Winter 2002

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The locals photographs 2001/2002 season
First tracks on Troika
Be a test rider this season!
Lodge du Village - New Pub
New Years Eve - 100 photos!
The Noize and Seventies nights continue
Snow Decks
La Tania LandRovers
Ode to the Tan Man
Phils Crash
La Tania Race Day
Free Beer! - Sam's Born
Charity Day - full details and pics
Charity Day - Mullet shaving
Kierons pics of Charity Day
Fergs Pics of Charity Day
Sam Wall Born - he's cute!
The old Front Page - snowfight, phils crash & Bonnie
More Random Lost Photographs from 2002
Phil the Van and Mike (Soph)'s Cliff Jump Video (557k)


2001 Dates
Pub Le Ski Lodge opened on 1 Dec 2001
Tignes Winter season started 28 September
The Daily Mail London Ski show - 26 October to 4 November
La Tania Ski Show Reunion was Sat 27 October in the gallery bar (Brewskis!)
Board X, Battersea Park 9 - 11 November
TC's Bar - First Birthday Party 1 Dec
First main Courchevel lifts opened 1 December
Courchevel / Meribel opened for the Winter season 8 December
La Tania lifts opened for the Winter season 15 December
Lodge du Village Opened 20 Dec
Phil's (Spen - future mayor) 40th Birthday Party - 20th December
Christmas Eve and New Years Eve - fireworks and parties...

2002 Dates
Jan 29 - Toss the Boss, T. Wall's birthday bash
Feb 12 - Mardi Gras
Mar 4-8 - ChamJam, Big Chamonix Event
Mar 13 - Bond (James Bond) night at Dicks
Mar 16/17 - The Courchevel FreeRide, above Col De La Loze cancelled
Mar 17 St Patrick's Night
Mar 27 - The Mountain Centre Workers Race (with Natives)
Apr 9 - Shibboleths last gig at The Ski Lodge
Apr 17 - La Tania Charity Day, BBQ, Race, Drinks, Party, Poll Winners...
Apr 21 - Lifts close in La Tania (Courchevel / Meribel a week later)