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Snowboarding Tips and Hacks That Will Have You Ripping the Slopes

Anyone not lucky enough to have gone skiing or snowboarding when they were younger will tell you that picking up a snow sport from scratch later in life is a tough ask.

Skiers find themselves knocking their knees together in a rigid snowplow position and snowboarders risk snapping their wrists every time they catch their front edge.

But for those who fight through the pain and persevere there is a whole world of fun to be had on either one plank or two. Here are some tips and hacks for budding snowboarders who want to get off the beginner slopes as soon as possible.

Buy Your Own Gear

Although La Tania has plenty of great rental shops for you to pick up a snowboard and boots from, there really is nothing quite like having your own boots, board and bindings, which will be infinitely more comfortable and responsive than rentals.

Take Your Mobile Phone with You

It sounds obvious but getting lost out on the hill is easy to do, especially in an area as huge as the Three Valleys.

Therefore you need to make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone with you, whether it’s just to check where the hell you are, call in an emergency helicopter for your mate who’s broken himself or just because you want to lump a free bet on your favourite team. If you do make it down safely, you can then follow the game in question at the Ski Lodge. Ask T-Wall for a free drink!

Train Before You Go

Many folk wonder why they get injured when they go snowboarding, but often the reason is because they haven’t prepared physically before setting off.

Make sure you do some snowboarding specific exercise routines in the weeks leading up to your trip. There are plenty of video tutorials online to check out.

Pistes Are Best in the Morning

La Tania and nearby Meribel and Meribel Village are places renowned for their après ski, but beginners should keep in mind that pistes, especially late in the season, are always at their best early in the morning.

When it comes to snowboarding, the early bird certainly catches the worm, even if you feel a bit the worse for wear.

Be Nice to Chalet Staff

Many chalet and hotel staff work in the alps purely for the pleasure of being in the mountains rather than financial incentives and keeping them onside can lead to all sorts of perks. Annoy them with ridiculous demands and you will receive zilch.

Befriend your chalet staff or buy them a few drinks while watching the footy, and before you know it they could be showing you the best off-piste areas in the resort or sorting you out with a free wax and edge service on your board.