La Tania Video Snow Reports 2009/2010

Random snow reports - often very un-professional... but getting better this year!


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Plus a collection of all La Tania related YouTube and the 2009 / 2010 PICS AND VIDEO MONTAGE


Live from Port Elizabeth, South Africa prior to England v Slovenia - 23 June 2010

Drink had been taken


Skiing in shorts on empty pistes in the sunshine - there really are marvelous conditions once again!

The Final Snow Report of the 2009 / 2010 Season on La Tania closing day 25 April 2010

Thanks to Tim Wall from Pub Le Ski Lodge and Rich from Bring Your Sisters for all the reports this season


T Wall gets his comeuppance at last... Ski Lodge Staff Day out in Tignes 21 April 2010


14 April - The Charity Day Snow Report


4 April 2010 - More fresh snow


1st April Powder - Not an April Fool


Live from The Feeling Gig on the Piste with 10cc - 19 March 2010


7 March 2010 - Valkyrie Festival


27 February 2010 - More from Pub Le Ski Lodge and


T Wall & S Wall reporting on the fantastic conditions for the half term holidays with BYS Rich on Camera

Brought to you by Pub Le Ski Lodge and - Sunday 14 February 2010


Top snow conditions for the kick off of the French Half Term Weeks - 7 February 2010

Once again brought to you by T Wall, Ben & Luke from and Rich from


Interim emergency report from the Ski Lodge Terrace - 02 February 2010


Live from the green run down to resort - The Ski Lodge's T Wall with some ski action shots.... 24 Jan 2010

Brought to by Bring Your Sisters underwear


More great snow conditions reported by T Wall, Ben & Luke of Pub Le Ski Lodge & La Taiga - 16 January 2010

Sponsored by Bring Your Sisters Underwear - available at


A beautiful day and great snow brought to you by Pub Le Ski Lodge - 10 January 2010

with Bring Your Sisters Underwear - available at


Video Snow Report with T Wall in resort and Luke & Ben from the top of Saulire 02 January 2010

Top work from Rich of Bring Your Sisters - Their underwear available at


Thanks to T Wall in resort, Crazy Eric & Mark on the Saulire Summit and Bring Your Sisters

(whose underwear sponsor this video) for the camera work, editing, production etc....

Sunday 20 December 2009


La Tania Opening Day Snow Report at the Lanches chair right above La Tania - 12 December 2009


Live from a very snowy Ski Lodge terrace in the centre of La Tania - 29 November 2009


La Tania Snow 8 November 2009


First Snow in La Tania - 3 November 2009


The Snow Report from the Metro Ski Show London - 24 October 2009


More news on the Sun with the help of the new Directeur of the La Tania ESF - 01 August 2009


The Sun Report with Tim Wall reporting live from La Troika just by the swimming pool - 16 July 2009



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