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Petit Mont Blanc

4 February 2010

4th of February and the hills are ringing with the sounds of people whooping as they glide down near perfect powder. Yesterday I organized an extra afternoon off so as I could tackle the peak ‘Petit Mont Blanc’ which weather had previously hindered me from reaching. This time though the weather report kept its part of the bargain and delivered me perfect cloud speckled skies. After 2 hours of touring I reached my goal and caught the Courchevel backcountry in all its glory. The ski down was satisfying to say the least!

The last couple of days have been near perfect for skiers of all levels. Temperatures have risen slightly making a days skiing a little more comfortable and the sun has been ever present.

Looking to tomorrow and the weekend, it is predicted that a large dump is due overhead sometime tonight or Friday daytime. Saturday is also supposed to be murky before blue skies again return on Sunday. I just hope that temperatures do remain low and continue to provide us with the high quality snow we have enjoyed so far this season.

In other news it seems that the mid season blues has hit home for many seasonnaires. There are some solemn faces around resort at the moment as weeks of heavy partying and demands from expectant guests are taking their toll. There is also the small matter of bar tabs haunting particular seasonnaires as well. One I spied today totaled €720 just for a months drinking. However with new snow on the way and a swift kick up the arse from half term and I’m sure all worries will be put to the back of people’s minds in the coming weeks.


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