Free Ski Bus (plus services to Méribel, Moûtiers and Airports) 2024

La Tania, Courchevel and Méribel, Valley

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Winter 2024 Free Resort Bus Service for La Tania & Courchevel

First 2 Weeks - Mon 27 Nov to Sat 09 Dec 2023 (note first week changes)

Early Season - Sun 10 Dec to Sat 23 Dec 2023

Main Season - Sun 24 Dec 2023 to Sun 07 Apr 2024

Late Season - Mon 08 Apr to Fri 12 Apr 2024

Last Week of the Season (TBC) - Sat 13 Apr to Sun 21 Apr 2024




Pedestrian Gondolas (Winter) Open Late - Any valid ski pass accepted

Praz Gondola 07:45 - 23:30
Grangettes Gondola 07:45 - 23:30


Live Tracking

Live Tracking on maps is now available (the TV Screens at bus stops do now seem to display live tracking most of the time).

The free ski bus service (a ski pass hasn’t been needed since 2006) runs between La Tania and all the Courchevel Valley villages via Le Praz, 1550 (Village & Aquamotion), 1650 (Moriond) and finally 1850.

A change of bus in Le Praz is required from Winter 2022 but the option  to use the Praz Gondola to get to 1850 is a quicker option anyway. From Winter 2023 there is a La Tania to Le Praz service every 15 to 25 minutes at peak times – a vast improvement on the hourly service of previous years.

A 3 Vallleys pedestrian pass 2024 is available for gondola, chairlifts and cable car lifts for €28 per day or 6 days for €85. You can also ride up one lift for €12 or 2 lifts for €19 (TBC). All descents are free. Praz & Grangettes “urban lifts” now accept any valid ski pass after hours (no extension needed). The free ski bus service runs from the main road behind the Montana Hotel opposite La Taiga restaurant (access can be gained via a public lift to the left of the hotel entrance).

Note the Le Praz bus stop has moved to be nearer The Alpinium building from Winter 2022.

Pick Ups / Drop Offs in authorised locations only.

Buses did wait for the connection in Le Praz (outbound from La Tania) in Winter 2022 but there are lot more service for Winter 2023 La Tania to Le Praz so this won’t apply to most buses.

Note that you take your skis, poles, boards etc with you on to the bus – please keep hold of them! In Summer bike racks are available on the back of the buses or on trailers to help you get around (up) the valley and e-Bikes are now accepted.


Winter 2024 Bus Routes - La Tania on Line B - Click on image for full size


Méribel Valley - Meribus Free Service WINTER 2023 (awaiting 2024 details)

The Méribel Valley Free Meribus Timetable Winter 2023



Now possible on the S64 and S65 Services for Moutiers - see below
Certain midweek services to/from Moûtiers now link the La Tania & Courchevel Valleys to Méribel. Note the "Ce car dessert Courchevel puis Méribel" comments on the S64 Méribel & S65 Courchevel Timetables.
La Tania to Méribel Centre is €4.00. Return fare is €6.30.
Monday to Friday only
Departs La Tania at 09:40 13:30 15:35 17:50 & 19:40* last bus requires booking
Departs Méribel Centre at 12:10 14:15(tbc) 16:35


Other Services from Moûtiers - WINTER 2024

Moûtiers to La Tania/Meribel/Courchevel WINTER 2024 SCHEDULE
S65 Service: Moûtiers to La Tania and Courchevel 2 Dec 2023 to 21 Apr 2024
S64 Service: Moûtiers to Méribel and Méribel-Mottaret 2 Dec 2023 to 21 Apr 2024
Map of Moûtiers Bus Station
There are exceptions & additions at beginning and end of season and often extra buses at peak times. Always check for any changes and confirm returns 48 hours in advance. Journey time is around 40 minutes.
For an example a typical week in 2024 is shown (additional options via Le Praz)
Depart Moûtiers Train Station
Saturday - 06:00 09:35 11:00 12:05 12:45 13:15 13:50 14:40 15:30 16:05 16:50 18:20 19:30*
Mon to Fri - 08:20 11:30 13:35 15:55 18:25 21:30*
Sunday - 07:00 10:55 13:35 14:10 15:05 16:10
Depart La Tania
Saturday - 06:20 08:15 09:10 11:55 13:20 14:15 15:50 16:40 18:15 19:00
Mon to Fri - 09:40 13:30 15:35 17:50 19:40*
Sunday - 08:20 09:20 14:15 16:15 17:05
*reservation required on last bus


2024 Winter Prices - Moûtiers Train Station to La Tania
Adult: €12 one-way, €20 return. 10% off online sometimes available.
Young Persons rate 2 to 26 years old: €8:40 one-way, €14 return.


Services to Geneva, Lyon, Chambéry and Grenoble Airports - WINTER 2024

All Timetables and Prices on the Transfers Page



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