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Ice Hockey & Gamble

Those who are into their winter sports will no doubt follow ice hockey, a sport that is one of the most popular both in the US and in Canada, with the internationally recognised National Hockey League (NHL).

Like all professional sports these days, betting has become a staple part of the sponsorship and promotion of sports and their fixtures. Ice hockey betting is seriously starting to grow in popularity outside of the US, as more and more bookmakers acknowledge its growing profile among sports fans and gamblers.

A brief history
The true origins of hockey as a sport are still largely unknown to this day, with references to 16th century England, the Gaelic sport of hurling and influences from Dutch and Scandinavian early versions of the game. However, the development of hockey being played on ice, is solely attributed to the city of Montreal, in Canada. In 1875, the first organised game of ice hockey was played in Victoria Skating Rink between two teams each consisting of nine players. The very first ice hockey club ever created was the McGill University Hockey Club in 1877, quickly followed by the Quebec Hockey Club in 1878 and Montreal Victorias in 1881.

The National Hockey Association (NHA) was founded in 1909 and was succeeded by the National Hockey League (NHL) which is has been known by ever since.

The big teams The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful team in NHL history with

24 Stanley Cup victories to their name. They are also one of the oldest teams still in existence in elite level ice hockey, along with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are the second most successful team with 13 Stanley Cups. Neither of those teams have won the famous cup in the 21st century however, and it’s opened up the NHL to newer teams to become fan favourites.

The Chicago Blackhawks won three Stanley Cups between 2010 and 2015 and as such they’ve gained a lot of new fans, especially those who are new to NHL and are looking for a team to support. The Boston Bruins’ infamous success in the 70s has always ensured they kept a cult following both in North America and beyond, to the point that wearing a Bruins jersey was a fashion statement or some time!

The league is becoming more and more competitive and that’s evidenced by the fact that the Stanley Cup has been won by seven different teams in the last 10 years. This is the reason the NHL is considered the pinnacle of professional ice hockey worldwide.

Betting on ice hockey
Due to ice hockey’s popularity around the world, bookmakers are offering odds on every NHL fixture in the regular season. You can even bet on who you think will win the Stanley Cup before the season even begins. The amount of markets on offer has also increased over the years, with bookmakers now offering markets such as match handicaps, double chance, correct score and more, giving punters even more opportunities to win big on the sport they love.

With the massive popularity of ice hockey in North America and all over the world, it’s definitely a sport that will continue to grow and attract new audiences in the coming years. If you know your Boston Bruins from your Montreal Canadiens, maybe you should look to get involved in some ice hockey betting and make your hobby a profitable one.

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