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The 3 Valleys resorts are open and still welcoming you…

No lifts and if you can get here… The resorts of the 3 Valleys are putting on a brave face and still welcoming visitors with as many Covid safe outdoor activities as possible in the beautiful snowy, spacious, mpeaceful, mountain fresh air…

With takeaways the only option in the bars & restaurants that remain open and a 6pm curfew in place, these are incredibly tough times for the businesses out here – the lucrative half term period now looks lost and many will be looking to next Winter for their ski fix whilst others still hope for that late season ride and maybe some Easter Powder!

In the meantime we’ll get the early booking 2022 deals, special offers and apartment availability bookings up next week. PS – It’s still snowing!

We love this from Val Thorens Tourism:

We’re not going to lie, the skilifts won’t open right now.

During these holidays you won’t hear: “Christine, let’s meet up in 10 at the top of the Plein Sud chairlift.” More likely is: “Christine, let’s meet up in 1h30 at the top of the Plein Sud lift, are you going up on snowshoes or with your tourskis ?”

You won’t hear: “Wooooow it’s freezing on the lift, there’s too much wind ” but “Well it’s rather warm when you hike up on foot”

There won’t be any coming out of Malaysia at 4am with: “Tomorrow we’re skiing, right?” There will however be a : curfew at 6pm “Some soup and off to bed, tomorrow we’re getting up early to do some electrical mountain biking .”

There won’t be any “Full out until the bottom, last one there pays a round” but more: “Not too fast, we spent 2h hiking up, let’s enjoy the descent.”

We won’t be able to say: “Let’s have a raclette on the terrace of Chalet des 2 lacs” but we’ll say: “A take-away raclette from La Belle en Cuisse ? ”

We won’t see a crowd dancing at 00:45 am on the dancefloor of the Wild & Savage, but we’ll see people at 16:30 on the ice skating rink, showing off their best twirls.

We won’t hear : “Mr. Dusse, you’re planting your sticks all wrong” more like : “Mr. Dusse, you need to take off the skins before starting the descent, otherwise it won’t work.”

You’ve understood it, our resort remains open for those who want to enjoy the mountains. And we hope you will love Val Thorens differently…

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