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Bingo Games Are the Hot New Trend for Ski Resorts


Establishing a link between skiing and playing bingo seems a bit bizarre, but bingo games are the hot new trend at many ski resorts in Europe and America.

Vacationers love to relax with a wide range of activities when they are not skiing, hiking, or snowboarding. Playing bingo games is one of those activities, as many skiers like playing online bingo or gathering together at the ski resort and having a game of live bingo.

Rules of Bingo Games

Anyone can play bingo because it is a chance-based game based on simple rules.

Ski resorts offer different types of bingo games, which we will explore in the next section of this article. They are all governed by the same rules with slight variations that set them apart and make them unique.

The rules of bingo are as follows:

● Start by purchasing a bingo ticket. You may purchase as many tickets as you can play. 

● Cross off or mark the numbers on your tickets as and when the host calls them out.

● You win a prize if you are the first to cross off numbers forming a pattern or all the numbers on your ticket.

Ski fans are encouraged to learn the rules and apply them on online games first. There are plenty of new resources for online bingo games, some with demo mode available and some with real-money bets allowed, with a range of values.

Types of Bingo Games

Study the table below to understand the different types of bingo games played at land-based and online bingo rooms worldwide. The ski resort you are staying at may create its version of bingo to enhance your skiing experience, but you can rest assured that the bingo game at the ski resort will have the same rules.

Bingo GameNumbers in PlayBingo CardsPrizes
30 Ball Bingo or Speed Bingo303×3 grid with nine numbersOne grand prize for the player who marks off all the numbers on the card
75 Ball Bingo755×5 grid with 24 numbers and a blank square in the centrePrizes for marking off full rows in any direction—vertical, horizontal, or diagonal
80 Ball Bingo804×4 grid with 16 numbersPrizes for marking off patterns like four corners, single numbers, and vertical or horizontal lines
90 Ball Bingo, Housie, or UK Bingo903 rows and 9 columns with 15 numbersPrizes for completing a row, two rows, and full house
Blackout Bingo754×4 grid with 25 numbersPrize for marking off all the numbers before your opponents

Unique Bingo Variants

The bingo games we mentioned in the table above are traditional ways of playing the game. Over the years, bingo game developers have made things exciting for bingo fans by introducing the following innovative variants of the game.

Fixed Jackpot Bingo Games: The value of the fixed jackpot doesn’t change with the number of players in the game.

Progressive Bingo: The value of the jackpot increases whenever players purchase tickets to the game. Progressive jackpot bingo games have difficult winning conditions, and the jackpot rolls over to the next game if no one wins it.

Bingo Slots: Bingo slots are slot machine games with the same algorithms as bingo games. Available at online casinos, bingo slots have a spinning reel and a bingo card and have standard bingo rules.

Tips to Win at Bingo Games

Do you want to make your skiing trip memorable by winning a bingo game or two? Use the following tips for bingo success:

● Playing multiple bingo cards at the same time improves your winning odds.  

● Make sure you have the right equipment to mark off the numbers.

● Sit in a place free from distractions because you must focus on the numbers when the host calls them out.

● Unless you are playing a fixed jackpot bingo game, your chances of success increase if the game has fewer participants.

● Learn the rules of the bingo variant thoroughly before you start playing for real money.

Identify the Best Bingo Room and Play Bingo Now

Hundreds of online bingo rooms and land-based bingo halls offer bingo games. Instead of joining a noisy live game of bingo at your ski resort, you may prefer to relax with online bingo games on your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop. Through their chat box features, online bingo rooms try to reproduce the social aspects of playing bingo.

On the other hand, playing bingo with friends at a local bingo hall is an experience that stands in a class of its own. It presents an opportunity to socialise, have fun, play exciting bingo games, and go home with cash prizes.

So the next time you head over to a ski resort, take the time to see if you can play a few bingo games and get lucky to win cash prizes.

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