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Precautionary recall of 3+ avalanche transceivers


Message from OrtovoxFurther Information Here

Dear ORTOVOX customer,

Feedback from our SAFETY ACADEMY PARTNERS has revealed that, in some very rare situations, temporary disruption of the transmission function may occur on our 3+ avalanche transceivers running software version 2.1. The reason for the disruption is a software error. The new software version 2.2 will rectify the error.

There have been no known accidents caused by the software error. As a precautionary measure to ensure our customers are not at risk, we are recalling all 3+ transceivers running software version 2.1. Devices affected by the recall may no longer be used without the required software update.

This precautionary recall applies exclusively to ORTOVOX 3+ avalanche transceivers running software version 2.1. – no matter what color.

3+ devices running the following software: 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.2 and all other ORTOVOX avalanche transceivers (S1+, S1, ZOOM) are not affected.

Devices can be sent free of charge from May 25, 2018 onwards.
Details at:




That’s it for The 3 Valleys – Val Thorens has just closed for the season…

From the Courchevel free preview day way back on 15th November 2017 until today, 8th May when Val Thorens has just closed, The 3 Valleys has had an amazing season for snowfall. While the off piste gurus have certainly had better seasons (too much wind, often warm and poor visibility etc) it’s been great for the vast majority, although a few more sunnier days would have been welcome too!

The great season is already showing in early bookings with the school holiday weeks especially in big demand. Don’t leave it too late – BOOK NOW!

Thanks to Charlie for these pics from Val Thorens from yesterday and today – we expect some touring photos in the next few weeks…

Val Thorens opens for Winter 2019 in exactly 200 days…




Improve your French en-route to La Tania… New service coming to easyJet

The UK’s biggest language company uTalk teams up with the world’s leading airlines in pioneering new ‘Learn-as-you-Fly’ scheme…

Millions of British holidaymakers jetting abroad this summer will have the chance to start learning a new language while they fly to their destinations.

It’s thanks to a pioneering new ‘Learn-as-you-Fly’ scheme being launched by Britain’s biggest language company, uTalk

The award-winning company, which already offers customers 136 different languages, has teamed up with two of the world’s top airlines, Emirates and easyJet, and is also in talks with other airlines.

Videos and taster demos are being installed in hundreds of planes, with passengers being given free access to uTalk’s language learning facilities.

Business passengers travelling to meetings with overseas contacts also stand to reap the benefit of using their flight to learn the language basics in their destination country or brushing up on their linguistic skills.

uTalk’s deal with the world’s largest international airline, Emirates, has been cleared for take-off in a deal confirming language learning videos will be available fleet-wide on its award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice. Emirates customers across its six-continent global network will be able to use the new language package.

Travellers, including British families flying to their summer holidays on selected easyJet flights across Europe, will be able to learn a language while they fly. They will use easyJet’s inflight entertainment system, which allows you to access any of uTalk’s 136 languages from an onboard server to learn the language’s basics on your own phone, tablet or computer.




Snow Farming – Recycling this year’s snow in Courchevel…

Due to the amazing snowfall this season, we nearly did our annual April Fool with Courchevel trucking out tons of snow to a refrigeration plant to be brought back next year…

They are however trying to prevent a massive amount of snow from melting this Summer on the Emile Allais Stade area above 1850 to keep it for next season’s Ladies World Cup in December.

This Snowfarming technique stores an area of snow under a special tarpaulin and then blocks of insulation panels are placed on top.

Some 20,000 cubic metres are being stored (equivalent to 50 football pitches covered in snow 10cm deep). It is expected that 15,000 cubic metres will remain by the end of November.




The La Tania Tourist Office in Inter-Season

Update on the La Tania Tourist Office in Inter-Season (auto-translated with original message below).

The new email address for the La Tania Tourist Office is

The 2018 Summer Courchevel Summer Brochure is on-line here. Looks like this is incorporating the La Tania brochure now – the “benefits” of the commune merger starting to become apparent it would seem… But at least the outdoor swimming pool in La Tania is definitely open this Summer.

The Summer in La Tania web page is starting to be updated now.

In the inter-season, the La Tania reception desk will now be managed like the other villages of Courchevel.

In a logic of efficiency, the staff will be grouped in the administrative offices of Courchevel (1850) to work as a team.

This decision was made in consultation with the members of the management committee of Courchevel Tourisme, and in particular with the representatives of La Tania.

In order to maintain continuity in La Tania, the office will remain open until April 28, two weeks after the closing station.

In the same way, it will re-open on June 25, in order to be operational when staff arrive in order to prepare the summer season.

Of course, during the physical closure of the office, telephone reception and messaging will be provided from Courchevel (1850).

In case of appointments or other imperative requirements, the staff of Courchevel Tourism will go to the reception of La Tania.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.



Aux inter-saisons, le bureau d’accueil de la Tania sera désormais géré comme celui des autres villages de Courchevel.
Dans une logique d’efficacité, le personnel sera regroupé dans les bureaux administratifs de Courchevel (1850) pour travailler en équipe.

Cette décision a été prise en concertation avec les membres du comité de direction de Courchevel Tourisme, et notamment avec les représentants de la Tania.
Dans un souci d’accueil sur la Tania, le bureau restera ouvert jusqu’au 28 avril, soit deux semaines après la fermeture station.
De la même manière, il rouvrira le 25 juin, afin d’être opérationnels quand les socioprofessionnels viendront s’installer pour préparer la saison d’été.

Bien entendu, pendant la fermeture physique du bureau, l’accueil téléphonique et la messagerie seront assurés depuis Courchevel (1850).
En cas de besoin, rendez-vous ou autre impératif, le personnel de Courchevel Tourisme se rendra à l’accueil de la Tania.

Nous restons à votre disposition pour tout complément d’information.




La Tania Snow Cover – 10 Days without grooming

Just 10 days since the piste bashers stopped grooming the La Tania slopes and a huge difference already.

15 April 2018

With around 80 machines across the 3 Valleys running two 7 hour shifts every night the importance of this work in managing the pistes cannot be emphasised enough.

25 April 2018

Latest piste basher models include hybrid electric engines, GPS tracking and radar for snow depth measurement – they cost up to €400,000 each!

Still masses of snow high up which will remain in sheltered and shaded areas throughout the Summer.

And compared to last year on 15 April 2017…

Piste Basher in La Tania on 31 March 2018




Fire in La Tania – no one hurt, no serious damage

Thanks to Adam Turner for the pic.

A fire this evening on the roof above the Cinema next to the Ski Lodge. Looks like the roof may have gone up from the outside – speculation is now that a home projector unit may be the source of the fire not a cigarette end similar to previous incidents (and one in almost exactly the same place a few years ago).

Luke, Adam and Robbie had things under control and the fire out before the Pompiers turned up – they kicked a few doors in to check for people etc – good work lads!

Plenty of fire crew, vehicles and police there too underlining the possible seriousness of incidents like this.

Relief all round that it wasn’t a serious incident and that no one was hurt – could have been an awful end to the season.



In the cold light of day…

Thanks to Andrea for the pic.




End of Season Lifts, Pistes and Buses…

Last Week of the Season for most of the Three Valleys – but Les Menuires will open until 27 April 2018 and Val Thorens & Orelle are open until 8 May 2018.

Full Size Image


As can be seen from the above map there’s a lot of lifts open except in the Courchevel Valley which apart from a couple of beginners lifts just Verdons, Saulire, Aiguille de Fruit and the Pralong Chairlift are open with 3 Valleys link via Saulire only. Seems a shame with all that snow about but then Courchevel 1850 businesses always close so early anyway – is there anywhere to go for après ski (or even lunch) there today?

We hear that the Golf chair in Meribel Village is still open until at least Friday – so that’s the nearest point for La Tania based skiers to get access in to the lift system.


Buses however only run to Courchevel…

Full Size Image


Interesting to see how the La Tania beginners area deteriorates so quickly once the piste bashers stop – they do such a magnificent job! Pic at 10:30 today.

Full Size Image




Bring Your Sisters – The End… #ByeBYS

It’s been a long, long journey since their first gigs as a duo in Pub L’Arbatt (now Le Farçon) in La Tania back in 2005…

A few girlfriends, wives, kids and dogs since back then and some amazing weddings, birthdays, summer reunions, corporate gigs, break-ups and re-formations since then.

However, musical differences and the fact they all hate each other have led to the band breaking up for good…

Apart from when they get the band back together of course – see you in Oxshott in May!

More Bring Your Sister pics here – including the KT Tunstall, Peter Andre and Timmy Mallet ones! And who can remember the Bring Your Sisters underpants adverts?

(mostly) Pub Le Ski Lodge – April 2018




3 Valleys Charity Day 2018 – Memories… (and €50k raised!)

Along with the Famile Fete Day in La Tania we raised €50,000 for Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer a massive well done to all involved… The Roll of Honour coming soon.