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End of Driving Licence Paper Counterpart – updated. Still not needed!

Update 14 July:
On 10 July the DVLA announced that the code will be valid for 21 days (not the previous 3 day period). BUT AS WE SAID IN THIS ARTICLE YOU ARE NEVER ASKED FOR THE PAPER COUNTERPART OR POINTS HISTORY WHEN ABROAD ANYWAY.

On the 8 June 2015 the DVLA are getting rid of the paper counterpart of the UK Driving Licence – points and endorsements will be held electronically and these can now be viewed on the DVLA web site. You can generate a code to “share” your licence details with car hire companies etc so they can check for points and endorsements themselves.

The service is free, available 24/7 but codes are only valid for 72 hours and only 5 can be generated in any 24 hour period.


There seems to be a lot of unnecessary media coverage worrying about these changes, however since the introduction of the paper counterpart part of the licence some 17 years ago I have never been asked for it when hiring cars abroad – that includes Geneva, Lyon, ChambĂ©ry and Grenoble airports for hiring cars for trips to La Tania with a multitude of hire companies.

Indeed hiring cars right across Europe, the U.S.A, South Africa and Asia – I don’t know of anyone being asked for the paper counterpart, maybe it’s just a UK thing. Has anybody been asked abroad before?

In any case, the chances are there’s WiFi wherever you hire a car from (and almost certainly a 3G signal) and if it was required you can view your licence details on your phone / tablet / laptop as you hired the car surely? Just remember to have your National Insurance Numberavailable.

The link is at: – you need your Driving Licence Number, NI Number and Post Code.

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