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La Tania to Méribel Village road to close (again)

The D98 road from La Tania to Méribel Village will be closed from 24 September 2018 to 16 November 2018 for essential repair work. 

The closure will be to all vehicles in both directions and access to La Tania will be via Le Praz only. 

Huge cracks appeared during the Winter as this problem road once again struggled to cling on to the side of the mountain as landslides continue to occur. 

Only a couple of years ago this road was closed for 2 consecutive Summers as major reconstruction work went ahead. We were told that a “bridge” solution pulling the road away from the side of the mountain was being looked at so landslides could still occur without effecting the road. This didn’t happen however. 

Hope they got a guarantee from the architects / contractors!

There is an off road route suitable for hikers and bikers via the Teppes picnic area from the back of Saboia to the Ball Trap (clay pigeon shooting area). 

4 Responses to “La Tania to Méribel Village road to close (again)”

  1. There used to be a service 3 or 4 times a day between La Tania & Méribel then it was reduced to School Holidays only and then disappeared altogether about 5 years ago. No news of it being introduced again unfortunately. Taxi from Méribel Village (nearest spot where the Méribel Buses run to) to La Tania usually about €30 for 4 people.