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Hi Paul. So how was last week's Alps trip?

It was brilliant. It was everything we hoped it would be and more as well.




Did you see people you'd known from years ago?

Yeah, quite a few. A lot of them have spread out across various resorts now, like La Tania and Val D'Isere, but a lot of them came back. In fact, La Tania ran three or four coaches for people to get up to the outdoor gig.






So it was a worthwhile trip?

Absolutely. Nothing about it was a struggle and there were some brilliant people involved, like Dave Jordan who was our original agent out there 7 years ago, MTC who are a company that run various venues in the town, the Méribel Tourist Board and even the Mayor of Méribel The whole place really came together to support us doing this thing. And hopefully it went so well that it could become a regular event for us.



Sandy asks if it's true that you lived in luxurious accommodation when you lived in La Tania in the Alps and whether you gained a lot of inspiration from the manager, who was a very talented musician in his own right?

Well, that's weird, because as I understood it, the manager was a lady called Georgie, who is very lovely and inspirational, but not in the musical sense! And our luxurious accommodation was one room which was literally about 8 feet by 10 feet. It had bunk beds on either side, with enough space in between for a person to sleep on the floor. Storage was five shelves on the wall, one each. And there was a tiny little bathroom which was part of the same room, only sectioned off. We lived there for a three and a half months. So I guess if you're used to living under a tarpaulin, in a hole, next to the M25, then it was luxurious. But by any usual standards, it really wasn't.



So, in short, the answer to Sandy's question is, "No".

Yes, exactly!

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