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Update on lifts opening – top sector of La Tania to open next week

We’re sure it wasn’t T Walls Snow Report but ….

The massive amount of new snow high up along with the prevailing winds has led to high avalanche risk and restricted opening high up.

So skiing down to Le Praz is to be opened up next week and the top area around La Tania will open too.

S3V state that official opening of La Tania and 1650 base lifts remains as next Saturday 16 December.

Amazing start….

Original opening lifts above




Most impressive GFS Ensemble (Wigglies) for a while…

The big snowfall has started – already 10cm of fresh snow and lots more coming..

One of the most solidly forecast storms predicted over a week ago has for once gathered in size rather than faded away as it hits The Alps.

The GFS ensembles above showing huge precipitation (bottom lines) and a plunge in temperatures to nearly -15°C top lines. Each line is a different forecast model or compilation, the red line a 30 year average.

Heavy snow today with a little respite Saturday and significant snow on Sunday and Monday (could be some rain at resort level at times but nothing to worry about as the wave of warmer air precedes the weather front) followed by further snow showers becoming heavier towards the end of the week if it all pans out.

There are some seriously crazy automated global forecasts out there – The Daily Express would be proud (predicting worst Winters ever for 10 years and at it again today).

SNOWMAGEDON once again? Bring it on, certainly one of the best starts to a season for years…




Piste Opening Released For Saturday & Free Ski Bus Timetables Confirmed

This Saturday’s opened pistes now confirmed and largely as expected. Lifts were confirmed 10 days ago

The link to Meribel will only be via Saulire this weekend with Col de la Loze opening on 16 December.

Full Size Piste Opening Image Here

Plenty of snow in the forecast for Friday and in to Saturday although 6 days of snow next week is pure iPhoneWeather at the moment.

A good article here on why the amount of snow is hard to predict (especially in the UK) – and no serious forecaster ever tries to predict exactly how much will fall (the heavier the snow, the more it compresses – depending on altitude, pressure, humidity, aspect, wind and of course temperature.

Bus Timetables Confirmed for Winter 2018
Finally we’ve confirmation of the Free Ski Bus Service for La Tania and the Courchevel Resorts. No major changes – the additional service around 17:00 will only run during the school holidays.

The Meribus service for the Meribel Valley for early season 09-22 December 2017 has also been released.

All the timetables and information at:




Staying very cold & possible significant snow at the weekend

Nearly got to a double figure minus temperature last night at resort level with the La Tania weather station reporting a low of -9.2°C just after midnight.

Temperatures hardly scraping above zero for 3 days now and set to remain cold this week. The wigglies 30 year average is the red line on this graph.

More interesting is the low pressure system due over the UK Wed/Thu that will drag cold air from the arctic and weather fronts bring significant snow to The Alps for Courchevel opening weekend (La Tania lifts and all 3 Valleys links open 16 Dec).

Out of the reliable time frame but could be an amazing start to the season and quite a bit of snow in the UK too. Whatever happens there will be masses of skiing available for early season and Christmas skiing…




First Pints of the Season…

Richard’s group in there first followed by a man with his own corner – Willy…

And introducing two new Barman, Dan & Fernando




More preparation of Folyères & Troika Pistes

The resort runs are now being groomed and prepared with the snow cannoned mounds being flattened along with the new fresh snow.

See the size of those mounds compared to a Piste Basher and the new massive hi-tec cannon at the top of La Troika working hard this morning. The buttons have been fitted to the drag – not long now and The Ski Lodge opens tomorrow!




New Logo for Courchevel

The new logo for Winter 2018 from Courchevel. The last change was twelve years ago back in 2005 yet this looks a bit retro doesn’t it?

Remember the fuss (and cost) when La Tania changed their logo?
A lot of people don’t like the new pound coin – some hate all change…

The old logo below…





Courchevel Lifts & Piste opening for 9th & 16th December

S3V have announced the provisional lift and piste openings for the Courchevel opening weekend of 9 December and for the following pre-Christmas week of 16 December when La Tania (and the rest of the Courchevel area) opens.

Lots more than the past few years that’s for sure and just about full opening for 16 December including the Col de la Loze link over to Meribel as well as the Saulire link planned.

Temperatures remain cold and as well as the recent snowfalls a record amount of cannoned snow has been created. Preparation of the pistes is well underway and all is looking good for opening in 12 days time.

Week Beginning 9 December

Full Size Image


Week Beginning 16 Dec

Full Size Image



Full Size Image


PDF Files
9 December 2017
16 December




More Snow on the way from Saturday and during next week

Just as it looked like the high pressure system was set to dominate the weather over the Alps along comes another couple of storms to blow it all away.

An impressive set of wigglies for the next few days with significant snow and low temperatures.

The GFS ensembles show weather models predicting much lower than average temperatures for the time of year (the top lines with red the 30 year average) and the precipitation forecasts are the bottom lines.

More on the La Tania Weather Page


The storm set to come in early Saturday.


France Météo local forecast – out of the reliable time frame but looking good…




Latest “Mountain Art” installations & half a million m³ of snow made…

The latest mountain art installations are being lowered in to place around the Courchevel mountains – remember when the bear blew over on Saulire in that storm? See the video report from 5 March 2017 below.

S3V have just announced they’ve produced a record half a million cubic metres of snow in Courchevel and La Tania this Winter already…. (that’s on top of the real stuff!).

Imagine 1,235 football pitches covered in 10cm of snow and you’ll get the idea of how incredible that is! No wonder The 3 Valleys can guarantee more skiing open than anywhere else…

and from 5 March 2017…