La Tania given 5 Star rating

Save Our Snow - Take The Train?


Save Our Snow provide impartial environmental information about ski resorts, glaciers, global warming etc.
La Tania is one of only 7 resorts (out of 209) to receive a 5-star rating for it's efforts in areas such as waste management, re-cycling, cleaner fuel & building policies.
It doesn't end there though, a continuous effort from all is needed if we are to Save Our Snow - they really have put Snow Cannons on Val D'Isère's glacier...



From the Save Our Snow Site:

According to United Nations and European Environmental Agency studies, no mountains on the planet are being hit by global warming as severely as Europe's Alps.
"Climate change is a severe threat to snow related sports. Lower earnings in Winter tourism will reinforce economic disparities between urban areas and the less developed alpine regions. Additionally, the ski tourism industry will 'climb' up the mountains to reach snow reliable areas at high altitude. This process will lead to a concentration of Winter sport activities, and will put further pressure on the sensitive environment of high mountains." F rom UN Environment Program Conference on Sport and Environment, 2003:
"We don't expect to have snow in low lying resorts such as Klosters for more than the next 10 years," Werner Schmultz, World Radiation Centre, Switzerland.
In July 2006 Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich concluded that the Alps will lose 80 percent of their glaciers by the end of the century. That's the average-temp-rise scenario of 3 degrees Celsius. The high end projections -- a 5 C increase -- will result in the loss of all Alpine glaciers.



Taking the Train Helps...

A survey commissioned by Rail Europe operators of the Snow Train revealed that although 72% of us are familiar with the concept of a “carbon footprint” and try to minimise our carbon emissions at home by switching lights off and recycling, the majority of us have no carbon conscience when it comes to winter holidays.
Last year alone, 7.5 million skiers visited the French Alps, with the majority of them (5.3 million) choosing to fly by aeroplane - a mode of transport that emits 180g of CO2 per km per person. By contrast, travelling by train only emits 5.7g per km per person.
One of the major contributing factors to the alarming increase in CO2 levels gas been the growth of low budgets airlines and more regional airport links to ski resorts which offer ski enthusiasts competitively priced packages that are often perceived as hassle free.
However, Rail Europe Snow Train research shows that the most annoying aspects of ski holidays are travel delays, price hikes, stress, there’s waiting around airports and on-air baggage charges – all of which can be cut out completely by travelling by rail.