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Gros Murger Drag Lift in La Tania – Top Pylon Failure

Lots of work still to do on the Alpinium Building, Lake and Gondola in Le Praz for opening in December plus there’s the lift & piste down to Aquamotion and the huge earthworks on the Courchevel Stade going on too. Courchevel 1850 and Le Praz really has been a big building site this Summer…

With all this work going on as a priority to get it finished in time it looks like the replacement Creux Noirs lift, dismantling of the old chair and the new green run promised in La Tania (plus the changes to the snow front, beginners area etc) aren’t going to happen in time for this Winter.

We could be wrong, but there’s no sign of any work going on with these projects yet although once things start they’re surprisingly quick and huge amounts of hardware and human resource are used.

To add to the work required this Summer we’ve noticed that the top pylon on the Gros Murger drag lift out of La Tania has partially collapsed with the area around the concrete base becoming waterlogged – it’s unclear if cables snapped or partial dismantling took place. Currently the main cable is anchored in to the ground and tension remains all the way down.

The area is taped off like a crime scene but it looks like replacement cable and some parts have been delivered so work must be happening soon. Although not used by many, this lift is a short cut to the Bouc Blanc chair (or more likely a run down to Le Praz on a powder day as the chair is never open by the time the first people arrive) and essential if there is any issue with the La Tania Gondola.

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