Day Escapaders - The Docs

Ian, Alex and Rob post an excellent time - 17 Jan 2008

(and didn't realise you had to get back to La Tania, so they stopped for a drink!)

At the La Tania Gondola - ready for the off...


MountainTrak GPS Mapping here



0910 la tania

0927 dou des lanches

0941 dent de burgin

0955 golf

1013 plan de l'homme

1022 olympic

1042 st martin 1

1055 st martin 2

1105 roc de tougne

1117 grange

1132 masse1 1141 masse 2

1207 plan de l'eau

1221 moutiere

1230 funitel

1248 peyron

1302 bouchet

1319 rosael

1334 morraine

1346 col

1402 plein sud

1412 3 vallees 2

1425 plan des mains

1435 pas du lac

1455 chanrossa

1509 chapelets

1522 gravelles

1530 tovets

"Unfortunately we then stopped recording as we thought we had finished. We continued up via plantrey to bouc blanc for very quick vin chaud then we got to our chalet in la tania for just after 4. Our gps got switched off at 1619 at intersport.
Would have been quicker if... we had realised u didn't have to actually go up the lift where check point was (only really relevant at granges), also deep un-pisted snow hindered the first few runs.
And, of course, we were not crazy enough (nor knowledgeable enough) to go off the back of sommets des pistes across to col - I cannot believe they did that! " - Rob



Lunch on the La Masse Gondola




This hat must have slowed them down...



Texting the missus - we're going to make it...



A Welcome Vin Chaud at the Bouc Blanc on the way back to La Tania


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