Bring Your Sisters in Worthing

Gig Review by Ligger

02 May 2008 - The Royal Oak
Oh yes! The Sisters were bleedin' stormin'.....
Got there nice and early to be greeted by a sea, ok, lake of grey and orange. - There must have been a good dozen wearing BYS 2008 t-shirts plus a smattering of La Tania staff ones.
The sisters were obviously still on LT time waiting a good hour after the proper start time to get going but it was well worth the wait and they played until Midnight - a great two and a half hours.
Now wor lass isn't a great one for throwing away compliments but she reckons that they are one of the best bands she has seen. But put them in an English pub and it all looks a bit weird - Slodge at night or LDV for Aprés and the place is leapin' - the most the RO managed was a few having a wee bop after two hundred pints. BYS & Skiing are made for each other.
They played their normal great repertoire (Chelsea Dagger, Mrs Robinson, 1000 miles, Stayin' Alive, that Slim Shady thing that Gareth does, Caught in a trap, Diddly diddly numbers and Mr Brightside included) and they generally responded to crowd requests like the set of human juke boxes they are.
All this interspersed with cries of "Roadie! Whisky!" Now, to be fair Aaron was very prompt in turning up with the drinks, so much so that young Gareth was very green around the gills when we passed him on our way home sat on the wall outside the pub.
They set up with Steve at the back - although obviously restricted by the "stage" size. For me this is a mistake - I remember when I first saw them in the Farçon - they sat next to each other, playing battered and limited instruments and I reckon that this was a main part of the charm and overall effect. Steve is a great showman, and clown against whom Rich plays a slightly disapproving straight man and I don't think that putting Steve where he can't be seen well is a good idea. Gareth's role in the set up isn't settled yet - dunno how they are going to get round this one though, it'll work out in time and anyway there aren't many stages as big as the Slodge bar for them to play in a line. Sarah from the bar in the Slodge was there but apart from the guys in the band, Bob, Aaron and Rich's girlfriend I didn't recognise anyone else, had a chat with her, nice lass.
So all in all a great night - just a bit weird that it was so quiet... in comparison to the mayhem in a Ski resort.....


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