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Unfold your love for Winter Sports in La Tania

Snowboarding and other winter sports are immensely popular in the world of both sport and leisure. Among Europeans, going on a winter holiday to one of the great resorts in France or Switzerland is a great winter favorite. La Tania and the 3 Valleys are at the very top of the wish-list for many, as the conditions there are among the very best in Europe. With an area spanning more than 600 km, with more than 200 ski lifts, they have the largest connected slopes in Europe – making it a desired destination for both amateurs and skilled snowboarders.

As the Premier League season unfolds, we are also in the beginning of the winter season, and lots of people are going to want to combine their resort holiday with watching the games. The games are often shown in La Tania, and if you want to know what the stats by KickForm are, you can simultaneously stay on top of that. Because even though making predictions will forever be difficult when it comes to football, there are still lots of people who enjoy the excitement of seeing the predictions and stats provided by experts. And imagine having a great day on the slopes, followed by watching the games. Not at all a bad holiday – the combination of football and winter sports is unbeatable for many.

Choosing the right resort

La Tania is unique in many ways. Because not only is it a popular destination for snowboarding and other winter sports, it’s also one of the best places in Europe when it comes to the diversity of resorts and options when it comes to accommodation. With 12 resorts distributed across The 3 Valleys, there are lots of options for tourists who visit. Each resort has a different and unique character and style, making it possible for guests to pick the perfect fit for them.

Because even though winter sports are the main reason people come here, the accommodation is immensely important too. Because after a long day on the slopes, what you want is to come back to a great resort, where you can truly enjoy the rest of the evening and get ready for the next day of winter sport fun on the slopes. Providing guests with rest and comfort in the beautiful surroundings of the mountains, makes for the ultimate combination with the fun of winter sports and is the reason why people choose to come back again and again. 

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