Summer 2002 Football Tournament

Thanks to Sandy for the report and photos

Note from Linz: Sandy is rubbish and completely forgot to mention me in the football write up. I am devastated. I was after all the scorer of the first goal which prompted a Ravanelli-style celebration. And my mum and dad kept the girls' team supplied with chips despite the pouring rain. Surely that means I deserve a mention, not least since I was the only one on our side that understands the offside rule...

The Girls from La Tania and the Ski Lodge both entered a team. Good performances from the fellah's saw them just missing out on the next round. Good efforts from the Kiwi's and Aussies but they should stick to rugby.

The girls were the stars though... Kate ended up hugging and kissing the opponents goalie when he let in a spectacular shot on goal. Kim was the Rio Ferdinand of the team but ended up in goal after a thigh injury. There was a fight among the spectators to put on the bandage. Sue ,was the Roy Keane of the team. Nipping at the ankles of the frenchies and grabbing crotches and Lou bounced along the right wing well (in more ways than one).

Sas, a Kiwi friend of Kate put the Kiwi and Aussie males to shame and ended up with a nasty lump and bruise after a crunching tackle. Liza, Dan's girlfriend was all over the pitch, but that might have been something to do with the wine and Ricard that was supplied by the medical team of Nic and Sandy. George from the Mountain Centre was on the wing and flying around the field attempting to hug everyone in between knocking back the medical teams red wine. Unfortunately they lost 4-7, 0-9, 0-2.

Comedy moment of the day was JB, whilst watching a game was hit by a flying shot only to fall over a safety fence and down the bank. He popped his head up over the mound to the applause of half of France.

Rumours of FIFA involvement investigating the referees can be discounted - TC was only kidding when he saw them leaving the pub between games (TC has now been sold on a Bosman free to The Jump in 1850).