Internet Access in La Tania

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Internet Cafes / WiFi Access

Pub Le Ski Lodge and The Tourist Office both have machines for a reasonable charge (or try persuading a resident to let you have a go of their PC).
The Ski Lodge now has WiFi access as well as a PC for use. The same ticket / password system is available from the bar so you can take in your own laptop (note that there's power underneath quite a few of the seats in the restaurant area used for powering up Hot Rock and Fondue machines!).
Free WiFi access at Lodge du Village in Méribel Village and at some of the chalets (though most with passwords so you can't loiter outside....).
Neptune Internet Services providing fairly wide spread internet WiFi coverage across La Tania in association with the Tourist Office. Access via direct connection and credit card with charges around €5 an hour or €45 a week.
Kalian apartment block and nearby has WiFi access for only £5 a week donation (search the available networks).
Plenty more places in Méribel and Courchevel - try the Tourist Offices, The Bubble Bar in 1650 and The Rosette in 1850.



Installing Broadband

Orange who bought France Telecom and (who bought Free Serve) are the main providers of broadband (and land lines) in La Tania. They have several different tariffs and provide wireless ADSL routers. They also bought Imbricate one of the most popular mobile operators in La Tania for the signal strength although most of the others have caught up now.
It's fairly easy to set this up from their web site (translate a couple of pages with goggle if necessary) but not as cheap as the UK - around €30 plus phone rental for 8MB unlimited.
Note that French phone sockets are different (for DSL filters) and from bitter experience we know that Orange Live Boxes from the UK don't work on Orange Broadband in France (they are tied to or .fr email address passwords - grrrrr).



Dial Up Services

A quick way of getting your own PC on-line without paying to dial up the UK is to sign up with for free access (you only pay for a local call charge). It's easy to sign up even if your French is very basic and they'll send you a username, password and CD. They will send this to a UK address too.
Remember to configure your machine to access the local number - there's a list of access numbers on the site. You look for the local 0479 code and cross reference it to an 0860 local call rate number.

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