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Last Remaining Charity Day T Shirts Still Available

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2017 Charity Day & La Tania Famile Fete – Roll of Honour and Thank You




Charity Day – A New Record Amount Raised! The Thank You Roll of Honour…

2017 Charity Day T Shirts available by mail order | 2017 Charity Day Pics | La Tania Fete Pics | History & Info

Charity Day Update 22 April 2017
The total amount raised on 3 Valleys Charity Day & La Tania Fete Du Familles after all our associated costs have been paid currently stands at €45,000 with one or two more donations still to collect!

This is an amazing effort which beats last year’s total despite the additional costs of headline acts, transport, sound system, improved event infrastructure and an increased security presence.

The 6th annual 3 Valleys Charity Day (& 16th charity event since we started in La Tania in 2002) that was held on Wednesday 12th April 2017 in Méribel Village last week was another fantastic success.

Thanks to everybody involved as yet again the total raised represents another truly amazing effort by you all.

The rapidly developing La Tania Fete Du Familles event held on the 5th April in La Tania contributed a staggering €10,000 to the overall total of €45,000.

I must give a massive shout out and thanks to Michelle & Alan Slater for all their tireless work & efforts into putting that event together and raising that amount of money in only the event’s third year.

After a rather cold and gloomy day last year the sun shone down all day on us at Charity Day 2017 which created a fun, fantastic and laid back atmosphere which was a credit to everybody.

This year’s event saw a record attendance of 2100 people through the gate plus staff & volunteers. This meant we saw record ticket sales at the event with the venue pretty much full and rocking from 3pm!

The increased attendance certainly made a difference with Pub Le Ski Lodge, Meribar and the new Craft Beer bar provided by Verre Gourmand serving drinks all day long!

As always, many thanks to everyone who attended from all the different resorts of The 3 Valleys and from even further afield this year (people attended from as far afield as Les Arcs, Tignes & Chamonix to name but a few).

Also thanks to all that attended the event, bought a ticket, bought a tee, bought a hat, bought wristbands, bought raffle tickets, drank a beer, ate a BBQ, drank a Jäger and generally partied hard in the name of charity. You have helped to all make the event such an incredible success so pat yourselves on the back!

This year’s slogan was #ChooseCharity and wow you all certainly did and in a big way!

Due to your efforts, attendance and generosity we now have another €45,000 that we can donate to the The Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer.

BBC Radio DJ legend and Glastonbury presenter Jo Whiley returned once more as our main presenter and this year saw the introduction of a new headline act The Gentleman’s Dub Club who brought the house down big time in the fading afternoon sunlight with their set to close out the event.

Many thanks to Jonathan, Harry & Doug and the rest of the band for playing our event this year and everything you did to make it happen at an affordable price for our charities.

Look out for the official event video featuring a GDC soundtrack on our FB page

One of this year’s biggest new challenges was the logistics & increased workload associated with flying out a 9-piece band from the UK to play an event in the Alps.

This meant there was an additional amount of work creating a new stage set up for the band, setting up & hiring all the bands equipment in advance of their arrival at the venue and providing an improved and bigger sound system for the headline act.

I cannot stress how thankful I am to all the guys from Piste Productions Audio, Bring Your Sisters, Alpine Intent and also Jason Baker & Keiron Jardine who all gave up countless hours of their own free time in the hours running up to the event to get the stage, tents and sound system ready for noon on Wednesday and also driving back and forth across the Alps with the equipment for the band.

A truly incredible effort and well done to those who started at 6am in a freezing cold car park to make this happen. You know who you are!

Along with our headline act massive thanks must go out to all the local bands on Wednesday who yet again gave up paid gigs and their own time to play at Charity Day and those who very graciously play earlier slots on the day to give everybody the opportunity to play during the afternoon.

It cannot go without saying how much we appreciate all the local bands on the line up and without you the event would not be the epic success that is always is!

At Wednesday’s event there were too many highlights to mention here individually so make sure you check out all the photos of the action on our facebook page at

On a personal and sad note after 17 years of sterling service and dedication to the Charity Day cause our treasurer & co-organiser Keiron Jardine is standing down after this year’s event to devote more time to his family & work commitments. As a friend and on behalf of the 3 Valleys Charity Day I would like to thank Sandy for all his work & dedication over those 17 years and also for bringing me into the Charity Day fold originally all those years ago to do a newer version of the tee shirts and run the BBQ at the La Tania version of the event. You can check out but you can never leave!

Inevitably due to the nature of running a voluntary association there have been the odd disagreement & stressful moments over the years but I know due to Sandy’s devotion & dedication to the cause that these have always been for the right reasons and with the best intentions. Sandy I will miss the charity day good cop / bad cop routine in the future but I’m still not sure which way around it really was! As the man himself would say Sandy – I love you like a brother and I love your work fella…

As always thanks to Tim Wall for providing advice, support and the truly excellent promotional Charity Day video snow reports and your outstanding radio voice talent!

I know I say it every year but it’s all the volunteers that assist me and give up their own free time and lend their support that makes the event what it is and gives the event its unique flavour.

To finish then on a year when all of you really did #ChooseCharity, thanks to all of you for contributing and see you next year!

Ralph Corner
3 Valleys Charity Day

A massive thank you to all the following

Organisers – Ralph Corner, Keiron Jardine, Rich Roberts, Tayla-Elise Rogers & Tim Wall

Presenters – Russ and Jo Whiley

Band Line Up – Rich Roberts

Sound – Rich Roberts, Ben “Westy” Westaway, Ben Findlay, Stevie Hay, Gareth McKane, Phil Calder, Paul, Chris Hall, Joey, Fernando, Gary Johnson

Bands – Bring Your Sisters, Livewire, The Killerbeez, Maps, The Slopes, Mr Clean, Sian Hayley Smith, Daisy B, The Gentleman’s Dub Club

DJs – Les Deux Roux & Jo Whiley

Venue & Infrastructure – Méribel Tourist Office, Xavier & Clement, Méribel Technical Services

Stage & Stretch Tents – Luke McDonald and Alpine Intent

Sound System Travel Logistics – Jason Baker, Keiron Jardine

Second Stage & VIP Dance Platform – Nico, Courchevel 1850 Technical Services

Tuesday Set Up Team – John Warren, Rich Stuchberry, David Oliver, Luke Eastwood, Chris Ball, Tomas Flack, Tayla Elise-Rogers, Ralph Corner, Keiron Jardine, Benedict Butler

Thursday Clean Up Team – Nick Lean, John Warren, Tony McMahon, Rich Stuchberry, Chris Ball, Tayla-Elise Rogers, Ralph Corner & Luke Eastwood

Wednesday Night Clean Up Volunteers – Charlie Gorman, Chris Ball, Toffa Brown, Luke Eastwood, Kieron Jardine, Ralph Corner, Elise Pannetier, Tayla Elise-Rogers, Lindsay & Auntie Mary, Janet Bundey, Michelle Benton

Event Video – Guy Cotton

Photos – Natalie Earl, Toffa Brown, Guy Cotton

Social Media – Tayla Elise-Rogers,

Radio Advertising – Radio Méribel, Joe Cowen

Advertising –

Tickets Sales – LdV, Pub Ski Lodge, Meribar, Jacks Bar, Bubble Bar

Door – Gabrielle Thorpe, Laura-Jane Sullivan, Neil Williams, Christian van Vloten, Simon Matsi

Jo Whiley Transport – Rachael Allen, John McMorland, Freeride Republic, Snow White Transfers.

The Gentleman’s Dub Club Transport – Mikey & Rachel Allen, Le Praz Transfers, Freeride Republic

The Gentleman’s Dub Club Accommodation – Cafe Del Mott, Hotel Mottaret, Madame Vacances & Louisa Van Vloten

La Tania Méribel Shuttle Bus – Le Praz Transfers & Simon Fox

Food Tent – Big Steve & La Taiga staff, Auntie Mary & Lindsey, Ben Irons, Benedict Butler, Tony & Carol Gilmor, Carol Warren, John Warren, Kirsty Convard, Libbie McMilken, Sue Stuchberry, Jake Woodnut, Tony Torti

Food Donations – Trading Post, Eric Braissard, Savoieire

Event Shopping – Claire Baker, Jason Baker, Ulf Stromvall, Ralph Corner & Freeride Republic

Tombola – Sharon Shazza Orman, Katy Jones, Michelle Slater, Alan Slater, Jane Gates, Rebecca Gates, Danielle Taverner, Carol Warren, John Warren, Lauren Woods, Claire Baker, Stephanie Elston, Janet Bundey

Meribar – Phil Laing, Anna Pisciotta, Jordan Booth, Lizzie Perkins, Joe Walker, Josh Hodkinson

Money Security – Mat Carrol, Phil Greenhalgh

Security – Horizon Security Team

Pub Le Ski Lodge – Chris Ball, Heidi, Claire Baker, Daphnée Vandenhende, Tristan Rouet, Jason Baker, Harriet, Karen Bolton, Luke Eastwood, Paul Clough, Nic Atkinson, Tino, Tim & Deb Wall, Toffa Brown, Mike Westwood & Murray

SnowBugs Kids Zone – Lia Galante, Ellen Hales, Tayla-Elise Rogers

Snow Retreat Sunglasses – Phil and Andrea, Alyssa Griffiths, Kim Walton, Liv Ambler, Rich

Craft Bar – Amanda Myles, Guilliame & Verre Gourmand

VIP Area Staff – Claire Almond-Jones, Fabienne Charlet, Stephanie Berlioz, Ulf Stromvall

VIP Area Canapés – Lyn & John McMorland

VIP Area Sponsors & Donators – Verre Gourmand & Alpine Escape

Ska Trilby Hat Production Team – Tayla Elise-Rogers, Christine Brown, Jason Baker, Claire Baker, Natalie Earl, Thomas Berry

Prize Collections – Tomas Flack & STS Transfers

Delivery Services – Andy Hillman

T Shirt Design, Logos & Poster Design –  Paul Middlewick

T Shirt Manufacturer – Coniston Corporate

T Shirt Sales – Ralph Corner, Tayla Elise-Rogers, Lia Galante, Natalie Earl, Sarah Henderson, Paul & Karen Gorman

T Shirt Sponsors – Snowlinks Transfers, Lodge Du Village, Pub Le Ski Lodge, Snow Bugs, STS Transfers,, Après Ski Bands, Savoieire, Extreme Ski Services, The Freeride Republic, Ski Higher, Alpine Intent, Snow White Transfers, Méribel Tourist Office, Snow Retreat, Slide Candy, The Trading Post

Poster Sponsors – Alpine Intent, Courchevel Transfers, Ski Dazzle, Parallel Lines, Taking the Piste, Alpine Escape, White Storm, Madame Vacances,

Stage Sponsor – Pub Le Ski Lodge

Toilets – Altimodul

Grand Prize Draw Donations – Le Ski, Ski Higher, Magic Ski School, Hotel Telemark

Raffle Ticket Sales – Carol Warren, Michelle Slater, Alan Slater, Daphnee, Beth from Powder White, Dom from Magic, Keiron Jardine, Pete, Izzie, Bettie & Le Ski, Janet Bundey, L’Elephant, The Drop Inn, Katie Bentham Ski Higher, Christian Calder Ski Higher, Stephanie Elston, Scott Omar Alpine Escape, Sharon Orman & Katy Jones Alpine Generation, The Freeride Republic, Lia Galante

Fancy Dress Prize Donators – The Rond Point, Parallel Lines, Tsaretta Spice

Tombola Prize Donations –, The Alpine Generation, The Rond Point, Parallel Lines, The Den, Barometer, Evolution, New Generation, Magic Ski School, Ski Higher, Powder White, Hotel La Pomme De Pin, Hotel Telemark, Alpine Infusion
Ski Some Day, Snow Grenades, Alpine Elements, Bouc Blanc, Pub Le Ski Lodge, La Taiga, Hotel Telemark, Ski Hame, Ski Set, Intersport, The Freeride Republic, La Saucisse Savoyarde, Nick Snape, Carol Warren, Sebastian’s Action Trust, 3 Valley Transfers, The Drop Inn, Lizzie Reynolds

Auction Donators – The Rond Point, ESF, Parallel Lines, Ski Physio, Six Senses, Le Farcon, New Generation, S3V, Snoworks,, La Boulotte, John & Blossom Ski, ESF La Tania, Alpine Elements, Hotel Montana, Snow Grenades

Printing – La Tania Tourist Office, Martine, Le Praz Tourist Office & Lyn McMorland

Long Suffering Partners – Rebecca Jardine, Tomas Flack, Natalie Earl & Angelique Jandot

Sebastian Action Trust Ladies Accommodation – Ieuan Williams and Aidan Dickson

Poubelle Sac Coordinator – Simon Long




Uncle Lindsey 70th – Still Skiing More Than Most!

Still showing the rest how to party (and ski). We had to drag him from going down the Ronnie after a full on Folie session once again…




La Tania 18th Saisonnaires Awards – The Poll Winners Party

Full list of Winners up eventually…

Congrats to all the winners – especially our heros Charlie & George, best band The Marivaux, Harriet retaining extreme female drinker, best bar person Harri, Jade and Jake the most fanciable and Crispy enters the La Tania Hall of Fame…



Bring Your Sisters UK Bank Holiday Gigs! 27/28 May 2017

Bring Your Sisters bring their own special type of madness to the UK on the Bank Holiday weekend of Sat 27th and Sun 28th of May with gigs in Oxshott and Bristol.

Tickets are available now to their only two gigs in the the UK this Summer.

The Exchange, Bristol on Saturday, 27th of May from 8pm.

The Vic, Oxshott, Surrey (just ½hr from Waterloo or Vauxhall Station) on Sunday the 28th, “Beer Garden Après” from 4pm.


For advance (cheaper) tickets and more details, follow the links below:

Bristol Sat 27 May 8pm Tickets and Info

Oxshott Sun 28 May 4pm Tickets & Info


Bristol 27 May 8pm


Oxshott 28 May 4pm



Follow Bring Your Sisters on facebook, see more pics here




3 Valleys Charity Day – Great Day!




Still Great Skiing Available – fresh tracks in VT today

Fresh snow, first tracks in Val Thorens today from La Tania skiers – not transformed Spring Snow. Still good times to be had…




S3V Update on Piste Conditions

After a difficult start to the season, we could have hoped for a better end of season… However Mother Nature decided otherwise and our teams remain very stretched to ensure good skiing to the end.

Our priorities are:

The grooming of the pistes to keep the snowpack and facilitate skiing, with the mobilization of our workforce for the grooming of 75% of all pistes every night.

Maintaing pistes: To get snow on the tracks that we are forced to close for transport and to consolidate other places (for example, Prameruel is covered in snow because the snow has been recovered from the slopes of Mur and Cave des Creux).

This is our piste bashers with the bucket that allows us to carry snow from one place to another.

Coordination with the ski schools to facilitate the conduct of ski lessons in the best possible conditions is also taking place.

There still remains excellent skiing with 150 cm at the top of the pistes and across The 3 Valleys operational links.

The weather makes these days on the mountain just magnificent! (See above, the view from the Saulire this morning and below the corduroy first thing today).



3 Valleys Charity Day Wed 12/4 – All You need to Know…

The biggest and best party of the season is this Wednesday 12 April in Meribel Village kicking off at 1pm with all the best bands in The Alps plus Gentlemans Dub Club headlining around 6:15pm.

There will be outdoor bars, a giant BBQ, food stands, DJs, VIP area, raffle, auctions, fancy dress and The Kids Zone. Further information on 3 Valleys Charity Day here

Tickets are available from Pub Le Ski Lodge, Meribar, Lodge du Village, Jacks and Le Bubble Bar – €15 in advance, €20 on the day.

Don’t forget to buy your 2017 Charity Day T-Shirt 100% of the purchase price goes to our UK and French charities.
Other merchandise includes wrist bands, beanies, sunglasses and trilbys – plus get those raffle tickets too!

Remember there is no cash machine in Meribel Village and the event is cash only.

Transport from La Tania (you can ski down or bus it from the Courchevel Valley) is being provided by Le Praz transfers with shuttles from 1pm to 2pm from the La Tania bus stop with returns from 6:30 to 7:30pm.

The Provisional Line Up – All times approximate and all subject to change of course!
13:00 Sian Hayley Smith
13:30 MAPS
14:10 Livewire
14:50 The Slopes15:30 Mr Clean
16:10 The Killerbeez
16:50 Bring Your Sisters
17:20 Jo Whiley DJ Set
18:00 Gentlemans Dub Club

Plus DJs Les Deux Roux In between the bands.

The new 2017 Charity Day trilby – limited availability….

The End of Season Party for a Good Cause
Inspired by Dan Provost back in 2002 in memory of his Mother who died from cancer.

The locals, workers, businesses & visitors have now raised over quarter of a million euros for British and French Charities including Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer

Contact Ralph at to get involved, offer assistance, donate raffle prizes, sponsorship enquiries, make a donation etc. etc…




La Tania Charity Fête des Familles – Pics and Thanks

A massive thank you to everyone involved in the La Tania Family Fun Day yesterday.

Great turn out, loads of stalls, plenty of kids & adults having fun and some amazing bids in the auction!

Looks like the auction alone raised around €3000 including €57 for some Cadbury’s (Easter) Cream Eggs and one of the cakes went for €160…

The total raised for our chosen charities was an incredible €10,000 – Congratulations everybody!

Thanks to Richard Roberts Photography for the pics – click on the images for larger view

Click on the images for full size pics