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2024 Lift Pass Prices – The end of the over 75s free pass?

We’ve seen the first issue of the public lift pass prices for Winter 2023 / 2024 for the 3 Valleys.

Courchevel Valley prices have yet to be made available and need approval plus changes can be made if there’s a VAT increase etc (or maybe if electricity prices come down?). Season pass prices, insurance rates and the 3V extension cost have also not yet been revealed.

On the face if it an adult main season (without insurance) 6 day pass rises from €360 to €375 which is a 4.2% increase and is almost reasonable these days.

However it would appear from this document that the free season pass for those over 75 has been scrapped. In the late nineties it was over 70, then moved to 72 and moved up to 75 around 10 years ago. A real kick in the teeth for those approaching 75 this year and who have loyally visited again and again with that magic free lift pass carrot dangling in front of them. I guess many will not even visit now even though they will still get a decent discount

6 day adult main season is €375.
Over 65 is €337.50 (a 10% saving on full price).
Over 75 is €93.70 (a 75% saving on full price).

After all the World Championships disruption and lift closures last season it really is a bit poor – how much revenue are they talking about here? And how many lift rides are actually used in a season by (most of) those over 75? The hard core La Tania oldies must have caused this!

Looks like under 5s remain free but you are an adult when you are over 12 in the 3 Valleys (unless on a family pass where you remain a child until you’re 18).

Opening Dates

Subject to approval, snow conditions, maintenance, staff resources etc etc. But La Tania not usually granted a full 2 weeks of skiing before Christmas Week – Get Yourselves Out Here!

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