-inclusive" car hire Geneva Airport (Swiss side):
Twingo size £155, Golf size £180, Mondeo size £230, 5 seater Espace £280, 7 seater Espace £420
7 Day "all-inclusive" car hire Geneva Airport (French side):
Twingo size £135, Golf size £170, Mondeo size £230, 5 seater Espace £320, 7 seater Espace £510
Also consider additional insurance waiver cover, child seats, satnav, ski racks and snow tyres/chains on French side (mandatory and usually included on Swiss side).
November 2016 Prices
In old money... say it's a 180 mile round trip at 36mpg, so 5 gallons (22.7 litres),
Diesel €1.20 per litre and petrol €1.35 per litre in January 2016,
So a diesel would costs about €27 and a petrol vehicle €31 in fuel.
Tolls for the Geneva to Annecy (North) autoroute are €7.30 each way.



Geneva Airport - French v Swiss Sides

The French swapped some land with Switzerland in 1960 to allow expansion of the airport and a French entrance/exit was agreed as part of the deal. Although the main route to France is still via Switzerland even from the French side, but this can be avoided if needed.
The Car Hire area on the Swiss side moved in November 2008 - it is now to the right of arrivals as you exit baggage collection on the Swiss side. You complete paperwork here and then use a free shuttle bus or walk to the new car hire car park (it's no longer underneath arrivals and make sure you don't pay for the bus).
Follow signs to P51 parking on your return - there's a fuel station immediately before the turn in to the rental car park. The walking route is marked and only around 5 or 6 minutes - easy with hand baggage or wheely cases.
The French side of the airport is accessible via the check-in level at the far right end of the building (opposite to the easyJet end). Most of the time it's not even manned and you can walk straight through - have boarding cards and passport ready just in case though.
The car hire desks are immediately as you exit in to the French side next to check-in desks. Cars are parked a short walk away directly in to a covered car park.



Swiss Side Pros & Cons


French Side Pros & Cons


Lyon Airport

Now also needs a shuttle bus to the car hire area (and the bus stop is the opposite end of the terminal to the usual Charter and easyJet arrivals).



Chambéry and Grenoble Airports

Portacabins right outside arrivals and next to the vehicles. Very handy but make sure you get off the plane first - leave a friend to collect your bags as queues can develop very quickly!



Tolls (each way) from the airports to La Tania (November 2016 Prices)

Geneva Airport via Annecy Nord J17 (132km) €7.30
Geneva Airport via Annecy Sud J16 (134km) €7.90
Geneva Airport via Chambéry / Albertville Autoroutes (183km) €17.30
Lyon Airport (181km) €16.40
Grenoble Airport via Grenoble (170km) €11.40
Grenoble Airport avoiding Grenoble towards Lyon (185km) €12.40
Chambéry Airport (103km) €5.20
See below for full details of Directions to La Tania



Car Hire Companies

We recommend (they check 50 hire sites and are owned by Holiday Autos / LastMinute group). They strike the best deal from the major hire car companies of Hertz, Budget, Alamo, Thrifty, National, Europcar etc so you can be sure of the best price. You can hire from the French or Swiss sides of Geneva airport and nearly all towns, airports and railway stations are covered too.


When in Geneva at the airport the most competitive deals on arrival may be with Hertz. We've seen people negotiate with all the car hire companies going from one desk to another and play one company off against another - Hertz won (although getting a laptop out and using may be cheaper).
It's also worth remembering that all these companies love their loyalty or corporate discount schemes/codes/vouchers. Worth checking if you're entitled to any of these and searching on the internet for them - we've lots of reports that they don't actually check if you're entitled to them or not!




Scheduled Transfer Bus Services - Timetables


Airport Bus From Geneva Airport - Information at
See desk at the Airport for tickets, book on-line or call +41 22 798 2000.
There is a limited service at the start/end of season and there may be more departures at peak times. All routes change at Moûtiers where you may be taxied to resort depending on numbers. Reconfirm your return 2 days in advance at the Tourist Office in La Tania. Journey time is around 3 hours including the change at Moûtiers.
Geneva Airport - La Tania Winter 2017 Timetable (pdf)
For an example a typical week in 2017 is shown - always check the timetable above and on-line.
Depart Geneva Airport
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri - 12:15, 15:30, 19:15
Sundays - 10:00, 12:15, 15:30, 19:15
Saturdays - 10:00, 11:00, 12:15, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:45, 19:15
2017 On-Line Prices - Geneva Airport to La Tania (Extra 3 or 4 Euros if not booked on-line)
Adult €85 one-way, €144 return
Child €42.50 one-way, €72 return (child is from 4 to 12 years old)
Groups of 4 or more adults traveling €73 one-way and €124 return per person.
A special Saturday only rate to Courchevel or Méribel (but doesn't specify La Tania) is now quoted with an on-line price of €68 single or €115 return.





Airport Bus From Lyon Airport - or call +33 479 683296
Booking now available on-line. There is a limited service at the start/end of season. All routes usually change at Moûtiers where you may be taxied to resort depending on numbers. Reconfirm your return 2 days in advance at the Tourist Office in La Tania. Journey time is around 3 hours including the change at Moûtiers. Lyon Airport is known as St Exupery Airport.
Lyon Airport - La Tania Winter 2017 Timetable (pdf)
For an example a typical week in 2017 is shown - always check the timetable above and on-line.
Depart Lyon St Exupery Airport
Fridays - 11:35, 16:35
Saturdays - 10:15, 11:20. 15:30 18:45
Sundays - 11:20, 15:35
2017 Winter Prices - Lyon Airport to La Tania
Adult €73 one-way, €115 return
Child €55 one-way, €94 return
Infant €37 one-way, €63 return
All plus Baggage Charge of €6





Airport Bus from Chambéry Airport - or call +33 479 683296
Booking now available on-line. There is a limited service at the start/end of season. All routes usually change at Moûtiers where you may be taxied to resort depending on numbers. Reconfirm your return 2 days in advance at the Tourist Office in La Tania. Journey time is between 1:45 & 2:45 depending on change at Moûtiers.
Chambéry Airport - La Tania Winter 2017 Timetable (pdf)
For an example a typical weekend in 2017 is shown - always check timetable & on-line. Return times should be re-confirmed with Tourist Office.
Depart Chambéry Airport
Saturdays - 10:50, 14:00, 16:10, 17:20
Sundays - 12:00
Depart La Tania
Saturdays - 05:30, 07:50, 09:35, 11:50
Sundays - 07:40
2017 Winter Prices - Chambéry Airport to La Tania
Adult €38 one-way, €63.30 return (groups of 4 or more €57 return per person, no kids discount)
Tickets by email €1 or by post €2.90




Airport Bus from Grenoble Airport -
Scheduled service to Moûtiers meeting every weekend flight - then onward transfers by taxi (10% discount with Bens Bus Taxi Partners). Journey time is around 2 to 2.5 hours to Moûtiers
Buses are scheduled on Saturdays & Sundays to meet incoming flights. More info here...
2017 Winter Prices - Grenoble Airport to La Tania
Adult £39.80 one-way, £74.80 return - Call for weekday prices / private transfers.
£5.50 supplement on Sundays / weekdays and £10 last minute booking charge





Bus from Moûtiers to La Tania - or call +33 479 242158
There are exceptions & additions at beginning and end of season - also extra buses at peak times & weekend only services. Check for any changes and weekend return journeys must be booked 48 hours in advance at the Tourist Office in resort. Journey time is around 40 minutes, generally stops at Brides Les Bains and St Bon.
Saturday services to/from Le Praz (approximately every hour from 06:30 to 19:30) and/or by arrangement with Tourist Office.
Moûtiers - La Tania, Courchevel 2017 Timetable - T5 Service
On peak half term Saturdays in February a bus usually runs every 45 mins from 5:45am to 8:00pm without regard to normal timetables. Also extra buses for some late TGV train arrivals.


For an example a typical week in 2017 is shown - always check
Depart Moûtiers Train Station
Mon, Tue, Thu - 11:00, 13:30, 15:00
Wed - 11:00, 14:00, 15:00
Fri - 11:00, 13:30, 15:00, 18:00, 20:30
Sat - 07:30, 11:30, 13:30,14:30,15:30,17:20, 18:00
Sun - 11:00, 13:30, 15:00, 1700


2017 Winter Prices - Moûtiers Train Station to La Tania
Adult €12.60 one-way, €21.50 return.
Child, groups and Saisonnaire rates from €9.50 one-way, €19.00 return.






Were sometimes available as a surcharge when flying on a flight only deal with certain charter operators but that seems to have disappeared in the last few years - certainly the days of bribing reps at the airport for a lift seem to have gone forever...





Train and Other Transfer Options


Most often from Geneva to Moûtiers (then a bus or taxi to resort - around 20 minutes with no traffic and good weather). Train station is at the airport then change at Geneva Central. At least one more change required to get to Moûtiers - and please note that there is another town called Moûtiers in the west of France, the one you want is Moûtiers les Salins. Trains from Lyon (and fed by a bus from St Etienne) and Chambéry are also possible. From Lyon Airport you can get a TGV (or take the shuttle bus every 20 mins to the station in Lyon centre for a normal train) to Chambéry where you change for a local train to Moûtiers - this only costs around €26 one way. Check out for details.



Jumping in a standard taxi at Geneva airport could cost over £300 one-way! A standard taxi from the railway station in Moûtiers to La Tania should cost around €50 (around £35). There are now plenty of shared transfer / taxi companies advertising on the internet, a lot just acting as agents for other companies and not all are reputable - you've been warned!



Uber now operate from Geneva and Lyon. No news of anyone using them yet but it could be an option if you've landed without anything booked. They always appear to use the Motorway options so from Geneva that means a longer journey (in mileage anyway) and requires additional tolls.
Uber App Estimated Fares
Lyon Airport to La Tania €176 - €234.
Geneva Airport to La Tania CHF331 - CHF440.



Very difficult and where to start? Can be possible from Moûtiers if you walk along to the junction with the main road from Albertville but if you've got a load of ski gear forget it.


Helicopter or Plane transfer!

From Geneva or Lyon direct to the Altiport at Courchevel 1850 or Méribel - Not as madly expensive as you might think... Contact SAF on +33 479 080091 but is always dependent on weather conditions.
Alpine Airlines announced in June 2015 the restart of commercial "on demand" flights from Courchevel altiport. More here...



Driving Directions and Maps to La Tania

Directions from Geneva - The French Side (see maps at bottom of page)

French motorway signs are blue and A-roads green.
Swiss motorway signs are green and A-roads blue.


View Larger Map
If you don't have a Swiss Vignette (like a motorway toll tax disc) with a French hire car you should be able to get away with it by heading for France via the motorway and coming off to cross the border at St Julian - the chances of getting caught traveling up a couple of junctions of the motorway are very small. Remember to turn off after the third tunnel or you could get caught on the Motorway border point. There's only a small chance when exiting Switzerland though and probably worth taking the risk (you'll almost certainly get caught on your return using the Motorway border point on the way back in to Switzerland). It may of course be better to go exactly the same way on the way back if you're not familiar with the St Julian route however - also can be worth using this way at peak times to cross the border as there's a lot less traffic.
Exit the French Side car hire car park - there is only one road out with barb-wire fence on either side for about 2km and then you pass through a tunnel underneath the runway. At the end of this road you turn right and within 50m you cross the border in to Switzerland (usually just a brief glance from the customs officers) and go back through the same tunnel.
At the end of the tunnel bare right and then left at the lights following the green (Swiss motorway) signs to FRANCE. Keep left and join the slip road on to the motorway following signs to FRANCE and pass under the Galexpo centre. At the next major intersection keep left following signs to FRANCE, you'll see a sign saying Toll 10km (you turn off before then).
Note that on your return to the French side exit the motorway at the Airport turning (well signposted) and then follow the signs to FERNEY - this will get you back to the tunnel under the runway.
You then pass through 3 more tunnels - beware of speed cameras both inside and between the tunnels, the speed limit is 100km/h but variable:
Vernier Tunnel 1900m
Bernex Tunnel 400m
Confignon Tunnel 1400m
At the exit of the 3rd tunnel you must exit to the right - the PERLY Sortie. Keep right at the lights following signs to PERLY / St JULIAN then straight over next lights through to St Julian passing all the fuel stations and crossing the border in to France (again usually just a brief glance from the customs officers if they are there).
Follow the road over 2 mini islands, then the road bares left (follow AUTRES DIRECTIONS down a small hill to the right and then right at the lights signposted ANNECY.
Follow the road over a large island following AUTRES DIRECTIONS and ANNECY signs and then over the first Autoroute following signs to the new A41 extension direct to Annecy - you go back on yourself at the next roundabout and then right on the A41 to Annecy.
See from A41 extension towards Annecy directions below
(Alternatively stay on the road and follow green signs towards JUSSY, CRUSEILLES and ANNECY if you want to avoid the toll charge - easiest to head for the centre of Annecy following signs to Le Lac (the huge lake) - or follow Albertville signs around the ring road. Once you've hit the lake it's then easy to leave this on your left and drive anti-clockwise around the lake on the N508 towards UGINE and ALBERTVILLE. The alternative side of the lake via Talloires is usually just as quick on a Saturday too).



Directions from Geneva - The Swiss Side (see maps at bottom of page)

As you exit the Airport you'll see green (Swiss Motorway) signs to France overhead. Follow this straight road for about 1km, turn left at the T junction at the end then first right (all sign posted FRANCE ) and you're on the motorway.
You then pass through 3 tunnels - beware of speed cameras both inside and between the tunnels, the speed limit is generally 100km/h but is variable:
Vernier Tunnel 1900m, Bernex Tunnel 400m, Confignon Tunnel 1400m
Cross the border in to France (a quick glance is usually all that happens) and you come to the new A41 extension direct to Annecy (see below).


New A41 extension towards Annecy directions
watch your speed on this new road - it's generally 110km/h not 130km/h and there are some mobile speed traps about as well as tunnel cameras with variable limits. About 2km North of the long 3km tunnel is a popular place for mobile cameras. There a Péage to collect a ticket about half way and then keep heading towards Annecy.
Exit at Annecy Nord (J17 with Toll of €6.50 UK credit cards are accepted in the automated barriers) to head around the far side of the lake via Talloires (clockwise around the lake). Head for Pringy and then battle through the streets to Le Lac and TALLOIRES.
Exit at Annecy Sud (J16 €7) and follow sign to ALBERTVILLE to head around the usual West side of the lake (anti-clockwise).
You could stay on the Autoroute and travel via Chambéry - it's an extra 50km and an extra €9 in tolls each way with a possibility of toll queues at Chambéry on a Winter Saturday. In the Summer months this can be a good option though with Annecy and the lake very, very busy on Summer Sunday afternoons.
Then follow signs for the N508 towards UGINE and ALBERTVILLE. Currently two fixed speed cameras before Ugine - all well marked with signposts before you get to them - but mobile cameras are popular too. At Ugine follow the N212 to ALBERTVILLE.
See from Albertville directions below



Winter 2008 / 2009 and La Tania got nearer to Geneva Airport

23 Dec 2008 saw the opening of the new A41 motorway extension from just north of Annecy direct to the Swiss Border.
Three Valleys Transfers had one of the first journeys on the new road complete with a new viaduct across the gorge near Le Noiret and the new 3.1km long Tunnel du Mont-Sion. The time taken from the North Annecy junction to the Swiss border was only 11 minutes.
The new 19km road cost 871 million Euros to build and the initial toll charge for cars was initially set at €4.50 each. The speed limit is currently set to 110km.
The construction statistics include the employment of some 900 people with 180 earth moving machines moving 7 million cubic metres of earth. The largest tunnel boring machine in France (named Adelaide) was used and the whole project was completed in 29 months.
With no more Cruseilles hold-ups it could slash a good half an hour off peak time Geneva Airport to La Tania transfers... Click and zoom on the map below.


View Larger Map and Directions


Directions from Lyon (see maps at bottom of page)

From St Exupery airport, (Lyon Airport formerly named Satolas) follow the Autoroute A43 and signs to CHAMBERY and then A43 and A430 to ALBERTVILLE. See from Albertville directions below.
Four toll stops in all - 2 to collect tickets and 2 to pay the tolls. Tolls costs are on the essential costs page. Autoroute's all take plastic (and as of 2008 all take UK cards now). Click and zoom on the map below.

View Larger Map and Directions


Directions from Chambéry (see maps at bottom of page)

Follow signs to the Autoroute A43 (or E70 European classification) and then signs to ALBERTVILLE. Pick up the A430 to ALBERTVILLE. See from Albertville directions below.
Click and zoom on the map below.

View Larger Map and Directions


Directions from Grenoble (see maps at bottom of page)

The airport is way past Grenoble town and it's almost as quick to head back up the A48 Autoroute towards LYON and pick up the A43 to CHAMBERY and on to ALBERTVILLE on the A430 (as opposed to driving through Grenoble on the A48 and then picking up the A41 towards CHAMBERY and then the A43 / A430 to ALBERTVILLE). See from Albertville directions below.
Click and zoom on the map below.

View Larger Map and Directions


Directions from Albertville

From Annecy follow the main dual carriageway to Albertville from Ugine.
At Albertville a new roundabout from Autumn 2008 directs you left of the town and by-passes the traffic light heavy main street with a new road next to the river bringing you out near the McDonalds drive thru'.
Turn left again here until the big roundabout (underneath the N90 dual carriageway) and then go LEFT towards MOÛTIERS on the N90.
From Lyon (or Chambéry or Grenoble) the A43 becomes the A430 to Albertville and then the N90 - simply keep going along the dual carriageway towards MOÛTIERS on the N90.


Follow the N90 dual carriageway for about 20km and as you come in to Moûtiers look for signs to COURCHEVEL / MÉRIBEL on the D117, follow these and filter right. From here LA TANIA is signposted.


You're now on the windy roads! Take care. Stay on this road for about 10km past the turn off for Méribel and Brides Les Bains, through La Perrière until you come to a small roundabout and go right (almost back on yourself) - signposted Courchevel / Le Praz / La Tania.


Now you're on the really windy roads. Take more care. Follow this road for maybe 7km - quite a few hairpins! Drive straight through Saint Bon and keep going until you reach Le Praz (also called Courchevel 1300). At the mini roundabout turn right - signposted La Tania - past the Olympic Ski Jump on your left and keep left at the next mini roundabout. Follow for about 2km and you'll arrive in La Tania. Click and zoom on the map below.

View Larger Map and Directions


More Maps from the Airports

Area Location Map - showing routes from all the nearby airports.
Geneva Airport (French Route) - showing French side of airport route with no Vignette.
Swiss border (French Route) - continuing showing route with no Vignette.
Geneva Airport - standard route - route from Geneva Airport (Swiss side) to Annecy.
Swiss border - standard route - continuing from Geneva Airport to Annecy.
Grenoble Airport - showing routes to La Tania
Chambéry Airport - showing routes to La Tania
Check The Speed Camera Page to see where you may get caught.
Check the resort maps to find your accommodation etc.









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