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Travelling to France and back from England – what you need to know…

UPDATE 17/09/21: From Mon 4 Oct, if you’re fully Vax’d you won’t need a pre-departure test before arrival into England from a non-red country and from later in Oct, you will be able to take a cheaper lateral flow test rather than the “2 Day” PCR Test

UPDATE 14/09/21: If flying to Geneva you still require a PCR “fit to fly” pre-departure test but crossing the border in to France is straight forward enough.

UPDATE 10/09/21: Expert Medicals have had their licence withdrawn apparently. Was the cheapest by far and free for those who didn’t get sent a test (but got the all important reference number at time of booking) and then did a charge back on their credit card…

UPDATE 19/08/21: Nationwide Pathology have put their Day 2 test back to £40. We’ve also seen Expert Medicals with a Day 2 test for £28 – reviews aren’t great though…

UPDATE 11/08/21: NWP have put their Day 2 test up from £40 to £65. We’ve used TESTING FOR ALL successfully- they charge £48.

UPDATE 10/08/21: How to get a French COVID certificate if vaccinated abroad (non-EU). If vaccinated in Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England and Wales only) then you already have Digital Covid Certificate which is valid in France.

Advice from the site here too

Vaccinated non-EU tourists, including those from Scotland and Northern Ireland, can request a QR code for domestic use from the French government if travelling to France. To be eligible, you will need to provide the following evidence by email:

  • A vaccination certificate
  • A valid passport
  • Return travel tickets
  • A completed application form

This system is initially open to those already in France or arriving on or before 15 August. Subsequent arrivals will be processed at a later date. 

UPDATE 10/08/21: Fully vaccinated travellers back to the UK from France (after 4am on Sunday 08/08/21 when amber quarantine rules changed) are still getting text messages telling them to quarantine for 10 days and take 2 further tests. This is an error, no quarantine is now required for fully vaccinated and only a Day 2 test is required once you have returned home.

UPDATE 09/08/21: The TAC Verif App which is used to check the French Covid Pass for validity now reads NHS QR Codes directly (from NHS App, Apple Wallet, Google Pay or paper copies) and no longer requires them to be uploaded to the French TousAntiCovid App.

UPDATE 05/08/21: France off the Amber Plus list from 4am Sunday 8 Aug – no longer a requirement to quarantine on return to the uk for those fully vaccinated.

No longer a requirement for a Day 8 test just the pre-departure and Day 2 tests plus a completed PLF required.

Cheapest Day 2 test we can find (which you need to pre-order to enter ref no on PLF) is from Nationwide Pathology for £40. SEE UPDATE, NOW £65. Testing For All charge £48.

Pharmacy in Courchevel 1850 charges €25 for an anti-gen test and sends results via test message and link to PDF file within 30 minutes. You can do a walk-in but it may be best to book. Call +33 (0)479 080537. Open in Summer Mon-Sat 09:30-12:30 and 15:30-19:00. No tests on a Sunday.

UPDATE 04/08/21: The French verification app (TAC Verif) now reads England NHS QR codes uploaded to the French TousAntiCovid App – although you could upload from the start of the week the verification app has only just been updated to work with them.

You may need to regenerate NHS QR code and re-upload it to French App in case it has expired – they last a month.

Note that you must upload NHS QR codes to the French TousAntiCovid App as TAC Verif will not read direct from NHS App, Apple Wallet or Google Pay. (Now fixed see update 10/08).

UPDATE 03/08:21: A Covid Pass will be required for the Summer Ski Jumping World Cup in Le Praz and is already being asked for at Aquamotion. Mairie website claims La Tania Swimming Pool also requires Covid Pass but this wasn’t enforced yesterday – this may be to do with the low number of customers.

UPDATE 02/08/21: The NHS Covid Pass can now be uploaded from the NHS App to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay for ease of use and off-line access.

UPDATE 01/08/21: Although NHS QR Codes can be uploaded successfully to the French TousAntiCovid App, the Tac Verif App used to verify codes by cinemas, museums, etc and ultimately all bars & restaurants does not yet recognise them. NHS proof of (full) vaccination is accepted however. French Embassy Confirmation here

UPDATE 26/07/21: Check that your passport number is on pre-departure test certificate – officially it is not required (just name as on passport plus date of birth is needed) but some ferry companies insisting on it we hear. Also some issues with maiden names on French docs, carry marriage certificate if necessary.

UPDATE 30/07/21: Aquamotion in Courchevel 1550/1650 is now requesting a Covid Pass prior to entry.

UPDATE 24/07/21: Crossed back over to France from the UK via Eurotunnel yesterday – almost normal and busy. Queued for 20 minutes at first ticket check then straight through customs check and passport controls (all on UK side now, straight out on French side). Was not asked for proof of vaccination or for the French Attestation document! 3 weeks ago you had to leave your vehicle and queue up to show all the documentation required.

UPDATE 22/07/21: Bozel Pharmacie no longer do antigen tests. Only Synlab in 1850, Bozel, Meribel and Moutiers by appointment . The social security code anyone can use on Synlab is 155555574102314. Thanks to Ralph, Willie, Liz and Joey for the info.

UPDATE 21/07/21: The French Government TousAntiCovid App will accept the QR Code of the NHS Vaccination Certificates so the proof can be uploaded in to the wallet on the App. It’s all in English and straightforward to use going forward as proof of vaccination when in France. There’s a “Border” display option for showing at Airports / Ports too. Thanks to Rosalind H for the heads up.

This info is correct from 19 July 2021 – as far as we know and always subject to change. Always check UK Gov Site and French Gov Site for the latest info.


Going Out from England to France:
If double jabbed then just the French Sworn Statement is needed (and a passport with 6 months left on it!). Children under 18 have the same status as parents (counted as fully vaccinated if their parents are).

Coming Back from France to England:
If double jabbed the following is needed along with a completed Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

  1. A pre-departure test within 72 hours of leaving France.
  2. A Day 2 and Day 8 test on return during a 10 Day self quarantine period. – SEE UPDATE, NO QUARANTINE AND DAY 2 ONLY REQUIRED.
  3. Optionally a Day 5 “Test to Release” PCR test to leave quarantine early. – SEE UPDATE, NOW NOT APPLICABLE.

Pre-departure test
Within 72 hours of departure an anti-gen / lateral flow type or PCR test available across France (pharmacies in Méribel, Courchevel 1650 & 1850 plus Bozel, they charge €25 euros anti-gen for tourists). Synlab do PCR for tourists for £43 in Courchevel and Bozel but anti-gen is ok for UK.

Day 2 and Day 8 Tests
Available across the UK – can be done by post too. Shop around Boots charge £160 while Testing for All charge £95. SEE UPDATE, DAY 2 ONLY REQUIRED.

Day 5 Test to Release
This is optional and allows you to leave quarantine following negative PCR test result received after full 5 days back in the UK. For example arrive in UK Monday then test Saturday. You still need to do the Day 8 test too. These Test to Release tests are available across UK, again check prices, some from as little as £59 and TUI, Jet2, easyJet, RyanAir all have deals with providers. – SEE UPDATE, NOW NOT APPLICABLE

Proof of Vaccine
Check the days after 2nd jab for validity (7 or 14 days or a month depending on vaccine) and use the NHS App for proof.

The French Covid Health Pass system for access to cinemas, museums and theme parks comes in to play this week and will be ultimately extended to shopping centres, leisure facilities, restaurants & bars. The NHS Covid Pass on the NHS App will be allowed instead of the EU Covid Digital Certificate according to the Consular General at the French Embassy – more here or take paper copy of NHS document. SEE UPDATES ABOVE, COVID PASS (and NHS pass) NOW ENFORCED.

Other Parts of the UK
Check for differences in the requirements if travelling to / from other parts of the UK:
Northern Ireland

Un-Vaccinated Etc
For anything else other than the above (like those un-vaccinated) you need recent pre-arrival tests and reason for the essential travel etc. Check the Government Websites for full information and the latest changes.

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