End of Summer Bouc Blanc Climb

(or going out for lunch one more time)

September 2007

Neil, Jo and Alfie (Alpine Escape), Andrea (Hucksters), Catherine (Sovereign Ski), Rox (Peak Services), Sarah (3vt), Loulou (Alpine Escape), Joey (Nickski), Imogene (Cath's mate), Nic (Nickski)

On not such a lovely summer's day the intrepid climbers set off to conquer the green run and onto the summit know as the Bouc Blanc. Emergency rations were packed, thermals were donned, Alfie and Loulou both leashed and the challenge began.

It took a little over an hour to scale the rocky crag and we reached the summit at around midday. Champagne and beer was clearly needed as reward for our massive achievement.
Ten Plat du Jour swiftly followed with a bowl of water for the two four legged explorers. Perfect...
Once the socks had dried in front of the roaring fire, the slippers returned and the Genepi consumed it was time for the descent. The sun was now shining so we headed down via the challenging 'teddy bear run'.
It took somewhat longer than the climb as we discussed such topics as global warming and the chances of Brian winning the impending Big Brother Final (which he did). A fantastic end to the summer season... lots of great memories but more excitement follows with the thought of winter!
Come on the snow! I wrote all that sober... I must simply be bonkers!
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