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All Courchevel, Méribel & 3 Valleys Lift Pass Prices for Winter 2022

Confirmation that as is stands now, there will be no workers or residents discounts and no Aquamotion options. According to the lift companies these discounts are now deemed illegal across France as they are discriminatory as lifts are ”public transport” so the treasury can expect full VAT on every pass. Discriminating against 31 year olds is allowed though it would appear – it will be interesting to see if all resorts follow…

After plenty of incorrect information on social media we can confirm that La Tania lifts are scheduled to open on Saturday 11 December 2021. There had been some speculation that lifts may have opened a week earlier when the Courchevel 1850 lifts open on Saturday 4 December.

A 3 Valleys adult 6 day pass in the main season is €330 (2.8% increase) with a Courchevel 6 day pass €295 (up 3.1%).

A 3V day upgrade from a single valley shoots up to €40 (a 14.3% increase) so they’re really pushing you in to the 3 Valleys option.

A couple of new 3 Valleys flexible season pass options and a huge 30% off season pass prices for those under 30 have been added.

Although aimed at season workers the flexi passes are open to anyone and have either a 2 day a week or 20 lifts a week option (but hefty penalties if you go over this – the full €66 a day or €10 per lift). Priced at €665 they will work out for some people but some keen skiers can do more than 30 lifts in a day and many workers like to get out for a few runs before work or for an hour or two when on a split shift – the 20 lifts a week pass is only 3 lifts a day!

For comparison a full adult 3V Season Pass is now €1404 (up 2.5%) and Courchevel Season Pass €1190 (up 3.3%) with under 30s paying €982 and €833 respectively.

Duo and Tribu discounts continue when buying 2 or 3 passes of the same type and duration saving around 3 or 4% and the pay as you go Liberty Pass with its limited discount structure is as before.

Family passes continue with all the family from 2 adults and 2 kids paying the same under 13 child price but on a family pass kids are classed as under 18 – you don’t have to ski together!

There’ll be further analysis and breakdown plus news of other passes on our ski pass page at:

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