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This way you protect your hands against the cold

Have you planned a trip to the mountains this month? For walking, mountain biking or cycling? In the spring, it can feel quite chilly on top of the mountain. For every 100 meters rise, the temperature decreases by 1°C. So make sure you wear layers and pamper your hands with heated gloves.

HeatPerformance Heated Gloves
Remember January when it hit -14ºC in La Tania for 4 days in a row?

Heated gloves

Not yet familiar with heated gloves? In a nutshell, these are gloves fitted with thin, flexible heat conductors. The battery that you connect to this ensures that these conductors heat up. This is going very fast. Within 30 seconds you will feel the heat entering your glove. It is not pleasant to walk around with thick ski gloves in the spring, which is why HeatPerformance® has developed the ALLROUND heated gloves. These gloves are ideal for when you go into the mountains in the spring or autumn. And the name ALLROUND says it all, this model is intended for many types of activities, such as walking, cycling and running.

As long as you keep moving, your body will feel warm, but as soon as you rest, especially after an intensive climb, you quickly cool down. This is because your heart rate drops rapidly, slowing down your circulation. As a result, the warm blood is pumped around less and is less likely to end up in the smaller vessels. You will notice this first on your hands and feet. Those cold hands are a thing of the past with the heated cycling gloves from HeatPerformance®. HeatPerformance® specializes in heated gloves in the UK.

The ALLROUND gloves work with touch screens too!

The features of the HeatPerformance® ALLROUND gloves

The ALLROUND gloves are thinner than ski gloves but thicker than thin sports gloves. The shell of TPU and neoprene provide a windproof and waterproof glove. The cold remains optimally outside thanks to the extra insulation layer. There is an anti-slip grip on the inside of the palm, so that you keep excellent control over your handlebars, even in rainy conditions. The tip of the thumb and index finger is trimmed with a conductive touchscreen fabric.

This is how the glove works

The on/off button is subtly concealed in the cuff of the glove, below the HeatPerformance® emblem. Press and hold this button for a few seconds and the heating system will turn on at the highest setting. You will see 3 bars light up on the display. Press the button again and you switch to the middle heat setting, 2 bars will burn. And you guessed it, pressing the button again activates the lowest heat setting. Use the highest setting to warm your gloves for a few minutes and then switch to the medium or lowest setting to keep your hands warm.

The battery

The gloves come with two powerful, thin 7.4V – 2600 mAh ion-lithium batteries. You can store this in the specially designated pocket in the cuff. This bag can be closed with a waterproof zipper.

This bag contains the power cable to which you can easily connect the battery.

How long you can use the battery depends on various factors. Of course in which position you have put the glove, but also of the ambient temperature. The colder it is, the more energy is required for the glove to provide the desired warmth. But on average, the battery lasts 2 to 6 hours. You can of course always take an extra set of batteries with you on the road, so you can be sure that your hands will be warm throughout the journey.

Nice extra: the gloves come in a nice storage box. This way you can store them neatly and safely for the next season. There is also a charger that charges the 2 batteries at the same time – in 4 hours. Of course, the gloves come with a clear manual so that you can get started right away.

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