Spanish Escapaders 2009

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9th January 2009
Message from the Spanish Escapaders
"Hello, We just completed on January 9th the escapade in a day....I did it with Ramon and Carlos who already are in the Hall of Fame.
I have all the pictures with me of all the points with the time stamp , the map we followed and an excel table that Ramon built (he is a pro!) with all the info you post in your site. I only have a challenge with the time stamp that I hope is not an issue : Ramon´s camera date was brand new and wrongly set in December 12 all the pictures are dated that way though we did it the day before yesterday(Although I am back in Spain I could mail you my skipass and you could pull the data to check on the lifts & times we took!).
So, question is where do I send the stuff that proves that we did it? (by the way, we had 2 : taking 2 pictures in every control point....avg 2 minutes x 28 minutes....second: the off piste of point 8 was full of rocks and we had to take a very long detour to go from 8 to 9, what made us waste approx 40 we started at 9am sharp, finished at 16:49, having "wasted approx 60 minutes".
It was anyway great! Looking forward to your answer, "
We believe you!!!
Welcome to the Hall of Fame. The lift company just analyse your lifts record from your ski pass ID and issue the certificate now - that puts pay to hiking out of the 4th Valley......