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Latest Pics Around La Tania As Snow Cannons Tested Before Snow Next Week

Looking across to Biollay from Chenus

The Snow Cannons are finally firing up in #LaTania this evening as colder weather sets in and more snow is forecast from Saturday and next week. Looks like this was just a test and they will be in full operation next week.

Perfectly normal for the snow to disappear from the warm ground on lower slopes in November but currently above average cover above 1900m.

Snow Cannons tested in La Tania overnight

Courchevel 1850 were making snow yesterday and the piste bashers were getting to work.

The new netting across the red Moretta Blanche piste down to La Tania where it diverts all traffic down the green Plan Fontaine to resort level.

The latest pics from the Moretta Village development – still working /spon it before the main snowfalls of Winter at this level and they pack up until the Spring.

Above 1900m the snow cover is above average, so at present this is above 1850. Things set to change next week and temperatures dropping.

Snow cover looking decent above 1850

Meanwhile Val Thorens has the following lifts open for it’s “Grande Première this weekend:

Funitel Thorens
Funitel Grand Fond
Deux Lacs
Lac Blanc
Funitel Péclet
Plein Sud
The covered magic carpets and Orelle is open too!

It’s looking pretty good over there…

Thanks to Andrea at Snow Retreat, Ralph from Freeride Republic and Ian & Angie S for the pics.

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time…

Only a days recovery before Val Thorens opens on Saturday – a week earlier than planned!

Thanks to Ralph at The Freeride Republic for the pics.

Up Saulire, Down Suisses – Great Pics of Courchevel

Great pics around Courchevel after Ski-Dazzle’s Sallyann hiked up Saulire for some fresh tracks down Suisses yesterday. Good Work!

10 Things to Do When It’s Wet and Cold Outside

Brrr! The rainy days are upon us. Now is that time of year when clouds crowd the sky, rain pours down, and it gets darker and darker, earlier and earlier. It can be a tough adjustment from the long, light evenings of summertime, but you can still make the most of this cosy time even if you don’t go on a winter vacation

Now is a great opportunity to exercise your cooking skills, find a new hobby, catch up on reading, or just relax with your loved ones, a great movie, and a glass of wine. Don’t let the winter get you down. Make a point to enjoy new activities on wet and cold days—you might just find a new favourite thing to do. And who knows, you might have such a grand time that you’ll find yourself looking forward to next winter by the time spring starts blossoming. 

Spa Day

Whether a traditional Korean soaking spa or a Western massage parlour, treat yourself to a day’s worth of pampering and relaxation. Even a trip to the nail salon will leave you looking lovely and feeling decompressed. 

You can warm up in heated pools and rooms at certain spas, so if it’s especially cold out, choose a location that offers hot tubs and crystal-charged rooms to clear your energy and toast you up from the inside out. Some places even allow you to bring masks, gels, and creams so that you can enjoy your very own bespoke beauty routine, all in the comfort of a well-serviced spa area. Enjoy!

Work Out

Exercise out all that excess energy! If you’re feeling trapped inside and going stir-crazy, a trip to the gym can be a godsend for relieving restlessness. And, not to mention, it’s good for you! Lift weights, enhance your cardio on the treadmill, or swim laps for a low-impact workout that will leave you feeling like one million bucks. 

Making a gym visit your natural response to wet and rainy days can be highly beneficial for your fitness routine and overall well-being. You’ll be feeling and looking stronger by the time shorts season rolls around again. 

Catch a Movie

Is anything good out? Probably! The holidays are when many studios release their most anticipated titles of the year. Catch a good movie to kill a few hours and enjoy a bit of escapism. Look up art houses or smaller local venues if you’re looking for a unique film outside the big Hollywood name options. 

Of course, you can also just find something on one of the million-and-one streaming services you pay for. Whether you want to venture out into the wild world or cosy up on the couch, enjoying a movie is a classic cold-day activity.

Start a Craft

Want to learn how to sew, get into woodworking, or renovate a rundown area of your home? There are so many crafting tutorials on the internet that you’re sure to find a creative task you’ll enjoy. 

Whether it’s jewellery making or something more ambitious like re-tiling your bathroom, watch a bunch of YouTube videos on the topic, make a detailed list, and stock up on the supplies you need. You’ll feel productive and accomplished when you finish your first rainy-day activity!

Play at a Casino

Try your chance at winning big when you punt online or take a trip to a brick-and-mortar gaming establishment. Discover new casinos before you venture out to make sure they offer the games you crave. 

Most places offer slots, table games, and roulette, while others also offer sports betting and more. Whatever game you crave, a rainy day is the perfect time to play it. And who knows—you might just win big. Maybe wet days are your lucky charm.

Take a Walk

The stoic Swedes love to say, “Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder.” That means there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors with a little walk around your neighbourhood. The rain makes everything look different and vibrant, so pack a camera and a hot thermos full of tea and see your world through new eyes.

A little rain never hurt anyone, so pull on your waterproof jacket, don a hat, and remember good footwear. You’ll be happy you got out and about, even if it’s just for a little bit. Afterwards, you can warm up inside with a big bowl of soup and a soft blanket.

Go to the Museum

Enrich your mind with a visit to your local art, history, or science museum. You may discover a new love or fascination for a topic you’ve never encountered before. Taking the kids to a children’s museum can also be a great family activity that’s adventurous and educational all at the same time! Best of all, you might just learn something new.

Pro tip: pack a picnic lunch that you can enjoy in the car or under a covered area beforehand to keep the outing relatively affordable. 

Take on a Cooking Project

Make that six-hour roast, or embark on a slow-cooked journey to delicious Bolognese. Cookies, cake, pie, and other involved baking projects are also a fun way to expand your culinary horizons! 

Whether you try something new or rely on an old classic that has you puttering around the kitchen for hours, cooking is a great and nutritious way to fill up your rainy-day hours and tummies. 

Read a Book

Catch up on the latest novel or tap into some educational material you’ve been meaning to get around to. Reading on the couch is great for your brain and feels even more relaxing when accompanied by the soft pitter-patter of the rain on your windowsill. 

In today’s day and age of social media, cell phones, and technology, many of us rarely read for fun anymore. Change that and get through that huge stack of magazines you’ve yet to read. You’ll be smarter for it!

Complete a Puzzle

Break out the jigsaw puzzle and challenge your spatial thinking! Start with the flat edge pieces if you’re intimidated at first. You’ll get into a flow and begin to recognize the shapes and patterns with more ease as you go. 

When you’re all done, you can admire your handiwork—and you’ll have an excuse to buy another puzzle. Happy solving!

La Tania Opens One Month Today!

And the Ski Lodge in 3 Weeks…

Friday 1st December is First Pints day as Pub Le Ski Lodge opens for Winter. Celebrating it’s 30th year there’ll be a party or two this season as we go back to the 90’s…….

First Tracks! Skiers Spotted On Saulire…

On Saulire this morning some Ski Tourers were spotted on the Webcams

Probably the usual suspects but they may wish to remain anonymous – the usual warnings from S3V (the ski area mgmt company) regarding heavy machinery, cables, unsafe areas etc as the ski area prepares the terrain for opening will be along soon no doubt…

Good effort people! And thanks to Mark R for the heads up.

Revolut’s Standing in Online Gambling Industry

Some gambling destinations are doing better than others in many ways. For example, a casino or sportsbook may have a long list of interesting games courtesy of top software companies but may lack customer support or payment services, and vice-versa. This situation is unending, and finding the perfect gaming venue seems almost impossible. Interestingly, some operators have tried solving their problems by integrating convenient and affordable systems. For instance, some sportsbooks now use Revolut as one of their payment methods to overcome the issue of performing online transactions. Find out more about this next-generation payment option in this article and how it would change the iGaming industry. 

5 Things You Need to Know About Revolut Payment Method

Revolut is a digital bank or wallet designed to make life convenient for people as it facilitates easy and seamless transactions. It was only recently introduced but has become one of the world’s most popular digital wallets used by bettors on online gambling sites. Now, while all bookmakers support Revolut, this payment method’s presence will change the gambling industry’s status quo. But before that happens, you should know the following things about the digital payment option. 

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a payment method that uses a digital debit card to perform online transactions. This eWallet option was introduced by its London-based company, Revolut Ltd., in 2015, and it was immediately accepted into the gaming industry, especially betting sites. For about 7 years now, Revolut has proven to be more effective than other methods known to or supported by most bookies. It has provided bettors with a fast, secure, and easy way to make deposits and withdrawals online in a range of currencies – at no processing cost. Currently, Revolut operates in Europe and Asia and has an app on the Google Play Store or App Store. It is also quite popular among norwegian bookmakers.

How to Get a Revolut Debit Card

Revolut acts as a digital debit card, but that doesn’t limit it from being a physical debit card. Users can get an actual debit card in some authorized countries after meeting the requirements. First, you must create an account with the company to get a digital debit card. During account creation, you must comply with KYC regulations to validate your data. Then, you can request to get a debit card from customer support to be able to withdraw money at any ATM. You have to pay shipping and processing fees to get it. Apart from the obvious difference, both cards have many similarities (i.e., digital and physical).   

How to Use Revolut

Whether you get a physical or a digital debit card, you can still use them to process transactions online. People who use Revolut will definitely have a great time using the payment method’s service. And for those who don’t know how, here is a step-by-step guide to depositing with Revolut. 

Step 1 – Download the mobile app on your smartphone and create an account 

Step 2 – Go to the homepage and select the “Add Money” option 

Step 3 – Select a payment method and enter an amount alongside other requested information 

Step 4 – Complete the process by clicking the “Add Money” button. 

How to Find Revolut Sportsbooks

Finding bookies that accept Revolut can be difficult because not every bookmaker supports the payment method. The population is growing, but it will take a little more time. Notwithstanding, top online bookmakers that offer this option to deposit easily and withdraw are 22Bet, 888Sport, and 20Bet. 

There is something more interesting about Revolut bookmakers – they offer special and regular bonuses to bettors. For instance, after you’ve created an account with the betting site and placed a bet using the payment method, you will be eligible for a welcome bonus, increasing your possibility of winning more prizes. 

However, it is important to read the payment service provider’s terms and conditions before using it as a default option.  

How is Revolut Better Than Other Banking Options?

Revolut seems to be the future of betting sites, as it has several benefits, making it even better than most banking options. For instance, it is a digital wallet that allows other payment methods. It also allows users to withdraw from all ATMs at no charge. More importantly, this payment method ensures that users can exchange currencies at a good rate – even better than those offered by banking institutions. 

However, the major challenge with Revolut banking is that not everyone will be ready to accept the initiative, especially as most people think there is a lack of credibility. Notwithstanding, there are hopes that many people will start using this next-generation method soon.  


Before now, there were growing concerns about how casinos and sportsbooks could do better and offer better customer service. Some were able to develop new strategies that ensure members get the best experience. One such strategy is accepting intelligent payment options like Revolut. This eWallet method has saved most players from the troubles of doing online transactions. Unfortunately, even though it has been around for almost a decade, not every bookmaker has it. On the other hand, the reviews so far have been impressive, and the fact that people can withdraw anywhere in the world with a Revolut debit card is impressive. That being said, Revolut has a developing presence in the sports betting industry.  

House for Winter Season Rental in Le Buisson (between St Bon & Bozel)

As usual, season accommodation is in short supply and the added issues of the closure of Saboia B in La Tania towards the end of the season isn’t helping either. This may help companies looking for staff beds or people wanting to do a season.

Chris H has this house to rent in Le Buisson, situated between St Bon and Bozel – less than a 10 minute drive to La Tania. It’s a two bedroom, sleeping 4 (maximum) he’s looking for around €10k for the season from 01 December 2023 to 30 April 2024, maybe less for a couple only.

Bedroom 1
Lounge / Diner

For further information and enquiries please contact Chris via email at:

Lift Pass Prices For Winter 2024 and the latest on free over 75 Veteran Passes

As we reported back at the beginning of June – plans to bring in charges for lift passes for the over 75s are happening.

It looks like the prices have been approved by the relevant authorities and free skiing for over 75s will remain with a Courchevel Pass and a Méribel Pass (nothing to stop you getting both).

However Veterans will be charged for 3 Valleys, Val Thorens / Orelle and Les Menuires / St Martin passes. Quite a sad indictment after putting the age limit up from 70 to 72 and then 75 over the past decade along with the reduced lifts and speeds arising from the pandemic and energy crisis.

Three Valleys Lift Pass Prices for Winter 2024

All prices are for the main season without insurance and are of course subject to change

  • 6 Days Adult (over 12) €375 which is up from €360 last Winter
  • 6 Days Veteran (over 75) €93.70
  • 1 Day €75
  • 1 Day Veteran €18.70
  • Tribu (available for 3 or more passes of same type for 6 days of more) 6 Days €355 each
  • Famille (for 2 adults and 2 or more kids aged up to 18) 6 Days €300 each
  • Adult Season Pass €1550, Veteran Season Pass €387.50

Courchevel Valley

  • 6 Days Adult (over 12) €340
  • 6 Days Veteran (over 75) FREE
  • 1 Day €68
  • 1 Day Veteran FREE
  • Tribu (available for 3 or more passes of same type for 6 days of more) TBC
  • Famille (for 2 adults and 2 or more kids aged up to 18) 6 Days €272 each
  • Adult Season Pass €1320, Veteran Season Pass FREE

Méribel Valley

  • 6 Days Adult (over 12) €317.50
  • 6 Days Veteran (over 75) FREE
  • 1 Day €63.50
  • 1 Day Veteran FREE
  • Tribu (available for 3 or more passes of same type for 6 days of more) TBC
  • Famille (for 2 adults and 2 or more kids aged up to 18) 6 Days €254 each
  • Adult Season Pass €1322, Veteran Season Pass FREE

Val Thorens / Orelle

  • 6 Days Adult (over 12) €320
  • 6 Days Veteran (over 75) €80
  • 1 Day €65
  • 1 Day Veteran €18.70
  • Tribu (available for 3 or more passes of same type for 6 days of more) 6 Days €300 each
  • Famille (for 2 adults and 2 or more kids aged up to 18) 6 Days €256 each
  • Adult Season Pass €1220, Veteran Season Pass €305

Les Menuires / St Martin

  • 6 Days Adult (over 12) €309
  • 6 Days Veteran (over 75) €77.20
  • 1 Day €60
  • 1 Day Veteran €15
  • Tribu (available for 3 or more passes of same type for 6 days of more) 6 Days €289 each
  • Famille (for 2 adults and 2 or more kids aged up to 18) 6 Days €247.20 each
  • Adult Season Pass €1184, Veteran Season Pass €296

There are a multitude of season passes using 2 or 3 days a week or a number of lifts per week plus the Liberty pay as you go pass and the Saturday 3 Valleys discounted pass (cheaper than a single valley but only available online and until midnight the day before).

The family pass can save a lot – 2 Adult and 4 kids aged 13 to 17 for 6 days in the 3 Valleys would cost a whopping €2,250 – basically 6 adult passes (375×6) as you are an adult when over 12 in the 3 Valleys. However with the family pass it would cost €1800 (300×6) as kids are under 18 when using a family pass (and no, you don’t need to ski together!).

We’ll have a full update and breakdown on our lift pass prices page soon.

Update On The New La Tania Car Park – What We Know?

Information on what we know about the new Parking Combou area in La Tania. As usual this is all subject to change as plans often completely change (or get cancelled) without any consultation and finding out solid information is very difficult.

Note that Parking du Tal is the parking area up the hill from Le Praz next to the horse riding stables. This will be chargeable for Winter 2024 (to encourage parking in the Alpinium no doubt).

The new Parking Combou in La Tana replaces Parking du Saz near to the gondola station where the new Moretta Village development is under construction. An underground car park with 100 spaces will eventually be available under the Moretta Village (for a fee).

Situated at the entrance to the village when coming up from Le Praz it was built using the earth from the Alpinium development in Le Praz.

Work is still to be completed for the additional facilities that are to be provided but the main car parking area will be open for Winter 2024.

The car park will be free for Winter 2024 (now confirmed from Police Municipale) but we expect it to be chargeable for Winter 2025 when all facilities are completed. This is not confirmed though. The Police say coaches will be charged at €40 per day.

Parking Combou:

  • Cost is €1.7m
  • 8 places for coaches
  • 8-10 campervan places
  • Remaining spaces for cars
  • Toilet and Shower facilities
  • Waste and Recycling Bins
  • Rest area / coffee facilities for coach drivers
  • Charging point for Electric Vehicles
  • New footpath to the gondola (a new path is in place from there to the resort)
  • No shuttle bus from the car park

This season there will be 8-10 free campervan places reserved for Seasonaires on a first come – first served basis (contract of employment will most likely be needed). You can email the Police Municipal now to reserve on

So no spaces for public campers this Winter (unless a Seasonaire leaves perhaps).

There are also plans to eventually have a two storey car park on the parking near La Taiga with some Seasonaire accommodation and possibly shops/commerce buildings on top.

The temporary access road to the chalets will be the only way up there this season. The authorities are well aware of how difficult / dangerous this could be during heavy snowfall and say it will be prioritised for snow clearing operations.

Many thanks to the efforts of the local businesses for managing to gather this information and for the photos too. Not sure why this information is not made publicly available anywhere.