3 Valleys Charity Day - The Roll of Honour 2012

11 April 2012 at Méribel Village

An estimated €25,000 raised for Sebastian's Action Trust & Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer
Magnificent Effort From Everyone Involved!
Charity Day Pics - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Charity Ball Pics | Saisonnaries Awards Results
Wow! Or should I say Boom? What a day!
The first 3 Valleys Charity Day in Méribel Village yesterday was an incredible success, despite a cold snowy day with over 15cms of fresh snow overnight on Tuesday. The event was attended by over 1000 people and the amount of money raised on the day currently stands at 22,000 Euros. Other monies will be added to this, so we are probably looking at 25,000 in total being raised.
An outstanding effort and a massive thank you must go out to everybody who attended. A truly incredible day with great music, drinks & food.
On top of the fundraising, our intention this year was to stage a safer more secure & structured environment in which people could party and have a good time. The event was a great success from this perspective, so massive thanks to everybody who attended and behaved in a great way. The atmosphere and behaviour was a real credit to all you Saisonnaires out there.
So many classic moments and memorable incidents but Tim Walls’ gorilla crowd surfing and Crabs AC DC air guitar moment stand out for me. Don’t forget to check out the photos of the event on the facebook page & www.latania.co.uk
The following is the Roll of Honour for all the people who gave their time to make yesterday a success. An incredible contribution by all listed, who helped make the 3 Valleys Charity Day a day to be truly proud of. Thanks guys and I love your work!
See you next year.....
Bar staff – Thanks to Tim and Debbie Wall for supply of Beer Tents and Staff Tristan, Rob Staff, Tom, Parker, Kerry, Ania, Luke, Adby
Food  - Thanks to Trading Post for supplying food and Boulangerie Le Praz, Mr. and Mrs. Torti, DJ, Amy, Monique, Carolyn, Stefan, Scotty, Amanda, Rick, Charlie, Sandy, Jeremy, Renee, Ralph, Michael Jackson, Ozzie Rob, Dore, Andreas
Krabbs Bar - Krab, Bellete, Harlie Boys
BYS – Sound system, Rachel, Joey, Gareth, Richie, Stevie
T-Shirts - Dave & Rachel flooging them at every opportunity plus help from bands, bars, designers, sponsors and everyone else who helped with them.
Compares Richard Letts and Xavier from Méribel Tourist Office
Advertising - Toffa www.latania.co.uk, Sabrina 3 Vallee info News, Le Dauphine, Rob Smart Méribel Unplugged, Radio Méribel
Design and Logos Lol – Solve Web Design, Paul Middlewick – Grid 24
Inspiration for the BOOM! – Northern Keri
Treasurer and Ralph’s Consigliere - Sandy
Events Co-Ordinator/Photographer – Tracy
Raffle and Auction - Michelle, Helen, Laura, Sebastian’s trust team - Jane, Adella, Daniella
Set up/Door - Alan Slater, Graham, Annie, Nick, Big Steve, Sean Lean
Méribel Tourist Office - Clement Leclercq for all the help and support.
Security Dicks T-Bar
Face Painters Hannah and Helen – Le Ski
Competition Coordinators - Ulf & Rachel
Marie de Méribel - Theiry
Bands: Bring Your Sisters, Les Trois Tetes, Cheerleaders, Nick the Fish, Dominos, The Ram Raid, Wee Ben and Ed, The Watling Street Band, Hobo Chic, Lime Pickle, The Jaybeez. Walking Free
All the sponsors of the T-shirts & donation of prizes to this massive event.

And of course everyone who bought a T-Shirt, a beer, a raffle ticket, some food etc etc....


The 3 Valleys Charity Day 2012 is on Wednesday 11th April is in aid of Cancer Charities in the UK and France. The event has now been relocated to be bigger, better, safer & friendlier than ever. The new event will take place in the ski resort of Méribel Village on Wednesday 11th April.
All proceeds from the entire day are split between the Sebastian's Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer.
Entry fee to the event of 5 Euros per person covers your first drink ( Beer or Wine ) free with an eco cup & wristband and access to the 7 live bands that will be playing throughout the day. Special edition T shirts for the event will also on sale for 15 Euros on the day and before the event.
There will be fancy dress, live bands, a BBQ, an outside bar, raffles, auctions, silly games, Harley Davidson rides, a VIP lounge area with hot tub , the annual egg eating competition, a Miss Charity Day beauty contest and plenty of other cool stuff.
It all takes place from around noon in the Méribel Village car park next to the ski lift and will finish at 19:00pm. There will be a bus from La Tania at 10.15am and 14:15pm to Méribel Village and one back at 17.40pm & 19:40pm.

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