New Zealand Update - Summer 2001

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Thanks to Tracy (Ski Lodge Barmaid & Ski Instructor) for the updates from the La Tania crew in Queenstown, New Zealand. Checkout further news and updates on the Guestbook

Tracy's Update 21 September 2001
Hi Toffa
The snow is deteriorating fast in Queenstown. One of the ski fields having to close early at the end of next week. The other will also probably have to close soon. The good news is that I can finally get out of my fleeces and start sporting some shorts occasionally. I may see some heat yet!

I met up with Telemark Jo in the week, she has been teaching English to the Japanese in Auckland, She was looking forward to doing the skiing thing again but typical Queenstown decided to shut due to high winds. Did the drinking exchanging old stories and sight seeing stuff instead.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the ski show. For those that know him, Russell will be working the La Tania reunion (also known as the ski show) on the Snow & Rock stand.


Tracy's Update 9 August 2001
Hi Guys
I'm sorry this is another of those e-mails addressed to everyone, however I realised I hadn't told any of you any stories for a while so I thought it was about time you lot got bored by some.

I haven't been doing any tourist things like bungy jumps or river boat crossings. I have been living my life as normal, getting really drunk and going to work with a hangover!

Work got really hectic for quite a while but now it has really dropped off. At the moment there is not so many people requiring my expertise and brilliance as a ski Instructor. Apparently this is merely the calm before the storm and soon it will pick up again. The big deciding factor in this is obviously the snow and at the moment there is not much around. It rained last week washing a lot of it away. This was followed by a lot of races going on so virtually the whole mountain - barring the beginner slope has become a race course.

One of the races was a 50k race held over night. The race started at 7.00pm Mon and finished at 10.00am Tues. Basically the aim is to do as many laps of the course as possible. All competitors were top racers from all over the world. I stayed all night to help. Supplying hot water bottles, blankets, food and water to go up the chair lift with. The racers go so fast that in the dark you can see sparks come off the skis! It was a really good night, great atmosphere and all the money raised went to a kids cancer charity.

I am now getting used to the 6.45am get up, so much so, that auto pilot kicks in and I can now getup and catch the bus whilst still being drunk! I have had a few interesting mornings on the slope where I have been feeling really rough and getting on a chair lift has not helped. Remarkably I have managed not to be sick - yet, there is still plenty of time. Of course I am behaving with the up most professionalism!

I have managed to avoid dancing;- on laps and on tables although I don't think I have avoided dancing like an insane idiot or doing and saying embarrassing things. This was brought to my attention after I had a few dozen people tell me how drunk I was by 7.30pm last Saturday - oh well I had fun.

I hope you are all well
Take Care,
Love Tracy


Tracy's Update 6 July 2001
Hi Toffa
Thought I would send you a report from down under.
We need more snow! After a promising start to the season we have had no more snow fall. The last two weeks have seen blue skies everyday.
Tonight it has finally clouded over and snow is forecast. Jesus has extended his holiday and will be staying here until the end of July, he is having a tough time parapenting, snowboarding, getting p****d and bungy jumping. Last time I saw James he was in the Supermarket buying food - so he hasn't starved even if he does have no job. I have a job teaching people to ski during the day and at night dancing on tables while practising my drinking.
I ran into Russel who used to work in the Ski Lodge and he informed me of Tim's bad behaviour in Queenstown!!! Apparently being barred from three bars. There is currently a Mullet competition going on and I'm thinking perhaps Tim should enter it.
All the Best,


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