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2018 La Tania Charity Fête & 3 Valleys Charity Day – The Roll of Honour…

Congratulations to all involved in raising a fantastic €50,000 for our two charities, The Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer.

From our President…
The total amount raised on 3 Valleys Charity Day & La Tania Fete Du Families 2018 after all our associated costs have been paid is €50,000.

The 7th annual 3 Valleys Charity Day (& 17th charity event since we started in La Tania in 2002) that was held on Wednesday 11th April 2018 in Méribel Village was another incredible record-breaking success.

This year’s motif and slogan was #getinvolved and certainly everybody did on all levels!

To raise 50,000 euros for our two charities after all our costs is no mean feat. Thanks to everybody involved as yet again the total raised represents another truly amazing effort by you all.

Due to your efforts, attendance and generosity we now have another €50,000 that we can donate to the The Sebastian’s Action Trust and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer.

Our sister event La Tania Fête Du Families event that was held on the 9th April in La Tania contributed an unbelievable €7800 to the overall total of €50,000.

This year we were faced with a pretty unfavourable weather forecast but despite a cooler day than in recent years the Gods smiled upon us and the predicted rain held off for the entire day. This didn’t in any way dampen the fun or atmosphere as we saw an attendance of 2000 people through the gate on the day including 1400 tickets sold in advance.

Once again, the venue was pretty much full and rocking from 2pm!

Our events burgeoning reputation meant we had people attending from other resorts further afield than just the Three Valleys. We saw travelling from as far afield as La Plagne, Tignes & Les Arcs to attend. Well done for getting really involved. That’s a great effort!

As always, a big shout out and thanks to all you people that attended the event, bought a ticket, bought a tee, bought a cap, bought a wristband, bought raffle tickets, drank a beer, ate a BBQ, drank a minging jelly vodka and generally partied hard in the name of charity. You have helped to all make the event such an incredible success so pat yourselves on the back!

The fancy dress competition saw some brilliant ingenious costumes that people clearly put a lot of time into to create in the spirit of the old La Tania charity days. Big up to the Fish & Pips kart and also the young Tim Wall imposter – truly inspired!

Mash up hip-hop DJ Jaguar Skills made his 3 Valleys Charity Day debut at 17.00pm with a banging set of eclectic tunes that for me was the highlight of the whole day. 3 Valleys Charity Day veterans The Dub Pistols returned again to headline the event and brought the house down big time with their set to close out the event. A massive thank you to Barry and the guys for supporting our event over the years and also for helping to pull a few strings to get Jaguar Skills on the line up at an affordable price for the charity.

Look out for the official event video over the summer featuring a Dub Pistols soundtrack on our FB page

As always there was an incredible amount of unseen work carried out behind the scenes in terms of setting up the stage, tents, hiring all the bands equipment and providing an improved and bigger sound system for the headline acts.

As always, a massive shout out goes out to all the guys from Piste Productions Audio, Bring Your Sisters, the Alpine Intent team plus my sound system logistics crew Jason Baker, Claire Baker and Paul Gorman.

All these guys gave up countless hours of their own free time in the days and hours running up to the event. This guys worked tirelessly to get the stage ready, set up tents in the snow and rain, prepare a sound system ready for Wednesday, and drove across the Alps to collect rental equipment for the bands. These are unseen heroes for me, so thanks for that guys!

Alongside the headline acts big thanks must go out to all the local bands on Wednesday who yet again gave up their own time and paid gigs on the day to play at Charity Day. We really couldn’t do it without you!

At last weeks event there were too many highlights to mention here individually so make sure you check out all the photos of the action on our facebook page at

On a personal note I would like to offer massive thanks to my co-organisers Alan and Michelle Slater who joined me in a new team this year to head up in the organisation of the event. In the midst of all the chaos of the day so many people commented to me that this year’s event was the best one yet. I can only credit Alan and Michelle for that as they brought an extra level of professionalism, organisation, an added analytical viewpoint and dedication to a voluntary organisation which I cannot praise enough. Thanks guys so much and be proud of what you have achieved!

I would also like to thank our new treasurer John Middleditch for all your assistance and support and you are now officially the new 3 Valleys Charity Day Obi Wan – to use a Star Wars reference!

As always, thanks and gratitude to Tim and Debbie Wall for your continued support and sponsorship of the event and also for bringing the Ski Lodge bar over to Meribel Village. The Ski Lodge bar take and its contribution towards the massive total on the day cannot be understated.

On a sad note this year we saw the last appearance of Bring Your Sisters at Three Valleys Charity Day after 12 years of playing at our event and also organising the sound system and local band line ups for us. As someone recently commented on Facebook after one of their recent final gigs how can it be Charity Day without them? It’s a really a good question and the boys will certainly be a massive miss for us.

I would like to put on record my upmost gratitude for all their efforts and contribution towards Charity Day over the last 12 years – It really will not be the same without you. Thanks to Rich, Stevie, Gareth and Westy – true Charity Day legends! There is a whisper of a Charity Day reunion so watch this space maybe………

I know I say it every year but it’s all the volunteers that assist me and give up their own free time and lend their support that makes the event what it is and gives the event its unique flavour.

To finish then on a year when all of you really did #getinvolved – thanks to all of you for contributing and see you all again next year!

Ralph Corner
3 Valleys Charity Day


A massive thank you to all of the following …

Organisers – Ralph Corner, Michelle Slater, Alan Slater, Ben Westaway, Rich Roberts & Tim Wall

Presenter – Russ Desmond

Band Line Up – Ben Westaway

Sound & Stage – Westy, Rich Roberts, Stevie, Gareth, Paul, Chris Hall, Fernando, Rafael, George Whalley, James Beedham, Will Roberts.

Bands – Bring Your Sisters, Livewire, Maps, Daisy Chain Band, Sian Hayley-Smith, Freddie Fingers, The Dominos, Adam Wilkins, Guinea Pigs, Al Jones, Ben Vickers & The Dub Pistols

DJs – Funkin English and Jaguar Skills

Venue & Infrastructure – Méribel Tourist Office, Xavier & Clement, Méribel Technical Services

Venue Stretch Tents – Luke McDonald, Ben Campbell, Benji Stower, Jordan Bonnamini, Ollie Harrison

Sound System Logistics – Jason Baker, Paul Gorman, Claire Baker & Betty

Tuesday Set Up Team – John Warren, Rich Stuchberry, Luke Eastwood, Chris Ball, Tim Wall, Ralph Corner & Benedict Butler

Thursday Clean Up Team – Ralph Corner, John Warren, Tony McMahon, Rich Stuchberry, Tim Wall ,Steve Dada Chef & Benedict Butler

Wednesday Night Clean Up Volunteers – Charlie Gorman, Caitlin Bartlett, Chris Ball, Toffa Brown, Luke Eastwood, Ralph Corner, Neil and Sarah Stubbington, Alan and Michelle Slater, Benedict Butler, Lindsay & Auntie Mary. Lilly Billeter & Paddy Weeks.

Event Video – Guy Cotton

Event Treasurer – John Middleditch

Photos – Natalie Earl, Toffa Brown, James Graham

Social Media – Michelle Slater, Natalie Earl, Ralph Corner,, Thomas Berry

Radio Advertising – Radio Méribel, Amy Faveries

Advertising –

Tickets Sales – LDV, Pub Le Ski Lodge, Meribar, Jacks Bar, Bubble Bar, Alan Slater, Michelle Slater

Door & Gate – John Warren, Rich Stuchberry, Christian van Vloten, Sandy Jardine, Marc Bevan, Richard Egglin, Sharon Orman, Issy Stubbington Sarah Stubbington, Neil Stubbington Morgan Bell, Fiona Bell, Alex Bell

Jaguar Skills Transport – Snow White Transfers & Le Praz Transfers

Jaguar Skills and Dub Pistols Accommodation – Cafe Del Mott, Hotel Mottaret, Madame Vacances & Louisa Van Vloten

La Tania Méribel Shuttle Bus – Le Praz Transfers & Simon Fox

Food Tent – Big Dada Chef Steve & La Taiga staff, Auntie Mary & Lindsey, Benedict Butler, Carol Warren, John Warren, Sue Stuchberry, Tony Torti, Steve Hazel, Amanda Hazel, Karen Gorman, Paul Gorman, Charlie Gorman,

Curries – John McMorland, Lyn McMorland, Matthew Ward, The Freeride Republic

Jelly Vodkas – Keiron Jardine

Food Donations – Trading Post, Eric Braissard, Savoieire

Event Shopping – John McMorland, Lyn McMorland, Matthew Ward, Ralph Corner & Freeride Republic

Tombola – Michelle Slater, Alan Slater, Jane Gates, Rebecca Gates, Danielle Taverner, Pete, Janet Bundey

Glitter / Face Painting – Issy Stubbington, Teddy Naish, Caitlin Bartlett. Abigail Hughes.

Meribar – Connor, Alex De Sousa, Isabelle, Gerome, Marco

Money Security – Alan Slater, Neil Stubbington, John Middleditch, Debbie Wall

Security – Horizon Security Team

Pub Le Ski Lodge – Tim Wall, Chris Ball, Claire Baker, Tristan Rouet, Jason Baker, Luke Eastwood, Paul James, Mark Metson, Debbie Wall, Sam Heath, Toffa Brown, Dan Mustoe, Harriet & Dave Campbell

Snow Retreat Sunglasses – Phil Elliot, Andrea Leman, Alyssa Griffiths.

Verre Gourmand Craft Bar – Pedro Bedding, Guilliame & Verre Gourmand

VIP Area Staff – Ulf Stromvall, Claire Almond-Jones, Fabienne Charlet, Frederick Loire

VIP Area Sponsors – Café Del Mott

Stage Sponsors – Pub Le Ski Lodge

T Shirt Design, Logos & Poster Design – Paul Middlewick Grid 24

T Shirt & Baseball Caps Manufacturer – Coniston Corporate

T Shirt & Merchandise Sales – Alan Slater, Michelle Slater, Charlie Gorman, Paul Gorman, Karen Gorman & Sarah Henderson

T Shirt Sponsors – Snowlinks Transfers, Lodge Du Village, Pub Le Ski Lodge, Snow Bugs, STS Transfers,, Après Ski Bands, Cool Ski jobs, Alpine Escape, Extreme Ski Services, The Freeride Republic, Ski Higher, Alpine Intent, Snow White Transfers, Méribel Tourist Office, Snow Retreat, Slide Candy, The Trading Post

Poster Sponsors – Alpine Intent, Courchevel Transfers, Ski Dazzle, Niche Cleaning Services, Taking the Piste, Oxygene Ski School, White Storm, Café Del Mott,, Radio Méribel

Baseball Caps Sponsor – Pub Le Ski Lodge

Toilets – Altimodul

Fancy Dress Comp Sponsors – Copina, Evolution Meribel, Jack’s Bar Meribel

Grand Prize Draw Donations – Le Ski, Ski Higher, Oxygene Ski School, Hotel Telemark

Raffle Ticket Sales – Carol Warren, Michelle Slater, Alan Slater, Pete and Izzie Le Ski, Janet Bundey, Mark Crossman, Karen Gorman & Le Elephant

Tombola Prize Donations – After Jam Ski Wear, Alpine Elements, Avalon Board Shop, Barometer Meribel, Chalet Kitchen, Dub Pistols, Folie Douce Meribel, Freeride Republic, Intersport La Tania, La Tania Tabac, Le Marmattons, New Gen, Oxygene Ski & Snowboard School, Parallel Lines, Planks Meribel, Hotel Pomme Du Pin, S3V, Ski Dazzle, Ski Hame, Ski Set La Tania, Ski Someday, Snow Grenades, The Boot Lab, The Drop Inn, Ski Lodge, Sebastian’s Action Trust

Auction Donators – ESF La Tania, Parallel Lines, Ski Physio, Le Farcon, New Generation,, La Boulotte, Snow Grenades, Aquamotion, Bistro Du Praz, Chalet Kitchen, Courchevel Tourist Office, Le Farcon, Kenting Clothing, Neil Stubbington, Parellel Lines, Richard, Waikiki, Snow Grenades, Le Elephant, Oxygene Ski School

Printing – La Tania Tourist Office, Martine, Le Praz Tourist Office & Lyn McMorland

Ticket Printing – Gavin Martin Colournet Limited

Family Fete Stands – Alpine Escape, Extreme Ski Services, La Taiga, New Generation Ski School, Oxygene Ski & Snowboard School, Snow Bugs, Snow Retreat, Snow White Transfers, Emma Roberts , Saveurs Des Alpes

Fete Food – Ski Lodge, Jason Baker & Claire Baker

Sebastian Action Trust Ladies Accommodation – Family Friendly Ski

General FOMO from lack of attendance – Luke Williams and Ed Parmentier

More pics of the day here…