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Carriers and routes change all the time - Darwin, Bmibaby, SnowJet, Go, Buzz, Duo, EUJet, BA Connect, MyTravelLite, ThomsonFly, British European, Excel (XL) and FlyGlobespan have all now disappeared. Note that many routes only operate in peak Winter season too.
You're all old enough to realise that schedules change frequently. This is just a guide to assist you and focuses on flights during the main part of the Winter season - many routes don't run in Summer at all and some don't get going fully until January with additional flights at peak holiday times.


The Airports

Usually you're going to fly in to either Geneva, Lyon, Chambéry or Grenoble airports.
Turin Airport at 3.5 hours drive and through the expensive Fréjus tunnel is not really an option.
Annecy Airport no longer has scheduled flights to Paris and St. Etienne Airport is no longer used by Ryan Air for flights from the UK.
Air France have some innovative air/rail combined tickets via Paris to Lyon Railway Station where you could continue on to Moûtiers for your final transfer.
Helicopter Transfers to Courchevel Altiport or Méribel Altiport are available if you're seriously loaded and hate traffic! Prices start from around €2,200 one-way from Geneva for 6 passengers.
Alpine Airlines announced in June 2015 the restart of commercial "on demand" flights from Courchevel altiport. More here...


For further details of all the airports, their locations, travel times and transfer information including driving directions, car hire, private transfers, bus & rail links etc check out the La Tania Transfer Page.



Comparison Websites - good for checking multiple routes



Skyscanner is a quick way of displaying flight options and routes with outline prices. It includes most of the low cost airlines and the map page is very useful in seeing where you can fly to and from across the world.




The No Frills LCC Operators - Usually on sale from March/April for next Winter



easyJet are still leading the way with up to 60 flights per day from the UK to Geneva for Winter 2018
Winter 2017/18 flights released Thursday 23 March 2017 at 7am for flights until 04/02/2018
Winter 2018 flights released Thursday 27 April 2017 at 7am for flights until 24/03/2018
Spring 2018 flights released Wed 20 September 2017 at 6am for flights until 24/06/2018
Summer 2018 flights released Wed 27 September 2017 at 7am for flights until 02/09/2018
Autumn 2018 flights released Wed 22 November 2017 at 6:30am for flights until 27/10/2018

The latest info we have for the release of Winter 2019 flights is in April 2018 (not March)

Geneva from Aberdeen (Sat), Belfast (Sat/Sun/Mon), Bournemouth (Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun), Birmingham (DAILY), Bristol (DAILY), Edinburgh (DAILY), Glasgow (Sat/Sun), Leeds/Bradford (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon), Liverpool (DAILY), Manchester (DAILY), Newcastle (Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon), Gatwick (DAILY), Luton (DAILY), Stansted (DAILY) and Southend (Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon).
New for Winter 2018 is Geneva from Southampton (Tue/Thu/Sun) from £31.99
Also to Geneva from all over Europe including Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Crete, Dubrovnik, Figari, Hamburg, Ibiza, Madrid, Mykonos, Nantes, Nice, Malaga, Lisbon, Olbia, Palermo, Paris, Palma, Prague, Pristina, Sharm El Sheikh, Copenhagen, Santorini, Stockholme, Tel Aviv, Toulouse and Rome (some of these seasonal).
Lyon from Belfast (Sat), Bristol (Sat), Edinburgh (Sat), Manchester (Sat), London Gatwick (DAILY), Luton (Fri/Sat/Sun/Tue) and Southend (Sat).
Also to Lyon from a whole host of European destinations including Agadir, Ajaccio, Barcelona, Bastia, Berlin, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Brest, Casablanca, Dubrovnik, Figari, Ibiza, Krakow, Lisbon, Madrid, Majorca, Marrakech, Nantes, Olbia, Palermo, Porto, Rome, Split, Toulouse and Venice (some of these seasonal).
Grenoble from Birmingham (Sat), Bristol (Sat), Edinburgh (Sat), Liverpool (Sat), Gatwick (Sat/Sun), Luton (Sat) and Stansted (Sat).


Baggage limits, rules etc.

easyJet have a price promise in place - if the fare you pay for comes down in price due to one of their sales then they will refund the difference in the form of a voucher/credit for your next flight. Always worth checking a month before you fly - and it does work, we've done it a couple of times. easyJet Price Promise


On 12 Nov 2009 easyJet announced the original IATA sized hand baggage (56x45x25cm) up from 55x40x20cm and on-line check-in for those with hold baggage too. Note than in June 2015 IATA announced a new recommended cabin baggage standard of 55x35x20cm but this is still to be implemented across the industry.


In Summer 2013 they introduced optional advance seat reservations and speedy boarding to include a speedy check-in / bag drop off desk too.


Winter 2014 saw the introduction of a smaller hand baggage size of 50x40x20cm which is guaranteed to be taken in the cabin as you may get your standard size taken off you and placed in to the hold if the flight is busy but at no additional charge. Note however, that there is no weight limit on hand baggage as long as you can put it in the overhead locker yourself!


Spring 2015 saw the inclusion of Fastrack Security charge with the easyJet Plus membership (along with a membership price increase). Now available at most airports including Geneva and Lyon. An additional bag of 45x36x20cm is also allowed for easyJet Plus cardholders. Standard hold luggage limit remained at 20kg until Autumn 2017 - see below.


Autumn 2017 saw hold baggage options of 15kg or 23kg introduced.

They're also becoming a lot stricter on hand baggage and many bags are removed at the gate for the hold (free of charge) unless of the smaller under your seat type. Crew do now ask for smaller bags to be placed under the seat in front of you while trolley bags taking up much more space have to go in overhead lockers - if you get them on board in the first place of course! This does penalise people taking small bags on board - you have to squeeze them in next to your feet! Take a bigger bag and it goes above...





Flybe Winter routes for 2018 were rolled out during April 2017
Confirmed for Winter 2018 (Direct Services)
To Geneva:
Birmingham (Sat)
Cardiff (Sat)
Exeter (Sat)
Southampton (Sat/Sun)
Isle of Man (Sat)
Jersey (Sat)
To Chambéry:
Birmingham (Sat)
Cardiff (Sat)
Exeter (Sat)
Southampton (Sat)
To Lyon:
Birmingham (Daily)
Manchester (Daily)
Southampton (Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun)
Southend (Summer only)
Note that routes with changes via Southampton, Paris etc are often quoted on their website and code shares exist with Air France (although usually much cheaper to book on the Flybe site).
Additional Regional Airports include Norwich, Newcastle, Doncaster and Inverness.
Norwich to Chambéry direct service dropped for Winter 2018.


Baggage limits and possible ski length restrictions on certain flights

Flybe may use Bombardier Q400 (78-seat, twin-turboprops) and Embraer 195 planes (118-seat, twin-jet engine) so read the small print - they are sometimes limited in the number of sets of skis they can carry too so always pre-book sports equipment. Standard cabin baggage size is 55x40x23cm / 10kg and hold luggage 20kg.


Jet2 flights for Winter 2018 went on sale during March 2017 offer great-value flights & package holidays to exciting sun, snow and city destinations from nine UK bases: Leeds Bradford, Manchester, East Midlands, Newcastle, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast International and London Stansted. Make the most of the low £60pp deposit, convenient flight times, 2 to 5* accommodation, and zero credit card fees.
Confirmed for Winter 2018
To Geneva:
Birmingham (Mon/Fri/Sat)
East Midlands (Mon/Thu/Sat/Sun)
Edinburgh (Sat/Sun)
Leeds / Bradford (Mon/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
London Stansted (Mon/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
Manchester (Mon/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
To Grenoble:
Birmingham (Sat/Sun)
East Midlands (Sat in Feb only)
Glasgow (Sat)
Leeds / Bradford (Sat)
London Stansted (Sat)
Manchester (Sat/Sun)
Newcastle (Sat)
To Lyon:
London Stansted (Sat)
Manchester (Sat)


New for Winter 2018
London Stansted to Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva.
Glasgow to Geneva dropped but Edinburgh added.


Baggage limits etc.

Standard cabin baggage size is 56x45x25cm / 10kg and hold luggage 22kg.

Summer 2016 saw Jet2 restrict alcohol sales - From 8 Aug 2016 no alcohol will be sold on board before 08:00.





Monarch Ceased Trading at 4am on 2nd October 2017

They had trouble in 2016 and were only given their CAA licence after an emergency week extension and more capital injection - this time they went in to administration. If you booked a flight-only you need to claim from your credit card company or insurance. Debit cards require you to contact the administrators first apparently - but you should get the full money back eventually.
Monarch were due to fly these routes for Winter 2018
Geneva from Gatwick a& Manchester
Lyon from Gatwick
Grenoble from Gatwick , Manchester & Birmingham





Ryanair continue to reduce their involvement in the ski market to our parts of the Alps...
Confirmed for Winter 2018
Grenoble from Stansted (Sat/Tue) from £28 one-way.
Grenoble from Dublin (Sat) from €55 one-way.
Brussels - Grenoble dropped for Winter 2018.
They still fly to St Etienne from Porto too!
Get in early and they still do have some real bargains but of course beware all the extras.


Baggage Limits and Charges

Hand baggage has a 10kg limit last time we checked and they do get stroppy about exact cabin bag size, which is a smaller 55x40x20cm size than many airlines. Since 2015 they have got a little better and allow a small handbag too of 35x20x20cm plus reserved seats etc. Hold baggage is charged at 15kg or 20kg amounts.


Playing the game by their rules, we did manage a GBL - EMA on the No Taxes promotion. €3.75 ALL IN (hand baggage only, on-line check-in, Ryanair Cash Passport etc ) on a Saturday in 2009. Understand the rules, accept what you're getting and some great prices are available.


Turin from Stansted could be an option if you're desperate - it's a 4 hour drive via the Fréjus tunnel (about another €25 each way if we remember rightly).


Jun 2015 latest baggage charges

At the airport at peak times (like Christmas) 1st 20kg Bag £60, 2nd 15kg Bag (boots!) £50, Skis £45. Now that's each-way, per person so for 4 return that would be a massive £1240 extra you'd be charged at check-in...


Use ski bags fully and get some clothes in there too. Get boots in main case and always pre-book bags and skis on-line (or hire when you get there - latest skis, fully maintained and no hassles...).




Etihad Regional

Etihad Regional Swiss regional carrier Darwin Airline (who took over Baboo after their ill-fated Oxford- Geneva service) have now become Etihad Regional and used Cambridge Airport as its base in the UK.
Their 50-seat Saab 2000s used to fly to Geneva 3 times a week on Tue/Thu/Sat from £190 return but
this has now been dropped.
They have several options from Spain and Italy in to Geneva.
Winter 2016 saw Inghams Charters flying Saturdays from Cambridge to Chambéry but this has now been dropped.




Wizz Air

Wizz Air is Central and Eastern Europe’s largest low-cost airline which started flying in May 2004. They now have seasonal flights to Grenoble, Lyon and Geneva.
To Lyon from Warsaw.
To Grenoble from Warsaw, Gdansk and Vilnius.
To Geneva from Sofia and Bucharest.




Transavia LCC set up by Air France and KLM.
August 2012 saw the announcement of the return of the Paris – Chambéry route after an absence of 11 years but it looks like this route has been dropped despite The 3 Valleys and Chambéry Airport helping to finance and promote it. Chambéry is under 3 hours from Paris on the fastest TGV trains.
To Chambéry from Rotterdam/The Hague & Amsterdam (both Sat) from €39 one-way.
To Grenoble from Rotterdam/The Hague (Sat) from €29.
To Geneva from Rotterdam/The Hague (Sat) from €29.
Also to Lyon during the Summer from tourist destinations across Greece, Spain etc.





Hop! Air France LCC
Should be included here as Hop! are another LCC now incorporated under the Air France banner with flights from all across France to Lyon plus some from Italy, Germany, Belgium etc - still no flights from the UK for Winter 2018.
They also fly to Geneva from Biarritz and and Calvi in Corsica.





Thomson Flights which merged with First Choice Flights now really focus on charter flights. They had scheduled ThomsonFly services to Grenoble from Bournemouth and to Geneva from Doncaster and Coventry but basically they only fly to the Med, Canaries and Red Sea now.
There are lots of Thomson packaged charters under the TUI banner (mainly Crystal Ski) going in to Chambéry and flight only fares are sometimes made available - see below.




Hapag-Lloyd Express

Hapag-Lloyd Express - fly to Geneva from Cologne/Bonn. They fly to Cologne/Bonn from Manchester or possibilities exist to use in conjunction with GermanWings from Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh or Air Berlin from other parts of Europe.



With all of the budget airlines you've got to get in quick to get the cheap fares! Occasionally there are sales and remember easyJet will refund any difference if their fare does come down in price nearer to the departure date.




"Full Service" Scheduled Airlines - Usually bookable about a year in advance

Although now they all seem to be starting to charge for bags and in-flight booze...


British Airways

British Airways the national carrier, still with a free bar but the snacks are hardly worthwhile. Ski carriage, baggage charges & seat reservation charges are all being phased in too. Lead-in prices often hand baggage only now.
Geneva from Heathrow (up to 10 x daily), Gatwick (2 per day M-F, 5 on Sat, 6 on Sun) and London City Airport (up to 4 x daily) with Winter 2017 prices starting from £34 one-way including taxes.
Lyon from Heathrow (up to 4 x daily) from £37.
Grenoble from Gatwick (Sat/Sun) from £34.
Chambéry from London City (Sat/Sun) from £66.
Chambéry from London Stansted (Sat/Sun) from £49.
New for Winter 2018 are:
Heathrow to Grenoble Sat/Sun from £31 each way.
Additional Gatwick - Geneva services.
Manchester - Chambery every Saturday dep 7am arr Chambery at 10am, return flight dep 10.55am, arriving Manchester noon from £58 each-way.
Friday night London City to Chambery has been dropped for Winter 2018.

Baggage Limits and Charges

Can often be cheaper that the no frills lot when booking at short notice or for flights on Saturdays a year in advance. Charges are now being made for seat reservations, credit cards, hold baggage plus skis & snowboards. Standard cabin baggage size is 56x45x25cm plus personal bag 45x36x20cm & hold luggage 23kg (short haul).




SWISS International have prices for Gatwick to Geneva starting from £42 one-way.
Geneva from London Heathrow (daily up to 5 a day).
Geneva from Gatwick (Sat/Sun).
Geneva from London City (daily up to 3 a day).


Baggage Limits and Charges

Always worth checking out their prices plus skis, poles & boots (or snowboard & boots) still always go free but lead in prices are hand baggage only! Standard cabin baggage is 55x40x23 / 8kg and hold luggage 23kg.




London City Offers Oct 2008

Air France

Air France UK still operating old school style with free drinks, food and hold baggage (and certain single fares more expensive than returns - remember Apex rules?), code share options with Flybe available now (usually cheaper on Flybe site). Direct services to Lyon from Heathrow and Gatwick now dropped.
Confirmed for Winter 2018
Lyon from Birmingham daily (Flybe codeshare).
Decent fares also available via Paris (or using KLM via Amsterdam) from many regional UK airports. Can sometimes use a combined rail/air ticket using the fast Paris/Lyon rail connection.


Prices, Baggage Limits etc.

Generally Air France domestic flights purchased in advance are a good deal (Paris - Lyon from £33 each way even on Saturdays for example). However not so competitive internationally - can be worth a cheap easyJet to Paris and then onwards via Air France for a good deal. Standard cabin baggage is 55x35x25 / 12kg and hold luggage 23kg.




Blue Islands

Blue Islands serve the Channel Islands and are now part of FlyBe
Direct Services Confirmed for Winter 2018
Geneva from Jersey (Sat).


Baggage limits etc.

Standard cabin baggage size is 40x30x20cm / 6kg and hold luggage 20kg.





Lufthansa - to Geneva via Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt from Birmingham and London.


Jihad Airways - the national carrier for the UAE have started flying from Sydney to Geneva via Abu Dhabi. Very useful for all those Aussies who don't have to make that extra European connecting flight.



New Commercial Service from Courchevel Altiport for Winter 2016

Alpine Airlines announced the restart of commercial "on demand" flights from Courchevel altiport on 22 June 2015.
Tariffs are not released publicly but their plane is 30% quicker than a helicopter, takes 5 passengers and with more luggage space too.
Routes from Courchevel include transfer options from Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry, Annecy & Valence or direct services from Paris, Nice/Cannes/St Tropez, Marseilles, London & Turin.




Holiday Site, Travel Agents and Others



Thomson Holidays / TUI - offer package ski holidays (brands include Crystal & Flexiski) with charter flights from local airports to all the main ski resort destinations. Lots of flights now go in to Chambéry, the nearest airport to La Tania - they even pay Lyon airport a retainer so they are ready for any closure of Chambéry airport in bad weather.
New for Winter 2018 are Crystal direct flights from Exeter to Chambéry.



Charter Flight Only Deals

There are flight only deals with the holiday charter companies as well (nearly always on a Saturday - the main transfer day). The main holiday companies all come to La Tania. Transfers on their coaches are sometimes available for a surcharge too - bribing the reps for a lift doesn't seem to work however these days...
Crystal have their last minute Super Deals and are often hard to beat.
Inghams introduced a new package only route from Cambridge Airport to Chambéry for Winter 2016 with Eastern Airways but this looks likely to have been dropped for 2017.

Helicopter or Plane Transfer

From Geneva or Lyon direct to the Altiport at Courchevel 1850 or Méribel.
Possible from SAF on +33 479 080091 or WhiteTracks but is always dependent on weather conditions.





Old Routes and Airlines no longer operating

Monarch ceased trading on 2 October 2017 with all associated companies (running their holidays and engineering division) going into administration and the loss of 2,500 jobs. They had trouble in 2016 and were only given their CAA licence after an emergency week extension and more capital injection - this time however, they went under with some 110,000 customer already abroad and an estimated 400,000 future bookings affected.
BMI Regional - left over from the sale of BMI to BA, they operated fairly competitive flights from Manchester and Birmingham to Lyon in 2014. These routes have now been discontinued.
Darwin Airline (who took over Baboo) from December 2013 are now Jihad Regional and operated flights from Cambridge to Geneva for Winter 2014.
BMI were bought by British Airways and their routes merged in to BA / IAG Group from 28 October 2012.
Bmibaby - Ceased to exist from 9 September 2012. In Winter 2012 Bmibaby flew to Geneva on Sat/Sun (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon in Feb & March) from East Midlands, also to Geneva on Sat/Sun from Birmingham and Belfast City plus To Chambéry on Sat/Sun from East Midlands. Jet2 have stepped in at East Midlands, see above.
Now a charter only operation on behalf of tour ops including Club Med, Crystal Ski, Esprit Holidays, First Choice Ski, Inghams, Skiworld, Ski Total and Thomson Ski. Had useful Chambéry flights in 2012.
Baboo flew from London City to Geneva in 2010 but now withdrawn. They also tried to get a route up and running from Oxford Airport (just off the A34 to the North of Oxford) to Geneva but it didn't last long. They were taken over by Darwin Airline who are starting up a Cambridge - Geneva service for Winter 2014 (and then subsequently taken over as Jihad Regional - see above).
easyJet dropped East Midlands as a base in December 2009 and bmibaby got a lot of press saying they would add extra flights to Geneva etc. - They didn't and only ran Sat/Sun flights rather than the
previous daily service. Bmibaby closed on 9 September 2012 following BA owners taking over BMI.
Flybe has grown out of British European.
FlyGlobespan Scotland's low cost airline flew to Geneva from Edinburgh but went in to Administration on 17 December 2009.
MyTravelLite (now FlyThomasCook) flew from Birmingham International to Geneva with some very cheap mid-week deals in 2002/3 but didn't run the following year.
Matair used to fly (very small planes!) direct from Southend to Courchevel 1850 Altiport until around 2000/2001 season - it wasn't too mad a price if you filled the plane too. Their London taxi transfer vehicle was parked in 1850 for many seasons following this but the service quietly disappeared. Of course easyJet fly from Southend to Geneva now!
Duo flew from Birmingham to Lyon and Geneva and also daily from Edinburgh to Geneva during Winter 2003/4 - they went bust on 1st May 2004 allowing British Airways BA Connect service to take over the daily Birmingham - Lyon and Geneva routes. However , on 1st March 2007 BA (to be renamed London Airways perhaps as they only fly to/from London with the odd exception) gave just about all it's regional international flights to FlyBe (plus £130m). Flybe simple cherry picked the most profitable routes and immediately cancelled the daily Birmingham and Manchester flights to both Lyon and Geneva really messing peoples plans up for Easter 2007 - they only had to give 2 weeks notice of cancelling flights booked up to a year in advance, by which time of course prices are sky high. The compensation? Your money back, bargain....
Excel Airways were re branded and used to fly to Geneva from Gatwick & Manchester on Sundays - they went bust on 11 September 2008.
Go who were bought by easyJet and kept their Stansted to Lyon route.
Buzz were bought by Ryan Air but didn't keep the routes to Grenoble, Lyon and Chambéry although Grenoble was eventually brought back from Stansted after St. Etienne was dropped on 6th June 2006.
EUjet flew to Geneva from Kent and Shannon during Winter 2005, they went bust on 26th July 2005.
Virgin Express flew to Geneva from Brussels which was their European hub but this disappeared in 2009.
Thomson Flights had scheduled ThomsonFly services to Grenoble from Bournemouth and to Geneva from Doncaster but these appear to have been dropped and sadly all ThomsonFly flights from the excellent tiny Coventry airport ended on 2nd November 2008. Now a charter operation but flight only fares may be available.


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