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The French “unpenalized” law to carry a breathalyser kit is to be scrapped

The French Law that requires all drivers to keep a disposable breathalyser in their vehicle is to be finally scrapped under a new transport bill being introduced from this week. Originally it was to be brought in for July 2012, was then delayed until November 2012 and then postponed until March 2013. However in effect it was postponed indefinitely as the penalty was withdrawn by former president Hollande – but it actually remained a requirement in law but couldn’t be enforced!

The “law” has had no effect on reducing drink driving apparently. Worth remembering that in England, Wales & Northern Ireland the limit is 80 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of blood while in France the limit is 50 milligrammes (the same as Scotland) and is reduced to 20 milligrammes for drivers holding a licence less than 3 years.

Despite increasing penalties, compulsory bans or fitting EAD breathalyser devices connected to the ignition system, drink driving remains a big road safety issue and the major cause of road deaths in France.

Our original post on this back in 2013

The New French Winter Tyre Law
Some clarification on the new French “Winter Tyre Law” from the excellent¬†¬†website is available here. It’s not so alarming as the tabloid ski sites have been warning about and looks likely to be similar rules as to now anyway.


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