Front Page from 2002

Snow Decks, RAF groupies and Shibboleth acoustic set at Lodge Du Village in Meribel Village
Click here for the SnowDeck video (it'll take a while!)


Before - nice drop off Phil...

After - you're too old for this...

Bonnie - La Tania's very own Page 3 Girl

DJ DD - you wish!

News & Stuff - or is this turning into a review of the season?
Er Charity Day... I crashed big time. Matt Sharples won the race, BBQ was very good - that's all I know. Sam Wall now born - huge free drinks night in the Ski Lodge - Oh dear... Thursday 3 weeks ago: LdV night at Meribel Village - Happy Hour and again later with Shibboleth - now playing 3 U2 tracks (One, Stuck in a Moment, Desire) and a fantastic version of Handbags and Gladrags with dinner in Le Praz in between (Debs last night before The Maldives and Greece). made it over on the next big thing - A SnowDeck. This sort of skateboard with a sort of snowblade underneath and no bindings may not be the future but it's certainly fun and only £90 made by Burton. Friday was spent skiing around 1650 and fixing peoples computers and webcams. Saturday saw a superb day above VT and Les Menuires followed by an afternoons "relaxing" at Brewskis in St Martin with Chicken Curry Pies and Stella - thanks for the shots Louise, Toni and Becks. This lead to the inevitable falls in the slush down to Meribel and missing the Loze chair back to La Tania. We were rescued by Poundy at Meribel Village - we owe you. La Tania's very own RAF officers were in town at the weekend - they pulled within 10 minutes of entering the Ski Lodge, look lads just 'cos you flew over for the weekend in your own £25 million pound jets (and a fuel card).... top work boys. More hard and fast skiing on Sunday morning with Phil the Van on the Stade run down to 1850 (you've got to go under the fence) which was in superb nick. No one should slag off the snow though - slush can be fun, either relax on a big board or power through with some big heavy skis (Dynastar Powertracks & Intuitives being our weapons of choice - and Fleet the table sleeper could certainly rip it up on those Salamon Pocket Rockets but twin tips always spray the person behind you and a face full of slush at speed is quite challenging). The Punter has taken over with the latest gossip - thanks for all your help whoever you are. Bagpus and Soma Central have been rocking the place recently. Lots of locals have finally gone skiing (Dan & Fleet skiing indeed not boarding Hmmm...). No one can remember Mardi Gras, St Pats night or any other when there were no photos..... Rumours of Yellow condoms continue... T. Walls Birthday - Toss the Boss night (Heads you drink free, Tails you pay) lead to the inevitable rowdy night in Dicks with the usual competition of climbing across the lighting rigs to the other side of the dance floor - this is not to be encouraged. DoubleDex got RAC'd back home eventually he's now in Banf with Sophie - what's that all about - looks like throwing up in front of Kat didn't impress her. All this years photos can be found here (except the Punter Pics - check out the menu on the side). Shibboleth had all their gear nicked (about £10,000 worth) - but they're back rocking again. The Noize are putting up a good show too, highlights included U2's Beautiful Day with Let Me Entertain You and Rock DJ from Robbie. Simon from Ultimate Events is Kangaroo Boxing (or pillow fighting) on Mondays and there's a seventies night every 2 weeks or so. Meanwhile relationships between Shibboleth's George & Bodo, Chabi Vacances and Family Friendly Skiing have improved considerably over the last few days - however the usual Ladies man bassist Colin has been very quiet...... Toffa. at Geneva Airport is now up and running - get a cheap flight from EasyJet , Buzz or Virgin Express (or Ryan Air and Go) hire a car, get a transfer from John at 3VT or get the Ski Bus timetables/ fares here. Then hire an apartment from Accommodation in the Alps - it's easy! Check out all the travel and transfer info here. Get out in the snow and enjoy yourself, Let it snow... Toffa