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Introducing Summit Sculpture…

For the skier who has everything…

If you’ve already got the framed retro ski poster on your wall and your shelves are full of coffee table books about ‘chalet-style’ interior design, but you’re still looking for a way to bring the mountains into your home, we’ve found the perfect thing….

Made of bronze and weighing over 6kgs, Summit Sculpture has a unique sculpture of the Courchevel valleys. Created by founder and sculptor Simon Gottschalk, Verdons, uses his knowledge of the Courchevel valleys, accumulated from almost two decades of skiing the area.

The bronze sculpture that takes its name from the rolling green piste that carries skiers back home to the resort at 1850. From the rocky peaks of Saulire and the Aiguille du Fruit, to the forests that flow down into La Tania, Verdons allows you to the finest ski areas in the world into your home.

With a footprint similar to that of a large coffee table book, the sculpture combines that level of detail needed to be able to make out your favourite pistes (or chalets), whilst still feeling like a piece of art. Delicate lines sculpted into the bronze show the roads that hairpin into each level of resort, and the jagged peaks of Saulire rise out of smooth pistes.

Being made out of bronze, the sculpture is big, heavy and impressive: it has a real physicality to it, and the different textures of rock, forest and snow make it very tactile. So, whether you want to use it to debate with friends which the best piste is, or simply look at it and think “I’ve conquered those mountains!”, Verdons is ideal for those whose heart is in Courchevel.

Verdons is available either direct from Summit Sculpture or via Etsy

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