Escapade in a Day - The New Record Holders

Hiking out of the 4th Valley helps... 6 Hours, 23 Minutes!

24 January 2008


More Pics from Ferg here


The route - click on the image for a bigger view



Nick Nick Ski, Ferg Ski Deep, Joey Nick Ski, Jenna (Come Ski) and Mick (Alpine Escape)

Back in the Ski Lodge for 15:30 - Not even Happy Hour yet... Well done all!


Times of the Escapade check points - we update live 'cos we could!

09:07 La Tania Gondola

09:36 La Dent de Burgin (fortunately the Boulevard de la Loze towards Méribel was open first thing)

09:43 Golf

10:17 Olympic

10:25 St Martin 1

10:48 Roc de Tougne

10:56 Granges

11:20 Masse 2 - and now the Lac de Lou off piste run down towards Val Thorens

11:43 Plan de l'Eau

12:42 Bouchet - and now the secret plan, a hike up and over to the Col

13:32 Col

14:11 On Pas du Lac lift heading for 1650 - they're getting tired, not sure of what lift they're on...

14:40 Chapelets

14:52 Prameruel

15:10 Tovets - the 14 check points completed, just the dash back to the pub (before Happy Hour!)

15:30 Ski Lodge - Finished! Time for a well earned beer...


The only "live" pic we received. Possibly on Pas du Lac gondola out of Mottaret up to the Saulire summit.

This is one of the few decent length breaks where you can sit down with the skis off!

Looking surprisingly well though... - knew they should have done Mont Vallon as well!






Commitment - the hike out of the 4th Valley and over to the Col lift above Val Thorens



Mick pushing on up



Nick stamping his Escapade card at the top of the 4th Valley - Bouchet



The start of the hike out of the 4th Valley



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