www.latania.co.uk  2000 / 20001 Saisonnaires Poll

Official Results


Thanks to Pat Sharples our celebrity presenter, Simon from Ultimate Events for comparing the evening, all the sponsors for the prizes and of course Pub Le Ski Lodge for hosting the event!

Sponsored by: Pub Le Ski Lodge, ICICLES,

Ultimate Events, The Mountain Centre, Snow Safaris and AccommodationInTheAlps.co.uk

Category Winners
Notes and honourable mentions

Best skier (male)

1. Kempy (Will)
2. Nick (ESF)
3. Shorty

Nic on a mono
Eddie the Eagle

Best skier (female)

1. Tracy
2. Steph
3. James (1080)
Terry from Emmerdale

Best boarder (m)

1. Bill Manson
2. Pokey
3. Dave (Ski Beat)

Anthea Turner's Husband

Best boarder (f)

1. Marlous
2. Kaz
3. Neecol

Nic, Fleet, Poke

Most improved skier (m)

1= James
1= Howie
2. Kev (NBV)
Tracy, Jean Claude, Little Matt

Most improved skier (f)

1= Steph
1= Sandrine
2. Chelsea
Jesus in a frock, T Wall, James, Nic

Improved boarder (m)

1. Big Matt
2. Dave (Ski Beat)
3= Dan (Pit Stop)
3= Ben (NBV)

Improved boarder (f)

1. Kaz
2. Jane (Ski Beat)
3. Zanni

Nic, Pokes, UltraPassword.Com, My Gran

Best body (m)

1. Nic
2= Jules
2= Big Matt
Me, Murphy the dog, No talent

Best body (f)

1. Sarah Manson
2= Suzy (Ski Beat)
2= Cazz

All the French chicks, My girlfriend

Most fanciable (m)

1. Fleet
2. T. Wall
3. Jules
Jackie Degan, Not that way inclined,

Most fanciable (f)

1. Cazz
2. Steph
3= Deb Wall
3= Suzy
3= Sarah Manson
The lady at the La Tania bubble with the long brown hair

Extreme drinker (m)

1. Gibb
2. Poundy
3. Bill Manson
We've all had our fair share, none

Extreme drinker (f)

1. Suzy
2. Meg
3. Debs
Marlous and Louisa NBV a close 4th

Favourite sayings

It's gonna snow tomorrow
I'm a Saisonnaire!
You have mayonaise for me
I've got no credit on my phone
Ambience and atmosphere
Do you know how much this costs
You love it
Shut your shite
Meet at Biollay
See you for first lift - don't be late
You crazy dutch people
**** off
Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi (in a high pitched voice)

Favourite band

1. SuperFly
2. Shibboleth
3. FourPlay
The Clone Roses, they're all crap, Will Kemp unplugged

Best Co to work for

1= Ski Lodge
1= Ski Beat
2= Snow Safaris
2= NBV
Yourself, Clearing snow (this season only)

Worst Co to work for

1. Ski Lodge
and too many to mention
Silver Ski because of the uniform, Snowline 'cos no one knows them, The Co-op?, Sherpa

Fave brand (skis, etc)

1. Salomon
2. Burton
3= Quicksilver
3= Ride
3= Dynastar

Armani, Heinz

Best punter

1. Anyone who tips
2. Anyone who buys beers
3. Toffa
4. Tim Wall
Ones with hash, Sir Bacon, Any English chicks willing to go topless. Departing

Worst punter

1. Dutch
2. Parisiennes
3. Germans

Anyone without hash, Woody. Arriving

Annoying relationship

1. Dave & Jane
2. Ruth & Dan
3. Mike & Gillian
Nic and his computer, Tim and his dogs, The 2 funny men at the pub, Jules & Torpedo Tim

Best rumour

1. It'll snow tomorrow
2. Tracy and anyone
3. The resort is closing early
TC's buying the Ski Lodge, Tim's queer, We usually do 200 covers at lunch

Unusual Sex

1. B & E in the lift
2. Tignes Voyeurism
3. MM Ski Lodge Toilet
Fleet, Poma lift, Bubble lift, What's that?

Best bar person

1. Fleet
2. Jules
3. Pokey
You're having a laugh

Best event / party

1. TMC/Natives Race/Bond day/night.
2. St Patrick's night
3= The End/Closing night
3= Toss the Boss
3= Sarah's birthday
Rebirth of Jesus, ICICLES BBQ (and it hasn't even happened yet!).

Most idiotic act

1. Debs broken leg, walking down Folyeres.
2. Ski Beat and the stolen ski rack
3. Billy Manson Paragliding
Woody (anything), naked snowboarding on icy piste, Gasex Three.

Best crash / injury

1. Woody
2. Debs
3= Crash Matt
3= Pokey
Nic's eye, Tim's hair, The Brittania roof jumper

Plonker of the season

1. Tim (Torpedo or Wall??)
2. Mike NBV
3. Snowline staff - we do read all the voting forms

Fester, Jean Claude

Hero of the season

1. Tim Wall
2= Murphy the dog

All the bar staff, All of us, Whoever bought me a drink, Jean Claude