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Charity Day T Shirts On Sale Ski Lodge Apres Today 5pm

3 Valleys Charity Day is on Wednesday 12 April 2017 at Méribel Village and this years T-shirt is now on sale. The first batch go on sale at 5pm at Pub Le Ski Lodge today 21 March 2017.

They will be on sale at various Après Ski venues in the coming weeks for €20 and the sponsors cover all the costs of design, manufacturing, printing and delivery so 100% of that €20 goes to our UK and French Charities

The End of Season Party for a Good Cause
Inspired by Dan Provost back in 2002 in memory of his Mother who died from cancer.

The locals, workers, businesses & visitors have now raised over quarter of a million euros for British and French Charities including Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer

Contact Ralph at to get involved, offer assistance, donate raffle prizes, sponsorship enquiries, make a donation etc. etc…





La Tania Kids Clean Up! #oldschooluk

The three musketeers Ava Desmond 3rd Sophia Van Vloten 2nd and Katie Jardine 1st, have been threatening to do a Treble podium and where better than on their home stade of La Tania on their coaches birthday !!

Congratulations girls!

On top of that Baptiste , the new wonder kid on the block got first place for U8 boys , and Mathilde Bacconier absolutely killed it with a fantastic 1st place that she has been threatening to do all season.

Happy Birthday Yann !





Log Off & Switch Off – The Digital Detox in La Tania 8-17 April

Ten days to Switch Off in La Tania: 8th to 17th April 2017

Remember when you shared a chalet with strangers and pretended you were a Brain Surgeon or Rocket Scientists (the fact that two ex-Ski Lodge staff are a Brain Surgeon and a Rocket Scientist has nothing to with this) and actually made conversation rather than sitting around the table with phones and tablets? When stopping for a mid-morning hot chocolate every single person didn’t just pull out their mobile phone and we talked about the last few runs?

Well La Tania Tourist Office is promoting a Digital Detox 10 days at the end of the season – a great idea and everyone can go off grid…

For the last ten days of the winter season, La Tania offers from the 8th to the 17th of April, a log out break you can enjoy on your own, with your friends or family! During springtime, snow conditions are excellent, days are longer and weather is cooler. It’s the best time to enjoy The 3 Valleys Ski Area, the mountains and the sun. Moreover, it’s the perfect time to begin skiing in complete safety.

Forget your phone for 10 days and treat yourself: look after yourself, recharge your batteries, learn, spend quality time with family and friends and meet new people…

La Tania provides an original ski trip idea with:

· Sunday 9th : Welcome drink
· Monday 10th : Parents/children games afternoon
· Tuesday 11th : Yoga class (booking required)
· Wednesday 12th : Nature walk followed by a nature DIY workshop (booking required). Free organic zen snack
· Thursday 13th : Cooking demo by Julien MACHET, Le Farcon’s Michelin Star Chef + Adel DAKKAR, French TV Chef 2015
· Thursday 13th : In the evening, a movie about glaciers and global warming issues (no English subtitle)
· Friday 14th : Yoga class (booking required)
· Saturday 15th : In the evening, movie about Outdoors and Nature
· Sunday 16th : Self-massage workshop (booking required)
· Monday 17th : Bookshop and children’s entertainment by “Adélie et Flocon” (booking required)

Not to mention… an outdoor zen area, fragrance dispenser, postcard writing workshop… during the whole event.

The watchwords here are: SWITCH OFF

Practical information :
Fees will be asked for some of the workshops – A free goody bag for a “Ten days to log out” pass purchase
For further information and booking : – +33 479 08 40 40 –

PS. Hands Up. Guilty as charged. No one more in need of a Digital Detox than….





Good News Story – George & Charlie with the guy they rescued

A really great picture and good news story – Locals Charlie and George with Chris who they helped rescue after an avalanche under Aiguille du Fruit last Thursday.

“We had a pretty relaxed day skinning Creux Noir (lift shut all day) until we saw this guy get mowed down by a massive avalanche over the valley. Triggered under the Aiguille du Fruit at 2450m, NNW. It ran maybe 600m and fanned out 200m wide. His guide was either clear or rode off it and escaped. Fortunately we found him quickly and uncovered his face, it still took 20 minutes to dig him out and half an hour for anyone else (security and helicopter) to show up. He was shaken and bruised, but unharmed. ABS bag helped him I’m sure. Watch out up there…”

“Two Heroes that saved my life when a 600m long and 200m wide avalanche buried me alive 6 feet under with no air for 6.5 minutes. The snow had set like concrete and I was twisted underneath with tonnes of snow crushing me. They dug me out quickly with the guide and I owe them gratitude for the rest of my life. I was put on this earth to help others, and I enjoy doing that. Luckily for me, and my family, it was George and Charlie help that saved me.”

No need for votes for Hero of the Season in the La Tania Saisonnaire awards this year then…


A week ago the large amount of snow, coupled with high winds and weak layers led to a massive avalanche on Saulire too with the Ugly Sisters couloirs all involved in the slide – This happened during safety control work prior to lift opening and no one was caught – The whole area remained closed for 24 hours for safety work to be completed.

The height of the break where the snow broke away – the width of the avalanche can be seen below with this break visible across the Telepherique Couloir to Grand Couloir area.





3 Valleys Charity Day 2017 – Provisional Line Up Revealed…

3 Valleys Charity Day 2017 will be held on Wednesday 12 April 2017, once again in Méribel Village with all your favourite Alpine Bands playing all afternoon plus Gentleman’s Dub Club headlining.

There will be outdoor bars, a giant BBQ, food stands, the Dance Tent, DJs, VIP Champagne area, raffle, auctions, fancy dress and The Kids Zone. Further information on 3 Valleys Charity Day here

Don’t forget to buy your 2017 Charity Day T-Shirt 100% of the purchase price goes to our UK and French charities.


The Provisional Line Up – All subject to change of course!

12:15 Sian Hayley Smith


12:45 MAPS


14:15 The Slopes


15:00 Mr Clean


15:45 The Killerbeez


16:30 Bring Your Sisters


18:15 Gentlemans Dub Club


DJs Les Deux Roux


Jo Whiley Presenting


The End of Season Party for a Good Cause
Inspired by Dan Provost back in 2002 in memory of his Mother who died from cancer.

The locals, workers, businesses & visitors have now raised over quarter of a million euros for British and French Charities including Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer

Contact Ralph at to get involved, offer assistance, donate raffle prizes, sponsorship enquiries, make a donation etc. etc…





Support the La Tania Kids Club des Sports

Support the kids of ‘La Tania Club des Sports’

All the proceeds go to the La Tania Club des Sports which is punching way above its weight against the big hitting ski clubs like Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens and Les Menuires but on a fraction of their budget!

We have limited numbers of the one size fits all bobble hats so get them now! €20 will get you one delivered up to your resort and all for a great cause.

We are also looking for companies that want to support and sponsor the kids of La Tania . Great exposure for your companies to be affiliated with the club that travel all over the 3 Valleys and surrounding areas competing at every level.

For more information ring:

Sandy 00 33 68 0 68 62 54

Russ 00 33 69 9 24 27 10

Christian 00 33 6 32 22 42 78





Another Escapade in a Day Completed!

Congratulation to Tim Kirk who completed the Escapade in a day on 10 March 2017.

Tim’s first attempt was on 23 January 2016 but closures prevented a success. This year he followed Adrian Chaffey’s 2016 route with a few alterations to account for this years lift changes. Not a great day for it as there was lots of queues around Val Thorens and quite a few moguls but he made it back ok.

Col was closed so unfortunately Tim missed that but everything else was done. He made one slight change to the route and used Gros Murger to get out of the village at 9 then shot down to La Praz before Bouc Blanc opened and came back up on Foret which meant if he was a bit late back he only had to be on Aiguille du Fruit at 5 to do all the required lifts rather than in La Praz at 4.50 when Foret shuts.

The 3 Valleys Escapade in a Day is our challenge of doing the Escapade Lifts (see them on the piste map) in a single, full on day out with around 34 lifts, 17000m of vertical (around twice the height of Everest) and near to 100km in total distance. You can get a certificate and badge too no matter how long you take or try the Selfies in a Day for an easier day out across The 3 Valleys.

The Escapade in a Day Hall of Fame

The 2017 lifts required and a possible route (PDF to download to your phone)





The reason the Saulire area was closed all day today

Massive avalanche on Saulire with the huge amounts of snow that have fallen.

Apparently the slide left lots of snow above it in an unstable condition.

Safety as always, is of primary importance so the area remains closed while further safety work is carried out. Updates later if re-opening tomorrow.





Confirmation of “Peuf” Pistes for Wed 8 March

With the off piste avalanche risk still at 4 out of 5 (HIGH RISK) and a lot of gusty winds about nothing higher than Biollay opened today (still a brilliant day though!).

We’ve had confirmation from S3V lift company that all pistes marked “Peuf” on the piste map will not be groomed overnight (imagine them ruining a metre of fresh powder by flattening it with a piste basher!).

Obviously all green runs and just about all blues are bashed every night and those guys do a fantastic job.

Some of the pistes included are:
Roches Grises
Combe des Pylons
Jean Pachod

(Don’t tell anyone!)





Congratulations to Ava and Katie – Representing La Tania

2nd and 3rd place out of all of The Three Valleys (and Champagny and Pralognan etc) last weekend – Good Work Girls!