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Update on pistes for ski touring & access rules for activities on the Courchevel ski area 19 Jan – 03 Jan

From 19 December 2020 until 03 January 2021 the following regulations control the access to the Alpine and Nordic ski areas across the Courchevel ski area.

These new regulations are to allow activities to go ahead during the closure of the ski lifts in a safe Covid secure manner. Personal responsibility, respect for other people and adhering to the safety measures in place is requested and required.

From 09:00 – 16:30 access to the ski area is prohibited except for the following:

  • S3V & Municipal staff
  • Rescue personnel
  • Instructors & Guides in supervision or training (at their own risk)
  • Users of permanent or temporary ski touring routes
  • Users of Nordic tracks
  • Users of groomed footpaths crossing ski slopes
  • Mountain Bikers in designated areas (including Cospilot and Plan Fontaine pistes).
  • Snowmobiles in designated areas (Combe de Praméruel with Courchevel Adventure & Ski Vol).
  • Authorised and licensed competitors, coaches and training personnel on Emile Allais and Loze Stades.

Ski touring is authorised from 09:00 to 1630 on 3 temporary areas which will be groomed and secure for access to all on the Chenus, Biollay and Signal areas. The Millet Ski Touring and PLUM KV slopes are also open to all for ascent only. Everywhere else is prohibited.

Cross-country skiing is authorised on the 52km of marked and maintained tracks from 09:00 to 1630.

There are also 47km of open and maintained footpaths again open from 09:00 to 16:30. Some will have dog-sledding too!

Sledging is authorised from 09:00 to 16:30 on the Courchevel 1850 to Courchevel Village 1550 with return by the free ski bus shuttle service that runs about every 20 minutes.

  • Horse riding is permitted on the Ferme de Pralong route, ZEN Pralong, Cospillot, Sandraz, Plan du Vah and Pralong pistes.
  • A ski joëring slope may also be set up around the Ferme de Pralong, in Courchevel 1850, depending on snow conditions.
  • The ski school kindergartens will be open.

From 16:30 to 09:00 only authorised staff working on the preparation of pistes, beginners and racing areas will be allowed on the ski area.

In addition altitude restaurateurs and their staff operating snowcats and snowmobiles for access will be allowed from 07:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 19:00 whose route to/from work is not subject to PIDA (avalanche control work).

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