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Moretta Village Update

Current work to the East of La Tania
The new car park is on the way to Le Praz (piste maps are “upside down” remember!)

What we know so far…

The plan for this extension to La Tania is around 15 years old but has changed a lot. Originally a new chair lift was planned to link with the Bouc Blanc chair and even a rope tow to connect the 2 “villages” was proposed.

An all inclusive Club Med style resort was also rumoured along with ski hire, bar & restaurant, other commercial premises, seasonal workers accommodation and an underground private car park plus a covered public car park for 100 cars – even a night club was mentioned.

Artists impression of the Moretta Village Snowfront

A presentation back in 2013 didn’t reveal much but now we are starting to hear the following (some of this is hearsay and rumour as any documented, official statements are hard to come by and we’ll be happy to publish any plans the developers would like to share):

  • 80 new Tourist Apartments ready for 2025.
  • New 4 star Hotel & Spa ready for 2026.
  • 500 beds in total.
  • Some of the apartments (or “Tourist Residences”) may be reserved for seasonal worker’s accommodation.
  • Statements regarding completion mentioned it may take 3 years – so ready for 2026 could mean December 2026 for the 2027 ski season.
  • S3V, the ski area Management Company are one of the major investors (hope they can afford to run some more lifts and at full speed this Winter) along with a French company from Bretagne and at least one other.
  • The 3rd party who will manage the hotel and the specific details of what will be inside the 12,000m2 building are not know by it would seem anyone at this stage!
  • The Moretta Blanche red run will be re-profiled to allow improved easier access from the Chalets above La Tania.
  • S3V have promised that the bottom of the red run will be closed for this Winter season only while a new road tunnel is constructed.
  • New snow cannons will be installed on the red run down to resort level.
  • Temporary access to the chalets is now via a new road next to the Gondola Station – the authorities are now aware of how dangerous this will be in Winter in its current design and improvements are expected.
  • A reported €1.2m was spent creating the temporary road and site access.
  • The entire lengths of the blue Folyères and green Plan Fontaine pistes down to La Tania resort level are unaffected and will be open as usual.
  • The main work stops during Winter and with a new fence and a covering of snow it won’t have a major impact on anyone’s skiing holiday this Winter.

We hope to have further information and a response from some questions to the Mairie soon.

Further images of the construction work and the area where the green run cuts across the red run (no skiing on the red below this point).

Thanks to Angus J for the latest pics.

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